Bacardi Team pres. Flairing

Bar Skills by Vitaly Kolpin vol. 4 ( english subtitles)


Press the button to open english subtitles. Следите за обновлениями в нашем сообществе Facebook: ...Субтитри

Music for MV and Bacardi Group от [DCJ team]


По многочисленным просьбам. Аппаратура: Микрофон - дерьмо Камера - 50 на 50 Гитара - дерьмо (китай) Да и я сам...

Khoiviet flairing team Bartender Vietnam Dang Quoc Tuan @ Velvet


Khoiviet flairing team Bartender Vietnam Dang Quoc Tuan @ Velvet.

Групповой этап турнира по CS 1.6 от проекта [Team Ghost -vs- h3y] @ by kn1fe


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The Original BACARDI Cuba Libre Celebrates 110th Anniversary


The new BACARDI True Originals video, also available at Business Wire Press Release ...

All for One Cocktail | Bacardi Legacy 2019 cocktail | Sourav Singh | Dada bartender


Mixologist Sourav Singh Created one of his best creation and just because of this cocktail he has ...

Bacardi Limited Champions Drink Responsibly Around the World


The Bacardi Limited Champions Drink Responsibly team have been busy travelling the world this year spreading the responsible ...

Gregory Lecrocq - Bacardi Cuba libre @ Le mojito lab Paris / Flair Bartending


True Original Cuba Libre in Working Flair @ Le Mojito Lab Paris for The Monaco International Clubbing Show ! By Gregory ...

Behind Scenes at Bacardi Legacy- Part 1 - Bacardi Australia


Take an insiders like to take part in a Global Cocktail Competition. We take you behind the scenes of the 2015 ...

Околофутбола (фильм)


Премьера! Салют-7 Фильм о самой закрытой части футбольных болельщиков — околофутбольных хулиг ...Субтитри

Harleys - Nejlepsi Flair ShakeDown Prahy!!!


Special host - Nicolas Saint Jean.

DANCE DANCE pres. SALT (Seb Astian Lindo Tomas)


SALT (Seb Astian Lindo Tomas) ······· ·········· 2JAHRE - D∆NCE D∆NCE ...