will.i.am - Heartbreaker ft. Cheryl Cole (Official Music Video)

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Interscope Pop Will I Am Heartbreaker will.i.am

2009\n\u003e10 years old, sitting in back of mum car\n\u003ethis song plays on radio\n\u003e I title song as my fave song .....\n______________________________\n\u003e7 years pass\n\u003e listen to song as a 17 year old 8 years later\n\u003etears from nostalgia :,)
Aelyn Balderas
Okay. You morons who are saying Cheryl shouldn't be here singing... She auditioned JUST FOR THE DANCE PART, but Will.I.am asked her to sing with him and obviously she said \
Alondra Rojas
Cheryl Cole just appeared out of nowhere... lol...
Alyx TheMultiFandomCamilizer
My unknown lesbian little self used to love this video. ....especially Cheryl's dance part ....now I know why 😂
Annabelle Halsall
Omg I used to absolutely love this song \n\n\n\n\nI think I still do
Annisa Ali
2.37 that moment when you see the dancer behind the lights lol
Antoine Saba
when u listen to it 7 Years later and finally realize the lyrics ;)
Arnas Tamulionis
Oh god... Cheryl Cole is so beautiful!
Bath Samoeurn
Her dancing though.. \u003c3
Bekarys Kuralbai
Bianca Freitas
Cheryl \u003c3
Blue Berry
2018 ? Anyone else ???
Booka Bills
Loool when ashley cole cheated on her so she made thiss
Brizzle Tichizzle
cheryl kinda kills it but gives men something to look at
C Daniel
2:14 man...
Caitlin McCauley
Cheryl looks soooooo pretty here😍😍😍😍😍
Caseyplayz11 booysen
You can obviously see the dots are people waving there arms 😐\nBut I still love this song😁😉😏😄
Cora Lewis
Song About Girls
Daniel Phillips
This song only peaked at no.4 as well :-( Damn you Madonna, Wiley and Sam Sparro.
Daniel Williams
Anyone watching in 2017
This song brings back good memories from my childhood
Darrian Quigg
these two are probably better at dancing that singing :O they're so good!!
Elian Den
I love it
Emma Charles
I can't believe this song is 10years old this year😳 And yet this tune never gets old💞
Fran Johnson
Oh God I remember being like ten and comforting my friend because her boyfriend of three days broke up with her over MSN, and she started singing this song 🙈 ah childhood a simpler time
Glen Forbes
Ashley Cole is singing this right now \
Graca Coxixo
2018 Still here with one of the best tunes out there
Guillermo Pasillas
This song still gets in my head :)
My Childhood \u003c3
8th grade memories :)
Nostalgia hurts
Jhon Brandon Quintero Guerrero
William hace canciones muy buenas y cheryl cole es muy hermosa\n\n
Joshua Hatchard
Any more relaxing good songs like this?
Jovan Davidovic
Great rhythm. Love Will I Am.
Karen Nyantakyi
Kemal Bahar
december 2018..anyone??
Khoa Dinh
Am i the only one is watching it during history class in 2016
Jheez 8 years like that ?
Lexi Daniels
It sounds like he has peanut butter at the top of his mouth when he says sorry
Lia Mina
I feel like the editor could have added more of Cheryl's choreography into the video. I wish they showed it all in one take and made a bigger deal out of it. They only show like three-four dance moves, which is dissapointing. I just finished watching Cheryl's audition and her practicing in The Passions of Girls Aloud:Cheryl Cole...(you can watch it on YouTube) and she had to learn street dancing in a span of less than two weeks. If you watch it, you'd see she was a quick learner and really skilled, really inspiring dance moves, more elaborate, difficult dancing and everything. I just feel like the editing of this video didn't do her justice, in regards to really showing off what she's got and what she worked for.
Maria Driver
Remember listen to this in 2008 still sounds good to this day 😊
Who's watching this in 2017?
Michelle Cornell
Cheryl should have married him
Misery Maze
old is gold, isn't it?
Can totally make out uncredited people with torches behind..\nbut that's not what we ought to pay attention to!
Nasa Farah
Heart raper?
Night Striker
Haven't heard this in a long time 🔥🔥🔥 very underated
Cheryl is a proper naughty treacle
Ochirt Orgil
I love cheryl
Phoebe LaPoint
Cheryl is an amazing dancer
Princess s
Cheryl slayed this song! You should've gave her a part tho..
Ray Hesher
it seems that Will was good until he got rid of his dreads..
Rendi Nguyen
I miss old music
S_12 Haze
Monday 1st January 1900 - Friday 31st December 1999 were one of the best times
Sabrina Jaine
Cheryl is gorgeous but a bit chavvy here!
Sarah JU
I'm laughing new william is way better
Cheryl Cole is so pretty here
Shakil Ahmed
Listening to this in 2014
Shannon S
Will i am is more of a producer than a singer tbh tho
Shawty Melendez
This song is on point I love it . Will I am should go back to his old ways .
Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
2008 vibes
Помню в 2008 году на MTV этот клип увидил. Потом неделю мастурбировал...
Suren Qalantaryan
 Cheryl Cole is Beautyfool
Taylor-Louise Bird
love the song because CHERYL is in it \u003c3
The False Prophet
William used to be good.
OMG I remember I used to love this song so much! How time flies...
such a timeless song
Thee most skipped track on Ashley Coles playlist.
2008-2009, the only time i enjoyed music.. i think it's R&B and hiphop music peak.
He sounds like he's singing with a blocked nose :/
Holy shit what a tune, haven't heard this since the old school discos 😁️
Omg major throwback..
OMG I just discovered this song and it's actually old?! I dont care how old it is I'm loving it!
Some people heard the word of God,but as soon as they heard it,satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in their heart.Some heard the word,accept it with joy but as soon as tribulation or persecution arise because of the word,they stumbled.Another group of poeple heard the word of the kingdom oh heaven,but the anxieties of the world and the deceptive power of riches and the desires of other things as well, choke the word and it becomes unfruitfull.But there is one group of people who listen to the word and favourably receive it and bear good fruit in thirty,sixty and hundread fold.
Love Cheryl's sultry voice on this track. Life has been tough for her the past few years, not sure how she soldiers on.
flavia melchiori
Esta canción me hace acordar al 2008, cuando iba a sexto grado.. la volví a escuchar en la película de San Valentín y omg se me vinieron muchos recuerdos...
i cant believe that its been only 6 years!!! this song was my absolute favorite
god don 1
Back when Cheryl was the most beaut thing to walk earth now she's a greb
gone fishin
Lol funny shiz
goodbad people
the music is super something
omg when i was little i watched my dance recital video and this song was to a dance and i loved it and i couldn't figure out the song for ages but now i found it and i kinda like it hahaha!!
leo valdez
Hahaha he looked like WTF when cheyl cole came in
love how Wills voice sounds, it is a great song!
makenzie lewis
I love this song. My friend got me addicted to this song.😎🍪🤗🤪💩🚦😇
They really censored \
ryan the penguin
yall gotga admit she got a nice voice tho
shaheda khatun
You are a good dancer
shbly zaher
I remember I was like 15 when I first saw this song on MTV and Cheryl Cole got me hallucinating for weeks.
syamiee annuar
2018... I'm still like this song....
I don't like this. He  broke her heart and here he is playing with dancing light balls.
valhalla homebound
will i am =illuminati puppet
Cheryl Cole is really one of the most beutiful and sexiest women I've ever seen. It's almost unbelieveable.. Damn.
Абзал Ескендиров
Oh god! Where is my 2008 when I was just 5...
Ахмет Аралбек
2018! And i still listen to this music.
Владимир Молодых
lovely couple Will.i.am - Cheryl Cole
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