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"…The Book of Enoch, an ancient composition known from two sets of versions, an Ethiopic one that scholars identify as "1 Enoch," and a Slavonic version that is identified as "2 Enoch," and which is also known as The Book of the Secrets of Enoch.Both versions, of which copied manuscripts have been found mostly in Greek and Latin translations, are based on early sources that enlarged on the short biblical mention that Enoch, the seventh Patriarch after Adam, did not die because, at age 365, "he walked with God" - taken heavenward to join the deity. Enlarging on this brief statement in the Bible (Genesis chapter 5), the books describe in detail Enoch's two celestial journeys - the first to learn the heavenly secrets, return, and impart the knowledge to his sons; and the second to stay put in the heavenly abode.The Ethiopic version is deemed by scholars to be older by several centuries than the Slavonic one, and portions of that older version are in turn known to have been based on Keepers of the Secrets 129 even older manuscripts, such as a lost Book of Noah. Fragments of Enoch books were discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls. The astronomical-calendrical tale of Enoch thus goes back into great antiquity - perhaps, as the Bible asserts, to pre-Diluvial times. Now that it is certain that the biblical tales of the Deluge and the Nefilim (the biblical Anunnaki), of the creation of the Adam and of Earth itself, and of ante-Diluvial patriarchs, are abbreviated renderings of original earlier Sumerian texts that recorded all that, it is almost certain that the biblical "Enoch" was the equivalent of the Sumerian first priest, EN.ME.DUR.AN.KI ("High Priest of the ME's of the Bond Heaven-Earth"), the man from the city Sippar taken heavenward to be taught the secrets of Heaven and Earth, of divination, and of the calendar."~Zecharia SitchinWhen Time Began

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Thank you for posting this
A Staar
I don't know what's real anymore our scriptures have been tampered with God show us what is truly right and just I am tired
Aaron Powers
Praise God befor its to late \nNo joke \nYou never no when your time is up \nSo dont make the mistake of not knowing him \nYour life will Change \nI promise you 💯 👈🏼
Allonce Allonce
Glory be to the King of kings, God of gods, the only true Savior!
Alvina Awong
Abba Father, thank you for revealing the events of the times of Enoch and unveiling the hidden things which led to the flood... truly we are living in a day when deception is so evident. It's time that the body of Christ wake up.
Amina Hussain
Woe betide me that i shouldnt praise my God, for even the sun and moon praise God during their orbit when performing their task,i cried bitterly, how wretched is the prideful soul of man, i was a muslim but God showed me the light,continue to strenghten us lord,thank u lord!
Amina S
I was Muslim. Now I am Christian. I am glad God chosen me. I love you Jesus.
An Angry Mop Bucket
Trying to hold back the Truth is like attempting to catch lightning in a bottle you cannot do it\nPRAISE YHMH!!!
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Been procrastinating about reading this and the rest of the Bible for that matter!!! Thank you so much for the motivation and for all your work!!! Greatly appreciated!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
3:16:18 That is what is happening today. So sad how people do not want know and understand this truth.
Baksho Dhadda
For no man shall worship man but only the true GOD, our creator who gave his children everything they could ever want,man created sin and even threw our sins God still gives us knowledge and time so we turn from our bad ways! For those hard of heart for those whom ask for power and great glory! For those that attain all this threw bad and wicked ways the very thing they praise and worship will be the very thing!that will be there death! God will pass judgment and that will be sealed in gods wisdom, for everything man does and says it written down and judgment will Aline with that,may gods children seek wisdom while they have time to repent,may god open humanity eyes enough so they can be saved ! The Catholic Church will be judged for leaving out this for it has distorted and not completed GODS WORDS for his children, AND THE LORD SHALL DEAL WITH THOSE THE DO EVIL AND THOSE THAT HAS LESSENED GODS WORD,FOR EVERYTHING BELONGS TO GOD, WE ARE ONLY HERE TO LEARN,WALK ,THIS EARTH 🌍 AND GROW SPIRITUALLY,MAY GODS KEEP HIS CHILDREN SAFE AND MAY THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY WHILE IT STILL HAS TIME,REPENT AND TURN FROM THERE WICKED WAYS IN THE NAME OF GOD THE FATHER,GOD THE SON!AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRT! I PRAY THAT KINDNESS AND PEACE BE YOURS ,FOR THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY, FROM GOD YOUR FATHER! FOR GOD IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA XXX
Cecilio Figueroa
As I started listening to this it was a gloomy fall day mid day the next thing you know this cloud had opened & the sun grew brighter on me for some reason I feel as God wanted me to hear this & learn more than ever I felt this peace around me is that weird or not God is with us
Cedric Joseph
Thankyou for reading the book of Enoch to me,
Cedric Wright
My last name is Enoch
Christopher Timmis
This book explains why there's so much evil in this world thank you for this book
I'm confuse!...Why is it written in English? And how about the Indigenous Native Americans or Indigenous Native people from the Amazon, Australia, or etc., will they be saved too? So many questions\n....
Daniel Brown
I was Christian and i was Muslim. I was never Catholic but i thank god I'm now atheist..
Del Stubbs
For those eyes are open to the Lord & walk in path of righteousness!!!
Des *
Im listening to Enoch for the first time in my life and I Cry as I wait in traffic( truly a blessing in disguise) of how we've been robbed from this truth. Omg, I'm a sinner in capital letters and hope God will have mercy on my soul as I awaken to this false reality that we've been subject to from day 1! Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me. I sinner!
Developer 004
94.6 Woe to those who build iniquity and found deceit for they will quickly be thrown down and will not have peace.\n94.7 Woe to those who build their houses with sin, for from their whole foundation they will be thrown down, and by sword they shall fall, and those who acquire gold and silver will quickly be destroyed in the judgement.\n94.8 Woe to you, you rich, for you have trusted in your riches, but from your riches you will depart for you did not remember the Most High in the days of your riches.\n94.9 You have committed blasphemy, and iniquity, and are ready for the days of the outpouring of blood, and for the days of darkness, and for the days of Great Judgement.\n94.10 Thus I say, and make known to you, that He who created you will throw you down, and over your fall there will be no mercy, but your creator will rejoice at your destruction.\n94.11 And your righteousness in those days will be a reproach to the sinners and to the impious.\n\nAs it was in the days of Noah; so too shall it be again in the time of Great Judgement.\n\n107.1 And I saw written on them, that generation upon generation will do wrong, until a generation of righteousness shall arise, and wrongdoing shall be destroyed, and sin shall depart from the earth, and everything good shall come upon it.
Dhruv Patel
The Nazis actually were a cult of followers of one of the Nephilim which whom was \
DiLinda Adams
After researching I found they removed it because of the truth! You know removed anyone's information, no one will remember in 100 years. However, they spent a millennium trying to destroy this book to stop the massive from finding out the truth about the fallen angels and the many that were will wrongly prosecuted and lost their lives over their spiritual beliefs. I found that I found some of the precepts and references, and I am still working on it. Thank you for this video, I can't express how much this means to me! Stay bless!
Dion Water
this book was excluded by the council of of narcir which was a roman council. commanded by the vatican...
Wow, that, wow. Thankyou for taking on the task of making this public, really Thankyou, No denying what is written or what the cost for sinning, wow. This is how we should have learned from the start. One thing I gotta say,Man sure is full of ourselves, wow. Thankyou, God bless all Amen brother.
Eat_It Bitxhes
this ties in perfectly with the book of Revelation I'm convinced it's canon and was rejected by the Vatican's and Jesuits because it told to much truth
Emma Dampitan
I amost cry when .i watching this video. . So lucky the people who living in that paradice ..of the chosing one and the people who be kind and loving one and love God above alll..
Frey's Bot
Anyone notice the start of the first sentence is And....... Rewatch skip whichever.. Every page. Is And....
G Marchetti
Great job in reading this so clearly! I have the book of Enoch (1); Enoch (2) is a satanic -type of counterfeit. This one is the original that was preserved in Ethiopia. it originally was part of the Cannon but was removed at some point. Thank you for sharing this in audio its very helpful to hear it.
Yesssssss!!!!!!!! hallelujah👐 hallelujah👐 hallelujah👐🙌💓💓💓💓 🙏😇😇😇👐👐👐
Gerardin Morissette
Oh man This was awesome do you have a visions for the holy bible kjv1611
Gosia Carriere
This book is for all generations. What a deal?
Hannah Thomas
I absolutely love listening to you. This book has really opened up my eyes so much and has help me understand so much more now. I've listened to this over and over again and will until I can remember everything by heart to share with others💗
Heiner Ali
If you liked'll love The Lost Book of the same folks...same voice too.
Holly Warehouse
I just was given this paperback “book”, yesterday, then IT ENDS UP ON MY YOUTUBE FEED 😱😍🙌🏽🙏🏼🎚
J. F.
The whole time I was listening to this..i was hearing the words \
Jacqueline Goring
God bless you my brother the truth shall set us free the Bible talks of heave an hell but I never knew Enoch vision the lord says nothing should be added or taken away amen.😀
Jacqueline Wicker
I love God. I pray for forgiveness for I have not been perfect but I serve a perfect God. Have mercy on us. I dont want any Eartly riches. I just want to reside in Heaven and pray my kids find their way to God.
Jazz Jazzman
Thank God the book of Enoch was preserved in the Ethiopian Orthodox church
Jeffrey Coronel
Look at Enoch 46:3 This is the Son of Man who has righteousness and whom righteousness dwells. He will reveal all the treasures of that which is secret, for the Lord of the Spirits has chosen him and through uprightness his lot has surpassed all others in front of the Lord of the Spirits. Jesus, YESHUA was stated in such verse to so on.
Jenny Afonso
Jesus said no one has gone up .\nSo how come Enoch was already taken up to heaven at that time???
Jhoanna Marrie Ruby
Also vital to learn this bec this will open us up about the whole truth of what transpired in those times. Praise YHWH that we are able to read this despite of Satan trying to keep this from all of us, AIN'T NO WAY
Jim Desermeau
Thank you for taking the time to do this for us.
John Green
****Must have been a good reason the Book of Enoch never became part of the bible!***\nThis seems to me to be more about \
Joshua Bedsaul
All my life, I have been seeking answers and confirmation. Waiting and suffering the unknown. I am saddened, yet so grateful to come across this scripture presented to me so specifically. Though it has come late in life to me, I have never looked so forward to having a relationship with my creator, my eyes have always been open but blinded by the filth of this earth. Enoch has torn off the blindfold and opened my heart in addition to my eyes and answered all of the questions I have desperately been searching for, for 41 years! Thank you for uploading this video, my life is forever changed.
Journey 2 Christ's Kingdom
in the beginning like around minutes 7-11 when it talks of the angels fornicating with earthly women: Was heaven different back then from now? Isn't there no lust or sin in heaven? I assume if they were angels they had to be holy to some degree. So... why would they even have thoughts of unclean mating? Get what I'm asking? I'm missing something key here ?
Kathy Jones
One crazy thing is that the book of Ezekiel was added to the bible. But not Enoch?
Kingdom Klan
The truth is sweet to the wise. Bitter to fools
Liverpaul 99
Jesus Christ / Yeshua spoke about Enoch as it was biblical in those days. But the False Idol Worshipping Catholic Church decided to leave it out of the Bible. Why? They would rather commit Pagan Sun Worship.\nOr Pray and Praise Mary rather than the Trinity God Our Father, Yeshua His Son and The Holly Spirit 🙏
Is this the actual Book of Enoch? This is real? So Enoch already explained that the Earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the Earth and how the weather works, etc., eons before Galileo and all those other scientist argued that the Earth is flat? All I heard on this video is that science and religion have actually met waaaaaaaaay before even Aristotle was born...
Mark Cooke
The Catholics didn't acknowledge it has it has too much truth in it and takes away from a man like the pope being above other humans...God is the almighty not the pope
Mary Grech
The Bible don't say to worship the holy Spirit He says worshipe God think Him for His son ect
Master Gamer131410
my mom made me watch this 😡
Matt Wilson
I don't understand... how were the watchers able to bear children with women when God created them to live for eternity? Men only have seed to bear offspring because we die, but watchers live for eternity so why would they have any seed to pass on?
Megan Moore
i want pretend to begin to understand all this book i have heard so far but there must be something to it when Jude uses some of it in his book praise God even for his great mysteries
Melissa Nunez
For the past 4 years i have grown closer to God more then ever before. The past few months i have been wanting to read the bible more then ever before. I was once in church and not even then i felt God like i do now. I feel like we are going to the end times i feel it more then ever before. I feel like God is trying to open my heart eyes and ears learn as much as i can to go to others that need to hear the word of God.
Micah Ebion
The watchers were simply the worlds earliest Astronomers and Astrologers . Earliest Babylonians . Sumerians .
Michael Lawson
I was surprised to hear that the pen and writing on paper was condemned as sin because it teaches people sin , when all prophetic texts are written and from these stem the spring of knowledge and wisdom , having been given the choice to use it constructively and wisely or destructively and sinfully. Even our bodies can be used creatively or destructively. By all of the deeds we are judged .
Millicent Morgan
This book also clarified the reasons for the flood in Noah's time
Nancy Lakot
This is really appreciated. Thank you for taking your time, to make clear the concealed. God bless
The book of Enoch is true. This book is for our generation. This is for certain. Make you way to God and walk with him. Keep an eye and ear out for the two witnesses.
Preacher Man 101
It is written, Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established. Where in scripture do any prophet witness to this, even God. He quoted Old Testament scriptures during his preaching, the Apostles also, so where is all of this recorded anywhere in scripture. The Book of Jasher 24th chapter records the same things that happened to Job happened to Abraham. Something is amiss
Queensandy Akukwe
I praise God almighty for giving me a second chance to be alive after a stroke last year November which I spend 5months and 3weeks in the hospital \n I'm still recovering but every day I ask FATHER GOD almighty to forgive me and send his holy spirit to guide me teach me every day . The years that I have left on this earth all I want is to make it to heaven and meet my Lord Jesus Christ. \n\nListening to this powerful word ,gives me more hope and lift up my spirit \nThank you Jesus Christ Amen
RapunzelInTheMaking Last
Thank You so much for posting this amazing video. God Bless you my brother
Rasibou 1
Glory ! Glory! Glory be to the Most high. The Mighty one !
Richard Levy
Awesome reading / presentation.
Robert W
If Angels that are much stronger than man weeped, what about men and women. \nWhat are we to say to Almighty God for rejecting his Son Jesus without him there is no hope or salvation. God is unchanging. All this earth and people aren’t worth separating from our creator.
RoyalRas Queen
I appreciate having d option to read verses if i want... I love Jah an i am very sad that d earth is so horrifyingly horrific...........may judgment a come soon\nJah judgment come soon😞
Ryan Walker
Praise be the Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Praise be his name
Sara Stephens
I feel so torn. I don't know what to believe anymore. On one hand, it makes sense that this is true. On the other, it makes sense that Satan would want me to THINK it's true. I'm so afraid of believing something that's wrong.
Space Solo
IMO, though you won’t hear many suggest this.\n\nI believe it was the book Daniel wrote down then hid until for a future generation; because the book of Daniel as always been known since they came out of Babylon. \n\nThe book Daniel hid was the Book of Enoch. It’s description of its purpose it’s remarkably similar, for a future generation...for the last generation...\n\nThe book of Enoch appeared about 40 years before Jesus died then vanished until our time 40 years after his death & resurrection; during the destruction of Jerusalem. \n\nIt appeared in the exact area he was born (Nazareth) 7 years before Jesus was born, then he died 33 years later.\n\n7+33=40\nDisappeared 40 years later.\n\n40 + 40 = 80 years (Which is typical accepted as a generation in the Bible)\n\nAll important reoccurring numbers in the Bible. \n\n(Some say copies may have been in Alexandra before it got destroyed eventually too.) \n\nWe also know they spoke favorable of Enoch and quote from the book ‘10,000 Angels coming on the clouds’...\n\nPoint being it’s like it appeared for Jesus then vanished & reappeared for our generation. \n\nIf one applies the idea that it’s a book for the last generation & knowing a generation in the Bible is 80 years; also considering it was revealed for 80 years the last time it was revealed before being hidden from the faithful. \n\nThe book was revealed again in 1948 (Though it really wasn’t known until faithful until the 70s & wasn’t put in a good light then either: that’s how you know the enemy doesn’t want you to know this info.)\n\nIF you applied the 80 years logic. \n\n1948 + 80 = 2028\n\nNow no man knows the day or time; I’m not date setting. Anyone date setting is wrong because such won’t be revealed only realized when it happens. \n\nBut it’s interesting none the less, we know the end by the signs. That is something the elect will realize when the the truth is known to them....\n\nA book that specifically says it for the last generation appearing is it not a sign in & of itself?\n\nAdd that if you believe the book Daniel scribed from an Angel of the Lord for a future generation in the end was the Book of Enoch. \n\nWell....It’s an important sign...
Stev Littleboy
This is true,very good Teaching,I have this book,God is working hard to wake people up.
He's basically saying mathematically... you can't challenge his beliefs. Because his beliefs are mathematically based. If you wanted to ever challenge his statements... first challenge his mathematics! If you can't... you're in the wrong league of justice baby. 😀
Says 17 comments but i only see 4. \nBeen waiting for this. Headphones on with sunshine outside and this beautiful voice 💜
Tea Turtles
Do you guys ever notice that if you forget to pray for a day or something, than your days become more challenged and difficult. But when you pray to the Lord again, everything is so much easier as God is taking care of us.
Thank you.
Terrance B. Torrct
Forgive me Father for I'am a sinner.
The Teutonic Plague
As far as I'm concerned, this book is divinely inspired. This is biblical Canon.
The TruManZoo
well read, good listen.
TheSuns ShiningGrace
I can tell this is real
Tres Amusant
75+ books have been excluded from Bible. The absolute truth has been hidden.
Trudy Lazet
halo,,,, yes the book of Enoch, is the trues thank you and for the reading of it . i am so blessed end all make sins to me many wanders .and well there it is and the Earth is flat stand an pillars GOD to be the Glory for ever amen GOD blessed you x
Vanessa Billion
If you can read this keep God's 10 Commands.
Vato Loko
Damn what got me is how big these giants where!? 3,000 cubits is equal to1,371 meters or better yet 4,500 feet. I can’t imagine anything that big!? These Giants towered over every living thing!
alice richards
Is it possible to get. this on CD? I've looked everywhere on the internet...
bradley mitchell
I just had to comment to get the number to 667
Jesus i my lord i denounce satan
judy valencia
I love hearing about the book of Enoch, but it is a little confusing to me.
kicn updus
Somehow I got the feeling by what the book was explaining and talking about, I really don't think man is suppose to know about all of this stuff thats being told here. Which is why it was taking out by mostly all the Bibles. Maybe it's me, but im starting to think this whole truth movement is exactly what is going to doom most people if you think about it. The internet is no different than the TREE in the middle of the garden. To many people seeking knowledge without wisdom from everything and everyone else instead of seeking the LORD himself. Kind of scary when u think about it, because he does make it pretty clear, THE INTERNET GONE END UP BECOMING THE BEAST.
king glover
I knew there were more for over 30 \nyears. I prayed that God will let me know the truth even if it hurts so i\nwill know for myself. Now! I see life it is not hard to live the life for \nGod. Bless you for opening up my \neyes to the truth. \ntotally different
I’ve been looking for something to fill in all the wholes I’ve read in the Bible my whole life and finally all these stories are it! Praise God I knew there was more
have a step away from religions then you will understand many things
I wonder what god was doing for trillions to the trillient power before it took him just seven days to create earth?
This book opened the eyes of my heart. Now I know the truth and will let others know the truth as well. Glory be to our Holy God, in Jesus mighty name.
tracy webb
Truth is knowledge acknowledge the truth
Enoch preached everything that was to be written in the bible. The Roman Catholics denied the book of Enoch as they wanted control for themselves. The reason is if they did print it it would have added a undeniable proof that God and Jesus Christ was the absolute truth shutting down all other false religions.