Need For Speed Carbon - How to get in the canyon in free roam

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In this vid i show u how to go to the canyon in free play(in the vid it says that that is the only corner, but it isn't, instead you can do it with al of the corners)

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3 Cubes Gaming
Wtf are cops doing at the canyon
A Youtube Channel
I found almost all the canyons, but my favourite is the one from the career start(where cross is chasing you ). How to get:\n1. After you choose the location of the challenge, exit to free roam\n2. On the radar, position yourself to north.\n3. Straight ahead\n4. Skip the first canyon you find ( just go near the edge of the track on the radar-\u003e don't enter the track) then keep north.\n5. You should be in a floating 2D city. Keep driving around it and look for the track on the radar.\n6. If you are under the track, follow the route on the radar, until you arrive at the end(there, you are at the same heigh of the road)\n7. To make sure you are at the right canyon, at the end of it you find a truck (just like the career start movie)
Al Hasan
what are traffic,police and rival crew cars are doing in the free roam
Alif Rachman
I think the canyon is supposed to be can roamed,bcus the traffic,police and rivals AI looks fit
Alwin :D
ben je Nederlands?
Anargya Atha
Now with this we can practice how to get better with Canyon battles.
Anneweit Weitering
Nederland hup!
Aron Tavares
is it possible to visit other canyons? bc your car drops onto the same track that you play when racing againt the end boss, Darius, But are the other canyons also open for free roaming?\n\ngroetjes, en laat me weten of je de ingang naar de andere canyons ook gevonden hebt, ;)
Bibaswan Chakma
cheat code for infinite nitrous:\n\nin the very first game menu ,type-\
Which button do you click to accept the challenge?
That UHD graphics tho
Brian Thomas
It didn't work. The bus station broke.
Burak Mercan
Actually it's not the only spot cause at the first time I tried this i went the wrong way and ended up falling somewhere at the beginning of the canyon. And after a long fall I randomly got the canyon road in front of me and I rode to the road (lol ;p) and got in the canyon.\n\nBut nevertheless great video man, thnx for all the work!
So, can we go back to Rosewood this way?
Cedric Lance
it can be every canyons?
Cesar Rodriguez
What if the glitch is intentional and the canyon was just an easter egg
Christian David Perez Colorado
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DGC04 Gameplays
this works in ps2 to!!!
DW bro
i miss this game i love NFSMW and for a long time i thought it was better than this game a lot better to the point i thought this game was shit but now i miss it would love to play it again i still own a ps2 and i love it so i could buy this game again but something is telling me not to and then this video is telling me to again i dont know what that something is though :(
Dante Ibarra
cuando hice este truco descubri una ciudad nueva.   donde esta todo cerrado y no puedes ir a nunguna parte k conecte  con la zona  de retos..  me agrado.. 
Dat Boi
Doesn't work with ford gt
Dj Reaky
Its Not Work ing
This is scary. Falling through the ground was always unsetling to me in all video games.
Emanuel Peralta
You have to glitch out
Erik Castillo
i try this in the ps2 and it works but only the first time and i can see San Juan but the city desapear and for canyon i cant becouse my car make something strange and i lost control.(i try this with a Murcielago, hemi cuda, corvette and viper srt)
not work
Fladio that Grinding Derg
now...ENJOY!\n\n*police pursuit starts*
Gabriel Sewratan
Nederlander!!! :D Mooie video man!!
Gabriel Turchetto
thanks !
the reason why canyon exist in the free roam map and are very far is...\nCarbon was released before done, we all know carbon like this, but he is incomplete from what he was to be, the game was released early because the fanatics from most wanted sent lots of e-mails to EA, bothering them and asking for Carbon, and EA \
Guy Garic
it dosent work with the carrera...
Hafizh Nabawi Hafizh
I cant go to the canyon using that tricks and always falls in the tunnel to the silverton
Harry's Gaming
Actually... there is a quicker way to get to a canyon in free roam, or drift course.. but i cant tell you yet. and it DOESNT involve going outside the map or waiting for a crew invite race thingy m-jig
err i found a boat at the west canyon advice plz
Isomeric Gamer
i just landed on another unfinished canyon
Jack Duno
Cool. As. Frick. I wish I knew of this trick back when I still had NFSC
Janja Demise49
i found another palmont in the east. if you go to devils creek pass from east you find eternity pass
I don't think it works on xbox60, the car just zooms past me and doesn't stop
Jono Playz
hey you are also dutch i can see it
Jordan Ellis
I ended up in the drifting arena area idk what its called though but now i can get to the mystery city now
Josiah Charles
This doesn't work with r34 I got stuck
Juan Star
You need back to the Rockport City
Junior Vanegas
will this work on the ps3?
Kirit Banerjee
What if all the best mod creators for NFS Franchise work together on Project: Resurrected Carbon. Making an entirely new game with all areas of the new palmont (San Juan + all canyons + mysterious south island + other locations) with all unfinished cars redesigned as finished ones and all music tracks, Hidden safehouse and car dealerships, hidden AI racers and crews, everything revealed and resurrected into the new game\n\n\nWith HD textures and sound, New HUD, updated music tracks etc.
Klejdi Vrekaj
It's working O.o
Kristóf Vincze
lol what a bug:D
Help every time i try my car freaks out and starts flipping when i get half way there and i am following the same exact path
M.Bilal Ali
if i drive the car in wrong position then game crashes
M3M3Sᄃᄆᄆᄂ ッ
*early 2010's intensifies*
Mama Lisa
I wish, i knew where are rhose canyons... ;_;
Marek Palovič
Really. It works !!!
Motan Show
Muhammad Zulfikar
Nice trick bro !
I remember doing this glitch all the time when I was younger. Loved driving on the canyons (If you knew where to find them) and smashing the traffic off the road. \n\nIf I remember, you could access the drift course as well with this glitch.
*imagine doing this while the cops are chasing you...*
Ray Denver
There are hundreds of \
Razor HK
after finishing the game in 10 years again, i feel like a lot is missing and not connected. I unlocked the M3 GTR and it is not available in Free Roam? WTF? It requires you to do shit in career mode and doesnt let u drive it. Also, the canyon roads should all be connected to the city. \nThe paintjob in Carbon are bad compare to Most Wanted.. 15 Boss with each unique designs, And Carbon only 4-5 not so great designs. \nI wish each game has a development cycle of 2 years+ , so we can get a better game to play on after 10 years time!
Recording Potato
Ricky The Gaming Wizard
I'm still working on it, but i fell at the wrong place, my fault.
toen ik zag dat t Nederlands talig was (nfsc) heb ik meteen geabonneerd!! :D
Ryan Williams
so u have to go off the map to get out to the canyons?
Sanjiv Radsma
Het lukt niet, het bushokje spat wel uitelkaar maar mijn syline gaat er niet door
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 gives a reason why it doesnt have it. Drive in Seacrest County even by night to the Mountains.
Maybe ...\nJust maybe, we can get a remastered edition this game...\nWith Canyon in Free-Roam and a bigger city...
Sholehuddin Saiful Bahri
What is the point they put police in canyon if we can't go there without glitch 😑😑
Skyman Schrewelius
can that work on ps2?????
Haha Nederlandertje
Spark king 4629
I actually found a legit route to the canyon on Wii but I can't remember where to go to get to it again
Um... i entered the drifting curcuit
Tenzile Bilici
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın
Hey how did you get youre game in dutch mine only is french for no reason
TheAlcohol Threat
Works on ps2 version???
haxor !!!
Why did people bother ea so much that they released it early so now we don't have canyons in free roam cause of them :(
Trisha Stagg
I can't seem to do that😔
Is there any end of the canyon? dead end?
its work!!! thanks!!
Victor Alcaide
My subaru died bruh...
White Dagger
EW autosculpt
webt ti carbn canyon got glitched making summersaults AND MOVE WITH THE SPEED OF 1000KM PER HOUR! LMFAO!
aaron neef
lol ben jij Nederlands de taal in het spel staat op Nederland
jacob Kimbrell
while under the red part of the map, i got stuck and could not drive? please help!
kawasaki and suzuki
kipli gameing
what ??????? Rockport Police was here ?
lennex lvl 100 twingo
stupid inpatient fans would have loved this in the finished game😠
lexus gaming
Long journey
Werkt dit ook met patch 1.4?
OMG should have made clip of hurling cops overboard o.0
when i saw the traffic as you entered the canyon i was like wtf is going on xDDD what are they doing there. Then i rode the comments. nice glitch
use trainer
thomas sakuraba
ey je bent nederlands
your mom
Haha! Thanks for the video man! It took me a few tries to get to the Canyon since i mistook the Drift Track as the Canyon and i had to do it all again, but i managed to get to the Canyon.\n\nTIPS:\nIf you guys fall down in the Canyon before you get in the streets, try to climb up with your car. There isn't really a \
didnt work. when i click a challenge the bus station just exploded inside my car
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