Sentry TF2 Live-Action

<span aria-label="Story of a Sentry [Saxxy Awards 2012 - Best Overall] Автор: soimon 6 лет назад 5 минут 5 281 160 просмотров">Story of a Sentry [Saxxy Awards 2012 - Best Overall]


[Winner of Saxxy Awards 2012 Best Overall] This short film tells the story of an Engineer and his Sentry. My entry for the Saxxy ...


A Live Action session of Team Fortess 2 where the Red Medic, Solider, and Spy take on a Blu Sniper. SEQUEL: ...

<span aria-label="Sentry Sabotage! TF2 Live-Action [RUS] Автор: NeonGameVideo 7 лет назад 2 минуты 5 секунд 7 807 просмотров">Sentry Sabotage! TF2 Live-Action [RUS]


Небольшой видеоролик в стиле Team Fortress 2, в котором ребята просто повеселились. Сделано очень качественно....

<span aria-label="Meet the Gunslinger [SFM] Автор: The Winglet 3 года назад 2 минуты 17 секунд 5 422 573 просмотра">Meet the Gunslinger [SFM]


Whats the perfect way to ruin a match on hightower? How about using that annoying, unbalanced, infuriating, treacherous and ...

<span aria-label="[SFM] Sentry Sabotage! Автор: Fortress Films 3 года назад 100 секунд 1 948 135 просмотров">[SFM] Sentry Sabotage!


Hello once again! I am pleased to release my second SFM video (with a brand new Letterbox format!) on to the You-Tubes!

<span aria-label="Need a Sentry Here! Автор: Valve 8 лет назад 73 секунды 5 683 631 просмотр">Need a Sentry Here!


Last week we took delivery of the full-scale level 1 sentry gun, made for us by WETA Workshop - complete with a motion sensor ...

<span aria-label="Sentry Sabotage! (With Team Fortress 2 Sounds) Автор: plungerheadman 7 лет назад 109 секунд 7 383 просмотра">Sentry Sabotage! (With Team Fortress 2 Sounds)


Editings a good job, mate. Every sound from the original video has been removed, so every sound that you hear in this video has ...