Friend Zone Reserve

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... ahhh baking box coco friend friendzoned handle how im in jack jumbo love soda sucks that the to travie traviebased williams with zone

did anyone see the sneaky wink at the end of the video? no because non of y'all even watched till the end! like if you did tho. ;)
Man i got put in the friendzone reserved. (._.)
Amandla D
Nothing bad but Travie reminds me of the bear from open season like in a cute kinda way 😂👌🏽
Ana Marie Clark
+TravieBASED that RAM1500 😍 laaawd its clean. tell me how fast you pushed it?
Andrew Williams
+TravieWilliams +TravieBASED I like vid on how to talk to someone attractive but I don't know what to say after i've said Hi can u help🙏.... I'm in high school by the way
Angie Guzman
Bald Uzi Vert
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 that ending
Benjamin Vella
Woaa ..... Travie now drives a big badd azz truck man. .... No more toy cars !
Bill Edwards
Lmao I feel like +TravieBASED lowkey exposing these thots! Maaan!! These hoes for everybody!\n😂😂😂
Blaze Sanchez
Lol loved it!!! Travie you did it again your hilarious!!! Loved the shirt!
Brothers Entertainment
That Kim Possible reference though 👌👌
Buddy Searles
I need like 13 accounts to show how much I liked this vid
Christopher Bonilla
Cosmo said he got breastfed motherfking almond milk... Lmao
It's real easy to leave the friendzone. Just leave.
Cre Lewis
TRAVIE!! I Know you got vocals, plz just give us a small cover or something! Come on BUDDY
Cristy Flores
Funniest video lmfao 😂😂
Dae Burgess
The end tho.. oh my god lol
Dalacia Johnson
I'm dead😂😭😭😭😂💀💀 he said what's the sitch lol from Kim possible
Darius Green
+TravieBASED any advise on what type of videos I should start making? Lol I'm trying to make skits, talks, rants nd stuff lol
Dono Luii
Automatically laughed in the beginning with that music in The background lol
Dre Dre
Ima shame to say dat dis actually happened to me with a girl When I was in middle school smfh she ain't say freind zone reserve but she never Ever talked to me Like Never never never ever lol sht Bol asf
Eddie Robinson
This video is too accurate🙌🏾
Efrain Rosario
Honestly some of Travie's best acting was in this video in my opinion. I barely even comment on videos but I just had to let it out this time lmao
Ehissa Kennedy
sincerely Deez nutz lol .. She's cold with it.
Elaina Porter
you always tired you poor thing...
Eric Dupree
Eric Santillan
Lmaoo This Video Is Perfect 😂😂😂
Esiri Eya'ufe
whats the sitch. LMAO.
Flawless Cat
The song is called Ahrix-nova or nova Ahrix which way you put it
Gordon Nakayama
everybody by juicy j and wiz khalifa
That moment when you realize that if you switch around the s and v in reserve, you get reverse.\n\nMother of God...\n*head explodes*
that kim possible ringtone an whats the sitch doe
LOL @ \
Jahnome McEwan
Travis, this video is too hilarious. Every time you snap.. I laugh.
Jesse Villarreal
Bro Travie you always make some dope ass videos. Keep up the good work !!!
Jonathan Elias
That song from yo last video brought everyone to the actual song lol
Jonathan Palacios
funny video travie ! love you man .
Junior Navarro
Travie Your Funny Bro Love The Videos💯💯💯😂😂😂
Kamie B
👀 Anyone catch the Kim Possible reference? 😂 I used to love that show!
Kate Herreid
I was friend zoned. Chicks get friend zoned too! But it's possible to escape. I'm dating my bestfriend. 🙉
That fcking ending lmfao
King Xamify
Story of my life..... And I'm lightskin.......LIGHTSKIN !!!!!
Kyla S
'*stamp*'\nHahahah love it
Liquid Mind
I was in shock when I heard the song at the beginning though. Travie, your taste in music is phenomenal.\n\nFor those who didn't know, the song is called Fix You by Coldplay. I just paused to comment this, so if it's already there, oh well.
😂😂😂my mom walking in and said \
Lynn Princess
Magneta Pwegoable
Manii Coleman
the Kim Possible ring tone and \
Beautiful smile you have Travie😍😍😘
Did anyone else pick up on the Kim Possible reference? 😍😍
Matheus Santos-Silva
Ram 1500 ad before this video.
MaxImillion Ponce
More videos like this Bruh ! Shit was as fire as chipotle hah
Me'Lea Robinson
How you got more likes than views?? Haha
Melissa Hernandez
A jumbo jack with cheese! She fancy
Monique Craig
Thumbs up Deep nuts!! Lol
David can act 👍🏿👍🏿
Lol funny man keep them coming.
Where yall at? I'm in Friendzoned, FL. Ima try to go to Friendzoned,CA 😂😂
LMAO that Kim Possible ringtone
I mad they used the audio from the \
*If a girl says* \nWho are you your friend told me you liked me ewww\n*Does that mean im friend zoned or rejected*
That other guys a great actor
Quateze Howard
wat pornhub vid was erbody talkin bout 😕 ?
Ima go order that at Jack in the box now and they better understand my Reference 🔥
Rasheed Hall
Lol dude got the Kim possible ringtone. \
Richii Jimenez
When you try your best but u don't succeed so u go outside and smoke some weed
Romaine Rattray
That park looks familiar.... Oh yeah! It's in the rest of your videos -.- like cmon bruh!
Sam S
Sarah Rivera
Omg that Kim possible moment tho 😂😂😂😂😂
That was good!! 5 thumbs up! This needs to be on Comedy Central! For realz!!
Skitzzo99 TV
with cheese? she fancy lmao
Tamara Smith
That lil dance at the end tho lmao
Lol this shit was pretty funny. I was dying at the Kim Possible ring tone.
Thamar Pierre
This skit was too perfect 😂😂😂😫😂💀
The Fabulous Latvian
You always can bring smiles to peoples faces
The Gamer 101
I know who travie would make a good couple with\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nDeez Nutz \nHa got em
Theatre Suicide
Yo i really love this video it was real funny and i like how you and your friend went back and forth with conversation
I would just get at all her best friends. Shit if she has a sister too...bonus points :) What's the worse that can happen?!
Veronica Williams
I have not laughed this hard in a while! 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏
Wanda De La Rosa R
Hahahaha my two favorites! We would be dating if we knew eachother but am to far right now :P when i move to NY love wouldnt be so complicated xD. Hugs from Dominican R. :*
Deez Nuts!! Ha Gottem!!
Yashira Bolden
What's the name of the song he danced to in the drive thru
You mad bro
Hey TravisBASED would u gave me a shout of please bro
Lol at first I was watching video like okay what's the point of this video. Where is the punch line then at the end when he went to jack in the box and the dude knew what he was about to do I started laughing like a muthafucka. Wow this was a koo video.
alexia escutia
Omfg I go to that Jack😂😂😂😂 dude you live near me but I don't live in El two story houses
The black came out of him at 3:08 😂😂
Anybody else catch that kim possible. Moment 👀😂
The Kim Possible ring tone was too funny!! 😂😂😂 \
wait did that girl he mention in his videos and vlogs friend zone him?
this video lowkey funny 😂😂
Song at 4:23 is \
omar castro
Yo Travia did u hear about that new DRAGON BALL Z saga coming out ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🐲🐲🐲🐲🐉🐉🐉🐉
Great video trav! \
t raw
Tryna breast feed me almond milk lmao
the daily scheisse
Travie! You need to read baptiste and the curious case of kid kamikaze. I think they based the Sol Soleil character on you. It's so sick.
When I heard the Kim Possible ringtone I knew he was gonna say \
tonya cruz
Omg yall crack me up 😂😂😂😍😍😍 \n\nBtw is carver about to get some hoes !!! 👌