Self Massage Your Masseter (Jaw) Muscle! Crucial for relieving headaches, TMJ, clenching, bruxism

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► ► ► Release your Tight Brachioradialis Muscle for Forearm Relief:

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Alex Porter
Thanks that's a big problem muscle for me, ill give it a shot after work today
GballerG xD
Your videos are always funny
Jamshed Karai
Very nice and awsome dog,I really miss pets, earlier used to stay in independent house with garden and we had couple of very cute dogs & cats..but recently few years ago shifted to apartment and there is an apartment rule not to keep pets and that's awful,well hopefully that rule will change in future...👍
Jeanette Staikova
Great video. For those with headaches and pain from bruxism, I suggest exploring dry needling. A few sessions with a physical therapist was life changing!
Lucas Gardezani Abduch
Great video. We store a lot of anger in these mandibular muscles
Marley Seal
I woke up much more strengthened and in considerably less pain after the first week. I`m now totally free from TMJ and it is all due to this TMJ treatment “fetching fakem press” (Google it). Finally, I`ve felt quick relief from bruxism and jaw pain as I sleep during the night.,.
Mr. Classical
I tried this and added some wrist rotation and circular head motion, feels great + relaxing. Thank you for sharing!
thank you very much, I had alot of strain on those skull muscles lately. Just did a session of these excersises and will continue doing them daily!
Random dude
I don't want to 'release' my jaw muscles. I still need them....
Thank you! I have quite severe TMJ and finally getting treatment. (9.000 dollars...) so having this while I am still in pain is great!
Thanks! At the start of this vid I was prepared to roll my face on a tennis ball.
Wow, that felt great! Thanks a lot!
Suzie Skinner
Oh my God I needed this
Thank you for the great video. Can I ask, are there other trigger points in the head or face that can be released in this way? I think we hold a lot of tension in the muscles of the face and head, and neck.
Now this man knows how to play to an audience
asdf asdf
is there any i can do while in the train or on the go?
Adorable dog
Good boye
Great trick, I don't chew on many tennis balls though.
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