Aiden-Interview With wiL.

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Interview with wiL.


Andrea Costales
i looove him.. i'll keep listenign to music wil, thankyou i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him
the camera guy sucks
@getzombified Agreed. Aiden has like two sad songs tops. And one of them is a hidden track. Other than that, they're just masochistic.
Evie W
i could relate to wil being shy and have no one to relate to.
i really love how he smiles when the interviewer says about how she's met fans that say Aiden's saved their lives :) really good interview! hes amazing.
wiL is a great role model, he is resilient.
Joey Hoffman
wiL kiks ass. especially since hes seen so muchpain in his life and can still seem ok and tell us that life wont be as bad. thats awesome
Jorf gillmorghensonnovichrachknommegon
hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha, hold on.... ok, hahahahahahahahahahahahah, shut the fuck up.
Katie Mitchell
He is one of the most inprirational figures in music today. The world would be a better place if there were more people like wiL.
Lauren Greenwood
no he is engaged to mandy murders
i met him yesterday \u003c3
yo! Aiden ROCKS!!! exspecially wiL.... Yeah.... AIDEN RULES.... And to fkthsh: you're not the only one....
Shannon Davis
Haha good ol' wil.
Tasha Bizouarn
she always ask him if he's romantic !!! x
lol lets all get fucked up
Zoe Victoria
I love Wil and Aiden. He's just so real, he's really inspirational. \u003c3 xx
amy harker
she is the rankest worst interviewer \r\never!
i look up 2 wiL so much hes been through so much shit hes a true inspiration thanks so much wiL!!!
wtf this chick is the worst interviewer ever shes making him uncomfortable. this is painful to watch eeeep!
Please don't show yourself, I'm scared I might break your skull out of hatred towards your stupidity.
Their music saves lives, what is depressing about that?
about will being shy in school and not fiting in thats so me minus the drinking and drugs never would i do that