Battlefield 3 Operation Metro

10men1C4 - BF3 Metro 64


Yet another metro 64 mayhem video.. Reddit thread: ...

Battlefield 3 - An aboslutely EPIC Metro 64 player full round (M16A3 and .44 Magnum gameplay)


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Operation Metro - Battlefield 3 (PS3 Gameplay)


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Battlefield 3: Operation Metro 64 Player Chaos


What do you get when you combine the super high player count of PC gaming with the smallest map released for Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 PC Multiplayer : Crazy Metro!


Battlefield 3 PC Multiplayer Ep 8 : Crazy Metro! this is one of my favorite maps! crazy just crazy . full match. Cyberpower Rig : CPU: ...

Battlefield 3 - 185/10 Operation Metro


Recorded on March 13, 2014.

Battlefield 3 - Operation Metro| Aggressive Assault Gameplay| 100-28


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Gameplay Battlefield 3 Operation metro


Galera me descupem mais nao estou jogando muito bem, por ficar um tempo sem jogar, mais posso melhorar muito pra postar ...

BF3 - Crazy insane operation metro match! | Poser Anarchy player! 190 kills! (AN-94 Burst)


I DIDNT GET TO 200 KILLS! :( P.S. At the end of the vid I realized the tickets did go down correct. I was just not paying attention ...

GameStar hilft: Battlefield 3 - Operation Métro - Tutorial / Guide zum Rush-Modus


Wie man die Map Operation Métro rund um die Pariser U-Bahn in Battlefield 3 gewinnt (und dabei auch noch ordentlich Punkte ...

Best Metro clip ever - Battlefield 3


my personnal best obvly 3400 poinstreak followed by 4400 poinstreak.

Battlefield 3 Gameplay: 64 Player Metro Conquest [HD]


A full round, unedited, of gameplay on a 24/7 Metro conquest 64 player server on PC. My skills are not in question, some people ...

Battlefield 4 A Night In Metro - Salt Included


The following are common questions I get on any video that includes 870 shotgun gameplay. Q: How do you kill that far with the ...

BF3 - 114 kills operation metro w (M16A3) | Switched to losing team!


Surprisingly I did not get kicked or freeze lol I hope you guys enjoy :D Day 687 (3/3/15) Follow me on : Twitter ...

Battlefield 3 Loadout An-94 In Metro Conquest 64 Player


a lot of people 64player metro but it was fairly balanced tho. Previous Loadout:  ...