Will.I.Am - Heartbreaker Lyrics

Will.i.Am Feat Cheryl Cole - HeartbreakerLyrics by me ♥

am cheryl cole feat lyrics r&b will will.i.am

Alex Fire YT
2016 still listening
Anton Radu
change the write stile is awful
Asghar Zaman
cool video
Attention Seekers
we have auto replay -_-\
the guy that read this note is a fuck gay
Baylee SW
you're* ;-;
My ex broke up with me recently, I wanted to make things work out but he didn't :(
@Glitterclouds Its definitely you're a heartbreaker cause that makes alot more sense.
cheryl cole has no talent at all.... she might be pretty but i seen so many peng gyal.....
Christine Ledda
i'm a heartbreaker :]
Courtney Warren
I love the message Will is trying to send with this song. More guys should try and follow it.
Crystal Munoz
i like this song.♥[;
I had a dream with this song in the dream... that never happens... why all of a sudden now?!
these are songs from my child hood
great! great! But i hate cheryl voice :S
Edith Wasserfall
@Glitterclouds i think ur right and shes wrong ;)
Elia Canales
2017 still listening ❤️👌
Ethan Steven
2018 and oh now fortnite is a thing now
Cheryl Cole jazzes it up!
Hayley Robinson
imma heart baker xD yes baker :P
Håvard Lie
Ilia Abesadze
2013 and still listening to this song \u003c3
James Mclachlan
oh dear yet another person who hasn't got her looks or money or the man slagging off, what a shame!
in soviet russia your heart breaks you!!
Joge Jogaila
I LOVE that song and I think that lyrics are normal, not too slow.
Jonathan Miller
best of the best
Katharine C
I think you did it really well, all the words come in at the right time Well Done!!!!!
Kobori Yukio
Who still listening now??
Kristi Karteri
memories... \nfuck\n
joe jonas should sing this to taylor swift lol and she could sing the part of cheryl cole lol that would be so funny and sweet!!!!!!!!!!And the beginning makes since cuz he broke up with her in 25 seconds on the phone lol!!!!!!111
Miley Renthlei
2018.... it's still lit
Mor Arm
W 0:00 OOW
@24rockprincess No its not u retard its your a heart breaker, get some fucking hearing aids before u falsely correct someone
Ngoc Nguyen
2012 \u003c3
Nurul Aqilah
2018 still listening
Nush Ra
reminds me of my club penguin times :')
Oyungerel Chuluunbaatar
oh wow so great song
Rant Therapist
30 seconds flat. That's all it takes. That ain't right. I'm so so so sorry.
Rebekah Ellis
@Gladyspresly I No yeah....People this days :(
Saboor Ashraf
luv diz song
Sade S
O.O I always thought 0:24 was \
Sahib Malhotra
Samantha Matthews
love the song\r\nthanx 4 postin xx
Simon Sondergaard
Can't read that text??
---- = fkin jerk
Sophy S
@MrsAlesa100 yea i was watching it and wanted to hear the song again
Susan Tj
Love this song but hate a heart breaker :P
The VigilantOnes
This song makes me hate myself. Good song though.
Unknown User
same here, heartbreaker
it's \
does anyone know why there is a word missing? Is it intentional? Or is it just a way to make sure whoever posts this video wont get sued?
bryan issac
this song rocks.. :D i like the lyrics
love the song....5*****
dennis tavy
ima lover
been listening to this on repeat for a little bit now ... it's not one of those songs that never dies old ... BUT I LOVE IT :D
jamila jones
ℐ ḺѺ✔∃ ✞Їϟ ϟ☮ℕḠ
good song cheryl cole is so hot!!!
kyle din
cheryl hardly sings innit?
the lyrics comez up so slow
mehdi boukkan
2013 always Awsome !!!!
miranda lyn
wow, if collin ever c's wat i wrote hill b pissst and yee hes every god damn right too....., but collin broke my heart..., and yeee
@Gladyspresly mate i well agree with u
oishii anpann
I am Mad In Love with this Song!! \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
I wish more guys were like you!
i love that song that was my dads song :) and i told him i get everything from him even the song
I love you song!!!! Beautiful \u003c3\n
sex and the city\u003c3\r\n
the lyrics r a bit slow and it sounds like ur playin with the sound
im s s s s sorry that i rape the replay button D: