Iggy Pop - Lust for Life (The Prodigy Remix)

Danny Boyle's T2 Trainspotting original motion picture soundtrack - Ft. Iggy Pop, High Contrast, Young Fathers, Wolf Alice, Blondie, Queen, Underworld & moreAvailable on Amazon:

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Alex Rodrigues
um dos melhores filmes da minha adolescência remixa pelo the prodigy
Alexander De Large
I now skateboard to my job and classes across campus to this song, practically going death haha I tell you, I haven't blasted something for so long since I've first heard Overkill by Motorhead
Alexander P
Bad Lieutenant
Feel the moment
*All aboard the Lust for Life train!*
Carlos Felipe Rodriguez
Loved the sound in the theatre 🎼🎧👌
Chris Wilton
1996 I was 16 and heard on the radio about this \
Dan Edwards
First I saw Trainspotting... Then I lived Trainspotting ( Through no fault of the film I might add ).... Then the sequel came... I don't know what I'm trying to say here... FUCKIN' GOOD FILM THOUGH!!!
it was awesome!!!!!!
Do you see
Hey i gotta lust for life!!
Ermek Arymbaev
Isabel michel
Love the remix and the ending👌🏻 Ewan McGregor is my baby daddy 😂❤️😘💕💦 his dance was too cute
Isabella Preston
I loved the ending of the film. We're just a remix of what we used to be.
James Chou
Missed it in theatres but saw it on home video
Jorge rodriguez covarrubias
Los pasos de baile de Renton. LOL.
Mai Mohamed
LOVE this movie😍👌😉😎✨
María BiCa
Great song... Incredible version. It was very difficult translate the power of the song into the 2010th
May Endacott
Choose your future veronika choose life
Mc Rockdriguez
Mark Renton se convierte en Obi Wan Kenobi...!
Miroslav lacko
Choose life...
The ending was brilliant.
Nina Danaë
Hecking brilliant! 😍
P Calero
Nice ending
Salman Ahmed
one of the best
Seçkin Demirok
I’ve got only one word for this: Badass.
brian highfill
Real nice remix. The bass adds a great upbeat feeling...
irleand capri
in my room im exacly dancing like mark renton on this [email protected] im just a modern guy!!
Great song. I loved the first Trainspotting film, and really enjoyed the sequel, due mostly to me loving the characters.