<span aria-label="Tonic-Clonic Seizures, thx for the support :)


Try a day in my shoes. Seizures suck, so enjoy the good times and always treat each day like its you last. :) ☺☺☺ Enjoy the ...

<span aria-label="Tatyana having a seizure. Автор: #tuffysfight Cannabis Princess 4 года назад 3 минуты 50 секунд 3 128 746 просмотров">Tatyana having a seizure.


Tayana is a 7 year-old little girl from New Jersey whos been having seizures since she was 10 months old they have her mentally ...

<span aria-label="Crying Seizure Автор: Sara Evans 8 лет назад 39 секунд 29 936 просмотров">Crying Seizure


Seizure with crying and eyes rolling upward. This followed her gagging and throwing up in between seizures. It continued for 30 ...

<span aria-label="Grand Mal Seizure Автор: Billy BLount Год назад 11 минут 459 036 просмотров">Grand Mal Seizure


Shoulder needs to be replaced, dislocates easily.. i already seized a couple times before that so i had ativan in my system.

<span aria-label="Cat Seizure Автор: liquidtesla Год назад 2 минуты 30 секунд 1 512 667 просмотров">Cat Seizure


Malcolm is a rescue cat who was hit by a car as a kitten and started having seizures when he was about 1 year old. At first they ...

<span aria-label="Scariest seizure I have seen Автор: The Shoemake Family 3 года назад 5 минут 2 секунды 866 470 просмотров">Scariest seizure I have seen


My husband had a pretty terrifying seizure the first Thursday in May. He was violent and strong. He also tried to use our dryer as a ...4K

<span aria-label="STORYTIME: I had a seizure at dance Автор: Shontelle Scott 8 часов назад 7 минут 35 секунд 115 просмотров">STORYTIME: I had a seizure at dance


I wanted to turn what happened into a more light hearted video to let you guys know whats been going on recently and why I ...Новинка