Bayern Munich vs Chelsea CL Final Promo

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Promo for the battle of the champions league season between two great and brave clubs. Rate comment and don't forget subscribe. [19 may 2012]Facebook: Music:Audiomachine - The New Earth

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Afonso Gomes
At least there are no russians there playing Football Manager with the cheat code for infinite money! :D
alguien me podria decir como se llama el locutor?? gracias
Albert Guerrero
Chelsea winning the CL cup was the biggest fluke in CL history, with all due respect
Ali Batata
No they didnt, You dont deserve to win if you only defend and wait on the counter! Barcelona had to win from them, They didnt, bayern had to win from them, They didnt, They have so much luck!
Alif Fitrah
I dont know why when i am watching this video i am always feeling want to crying.
Amir Haghi
Its funny how Schweinsteiger and Robben were the ones who scored the penalties that led Bayern to the final and they both missed against Chelsea.
Andrew Younan
Chelsea plays awful football?... you do know in the group stages we had the second highest goals scored yes? you say you watch the fa cup, yet we destroyed tottenham 5-1 in the semis, and also for 80% of the game destroyed liverpool in the final... listen \
Ante M
Let's go Blues, the title defense!
Haters will always hate, i dont care whatever any1 says. Chelsea won the champions league in bayern munchens backyard. Im not gonna say we deserved it. but im gonna say we showed the character, determination and spirit to win it. ktbffh
Charles-Guillaume Held
I'm an Arsenal fan, I hate Chelsea. But get over it, come on! They played with what they had, physical strength, tactical organisation and most of all heart, a lot of heart. To be losing at the 80th minute against Bayern Munich in Munich in the CL final, come back and win it has to force respect. I think I'll always dislike Chelski, but you gotta give them credit for what they did. Overly defensive? watch the Chelsea-Napoli double confrontation again.
So are Chelsea in 2008/09
Ego Zocker
Chelsea's first corner was a goal. Now don't say that wasn't luck -_-
Farhan Israq
u idiot 5th place cuz AVB was the manager
This Video is still pure Epicness to me. Champions League 2012 Ends at the Bernabeu for me. What an awfull year for us...
Franklin Palacios
congratulations for the champions in london yesterday\ngood luck in praga in august
Get On Our Level Gaming
You're an absolute genius. Fantastic video. Brings back so many fantastic memories.\n\nSubbed.
Gustavo Perez
Greatest video I've ever seen
Hari O'Neil
what is the name of the song\n
They deserved it for the past 7-8season when they were so unlucky.
This video is still so touching, I have to thank you! Greets from a Bayern Munich Fan, lets go for the last sixteen, my dear friends of football! :-)
IAmDeejay II
They should have made this as a real tv commerial
At the top of the premier table somehting you will never know
Igori Karastoianov
Chelsea deserved to win, but Bayern didn't deserve to lose..
haahahhahha you wish
Joe Nicholas
Kiki Shinta
Kuba Wilson
the champions league has been made worthless when teams like Chelsea can win it playing like that
Ljubisa Pavlovic
Michael Burton
how was it luck?
Mr Buckman
Audiomachine - The New Earth
NazSadik Mata
there are two types of sad and emotional scenes in this video..\n1.seeing john terry miss the penalty in 2008, when we should of won..\n2.messi taking a penalty at 2-1 when we were going through and misses, I had a total break down.. the guy continues his drought against Chelsea via 8 games.\nhaters say we got lucky but lol when we destroyed barca in 2009, they only had what, 1-2 shots? last minute quality goal, but we should of had 6 penalties so stfu\nthank you Chelsea I love you with all my heart
New Yorker
I want 2 know the name of commentators\nanybody else know the name of commentators?\nplz let me noe
Nivek Rellüm
all bayern fans I know have said that it is a dream final against Chelsea just because they afraid of Barcelona, but in the end they lost even against their wishes opponent.
Omar Abdulaziz
I swear everytime i watch ramires goal against barcelona i cry. thank you CHELSEA.FC we are the champions of europe 11/12.
Philipp zi
Gänsehaut pur! Great video!\n
Im also madrista so what, but this isnt football anymore...euro 2012 was so know why? because these motherfuckers are adopting the chelsea tactic, but im glad italy won against england, because england were playing like
sin palabras esto es genial
Ryan Lau
Such a rough season for my Bavarians, but I have to give credit to Chelsea; they deserve it
Rylynn Py
now we are ...
LoL if Torres didn't score, Chelsea would have still qualified on away goals. smh
Shaunwan Van Wyk
It's time for another CL final promo,and this time,I want Bayern to win.They deserve it.
Shekhar Suman
What's the name of the music???
Silver Hawk
1:33 Did i just hear a monkey?
Time Any
don't tell that i was searching this video today, because i can't move on with this video
Torres Fernando
Still watch it in 2016. Reminds me those good old times
Now they are.
William Adrian Evans
Makes me miss Drogba already... :(
Incredible video... incredible well done!
Xhawkotx Exd
\ncriticize and attack you all for being a Chelsea team that was formed millions of pounds\nMy big question is the Chelsea is the only team that took money, real madrid from which pay their salaries you think that was a team guy all begin with money or as teams with fan bases say then why does chelsea front and spends millions of front. are bad.\nthen please out the hypocrisy.\nthat all teams use that money and spend or squander chelsea or whatever you do with your money
Still cant believe Di Matteo was sacked
ur just some mad bayern/barca fan who cant handle that chelsea beat em
chuck van wyk
Audiomachine-The new earth
You do realize that without the Torres goal we still would have advanced, right? Just making sure.
Make a video about the final for Chelsea!!
esteban del pampas
Bayern made it to the final my respect. \n\n
no they didnt they played like shit. at least football isnt about deserving, bayern definitely deserved it, the way they played.
I hate the fact that Chelsea always get insulted for playing counter attacking football. I mean come on; Real Madrid do it, Manchester United do it but when they do it everyone says \
I can almost cry over a few parts of this movie, cause it reminds me back to the finale. One of the most horrible evenings in my life. Mia san mia \u003c3
Didier Drogba's last stand in a Chelsea shirt........forever a legend!!!
let the butthurt flow through you son
milaim rugova
Bayern Munich,the real Champion in the eyes of the people
The deserved to win if the other team couldnt finish it means they done good defending
cheers mate, appreciate it
Are you seriously this senile and stupid? Internazionale and Greece have also won championships this way. \n\nIdiots like you think \
and bayern not??? tzzzz
no :D it was one of the most undeserved wins ever :D
Вадим Курнушкинов
I Love the english Commentators.
данил гриднев
я один плакал ?