Evolution of Latin Dance

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From Rumba to Salsa to Dembow, how well do you know Latin dance history? We couldn't fit all of Latin dance history in one video, so here is the evolution of Latin dance part 1! Featuring:@jennmorel

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Alexander Pele Jr.
Latin dance has African roots
That girl is Dominican, and the guy is Mexican (Look at their instagrams) Such a lovely pairing\u003c3 They did great representation of Caribbean dances c: I can't wait for part 2! I would love to see Central American, and South American dances\u003c3
Alinne Mahlke
Nothing from Brazil. Although I can clearly see some brazilian influence, specially in the last kinds of dance.
Allan Poe
What's the perreo song?
Alvaro Favela
Too many Caribbean-themed dances, I don't dance a single one of those. \nI'm Northern Mexican and prefer polka, chotis, redovas and huapangos.
Amanda Capstick
What about lambada
Andrés Cevallos
That's not cumbia, that's vallenato.
Angela Clemente
Yea with the help on my carribean people they add the last layer of sason on top ! I’m proud of my latina roots 🇲🇽 BUT y’all forgot so many other Latin dancing like the Mexican type ... I’m looking forward part 2 !!!
Angela Simon
they got the merengue and bachata wrong i`m dominican so... i can judge
Annet Avila
I have a huge respect for girls who can dance in those heels. \nI can't walk in heels for shidddd e.e
Some of the best latin dances come from the Carribean. Idk why people are hating lol
Belén Gómez
Anyone knows the name of the song from the \
O mejor dicho: el deterioro de la música latina.
Boom Chicken Noodle Soup
Merengue to the money,\nBachata to the bank.
Bu Bu
Primero de todo nose como puedes poner en el mismo grupo a la bachata, salsa, etc con el perreo? Hola? Sin palabaras, como una falta de respeto, y aver antes de hacer estos videos informaros mas porque los tiempos en el culo y la mayoria de pasos no son ni del tipo de baile que le corresponde
Ca Vient
What's the song they use for perreo????
Camila Aguirre
Is it me or the cha cha was off counts ?
Christian Rodriguez
Where's Tango? :(
Cope The Gamer
Perreo is that basically reggeaton or am I wrong sorry I'm just curious
Corona A
Read the description guys they couldn't include all of the dances
who else is a Bachata lover??😍😍\nme amo Bachata ❤
Dani Rican
Perreo is a dance that was made in the 80s for reggaeton in Puerto Rico,in english its called doggie style hihi,its when the girl twerks sexualy and the guy dry humps her like crazy,yes its nasty but it is what it is lol.
Dante Alighieri
Who's proud of being Caribbean?
Destiny Herrera
What’s the song called at the Perreo part
Diana Carolina
what are the names of the songs? they're really good
Eduardo Mendoza
Y punta no es un baile latino pue
¿perreo? y eso es un tipo de baile??? omaigá!
Esteban Lobo
Lol that's mexican cumbia, as far as i know the real cumbia is from Colombia, coming from african roots.
Evelyn Robinson
at 2:15 I started getting a little emotional because I recognize that song from a dance group that I was in whenever I was younger it was a Panamanian dance group and I performed in front of somewhat of a large audience in Clarksville Tennessee and it was good know that but I quit because wanted infant into my schedule and school is getting harder to I didn't like it that well because I didn't understand the language that most of them were speaking (Spanish) ,
Suavemente. 😏
Fabian Martinez
You forgot to put a lot more dances, Btw the last part was funny, omg in what is becoming the dance this days? Lmao
Fabrizzio Astorino
Por eso los uruguayos y argentinos nos cuesta sentirnos latinos, esto no tiene absolutamente nada que ver con nuestras culturas. No por creernos más ni menos, pero el concepto americano de latino es el centro americano, venezolano, colombiano etc que no tiene nada en común con nosotros. Los invito a escuchar \
Así que bailes como el Tango, el Chamame, la Polca, la Milonga, la Zamba, la Lambada, el Pericon, la Zarzuela, los Valses, la Cueca, y otro bailes de Sud América no constituye baile latino...que interesante.
Felipe Silva
Where is Brazil? We have samba, funk and many other dances...\nOnde está Brasil? Temos samba, funk e muitas outras danças...
Freddy Guadarrama
Y la música d Banda y tamborazo???????
Wow, so many Latin and Hispanic people getting upset at the lack of representation instead of appreciating the evolution of SOME of our music. We are so diverse it would be impossible for them to capture all of our beautiful dances. Can't we just celebrate that our culture is being brought further in to light. P.S it's just part one, calm down everyone.
Hannah Bandenberger Cabral
Insfires man!!
Her body is goals
Janelle C
wow, favorite dance is dancing Batchata, Love it to death! blast some Aventura or Romeo Santos and I'm all set to start moving those hips
Johannes Sorto
Everyone calm down and stop hating on the Caribbean. Considering that all these styles are from the Caribbean means that their picking dances by region. So a part 2 would focus on another part like South America.
Johnny Carmona
I don't know if it's Latin, but what about Kizomba? \n\nI believe I read somewhere it's from Angola, but I see a lot of \
Jorge Luis Pizarro Ferreyra
Evolución? como se puede evolucionar hacia el reggaeton? el título debería involución de los ritmos latinos.
Jose C.A goldenwhite
Latin America without the Caribbean would be boring as hell
João Paulo Lana
We can see the machismo of latin culture in the dance, the men does nothing and the woman do all the work.
João Paz
I dont want to be mean but they were out of the music at least in the rumba (which by the way was a squared rumba), cha cha and salsa...
Juan Manuel Andrade Gamboa
I think that the only thing that videos like this do is perpetuate and strengthen a one-dimensional and monolithic conception of what being \
Julianna Lopez
I have only danced cumbia, bachata, y merengue. but.. duranguense y banda? where are those??
I can't believe they actually included dembow, I'm sorry y'all had to go through that, maldito mayor, btw her legs are beautiful.
Kenia Calderon
What's the name of the song for the dembow part? 🎶🎶
Kristina Payne
If I try to Latin Dance I will 100% slip and break my face 😂😂
La'Dayshia Hunt
Many of these dances came from African people. Just saying 😁
Laura Caicedo Montoya
you censored el perreo? because it is wilder than the one that you show
Wow... I was reading some of the comments on this video and it made me sad to read people arguing over who's better than who and who's more Latin and a bunch of other nonsense. We should appreciate each other's cultures because they are all beautiful. I think it's awesome to have so many different cultures among Latin America. Instead of wasting time arguing about who is the \
Livelife ToMax
They forgot Native American and African origins but they got the European part right though. Isn't that how our dances evolved? And the dances portrayed in this video are only HISPANIC dances! What about Brazilian and Haitian? They are in the Latino umbrella! This video's name should be changed to \
Lucia Bittnerova
por dios esa mujer tiene las piernes de gacela ....impresionante!
Lucia Pou
this is lovely, but as someone from the caribbean, this is ballroom...lovely but it's like they took Latin music and stuck a stick up its ass...
Luis Fernando S. Aguilar.
He visto gente bailar el perreo. No se parace en NADA a que hacen acá.
Maria Olivo Quintero
I like it, but I'm confused about Cumbia, I'm from Colombia and live in Colombia and that's not how we dance Cumbia at all
Melanie Barrientos
Wait, whaaaaat? That was Cumbia?\n Nah, no jodan, nunca vi a alguien bailar cumbia asi.(soy de Arg.) En serio así se baila? porque acá es mas... ejem.\n Ademas falto el reggaeton :v
Melissa Moronta
it's sad. I'm Dominican and can't dance!! prob cuz I'm too nervous to dance in front of ppl lol. but still :-( :-(
Micky Bane
Except for \
Miguel Angel
True Mexicans remember duranguense.
Mike Alpha
I could comment on the music but you guys did a great job.
How does she dance with those heels?!?!
Nat von Humbolt
That's the cleanest perreo I've ever seen
Nikky Garcia Barc
siempre tiene que salir un self Hating Afrocentric hablando disparates.. afrocentrics are just as bad as white supremacists..
Nine in the Afternoon
Merengue y bachata! My favorites because they are the only dances I can do *haha
Noemi Kegelmann
This footwork is just painful. I've been doing ballroom latindance for a few years now and technique wise this is really begginer level
Ojberretta Berretta
dembow is garbage and they left out tango and samba the most beautifuls of all
wow... que seria de latino america sin el Caribe 😄\n\nserian tan sosos como los estadounidendes
Pablo Andrés Sudriá
¿eso que pusieron como \
Pay Attention Mr Officer
dembow is officially my fav dance
Pedro Higuerey Quijada
Increíble la cantidad de Latinos arenosos en los comentarios, disfruten el baile y listo xd
Raya Rukab
what's the name of the perreo song?
The Woes
That was a censored version of perreo
For colombians the cumbia is a totall different dance to the one portrayed here... is not close to the salsa... is not even related... it is much softer and based on the movement of the hips with the feet almost slaiding on the ground almost never leaving it, as well the arms and hands are on a particular way very distintive. In the most traditional cumbia songs the women can be holding a candel and wearing very long skirts playing with them at the rhythm of the music... I belive cumbia for us is much more closer to african rhythms.
Ty Stayler'te
Mi love how they included us Jamaicans in here...long live dembow, long live de dancehall...
Tyler Thomas
I knew all of them except the last two, pretty cool!
Valen Figurka
I'm gonna go ahead and say I've never in my life seen people dance cumbia like that. (Argentinian living in Mexico), I'm very confused. I'm also not very surprised South American dances didn't make it into this video because apparently we are never \
Victoria Slamovits
What are the names of these songs?
View Veo
Latino, es hispano, y faltan desde el Flamenco hasta el Tango (o el PASODOBLE, que tiene 400 años y es la base de todo esto), y si os referís solo a latinoamérica, donde quedó la Samba?, esto es solo la música de los latino-hispanos caribeños desde los años 60 en USA. Este vídeo no es nada objetivo.
Y. Ruíz
Todo iba bien.... hasta que llegamos al perreo.
latinas \u003e *
that guy is a cutie
deandrea choice
What's the name of the perreo song???
el druida
I bet some dance-nazi from any latino country, where they dance to any \nof this genres in a different manner, are going to come bitching about \nhow that is not how you dance to \
franchesca rivera
Can I get a list of the songs?
hana yeunmirae
every time there's a party, my aunts always dance merengue, salsa, or bachata. My cousins do el dembow, and my abuela does cumbia. They're Puertorruiqueñas, but they can dance better than me 😶
joan Alonso
flama people need to check their titles twice or more times because this is another failure from them this is not the evolution of Latin dance this is all the different styles of Latin dance 😂😂😂 so please do your homework right
jose rol
Cual es la cancion que usar en, salsa!!!!!
I'm not hating on the dancers but you cannot name this video \
I am proud to be Latina from the Carriben,yet I listen to all music even the ones I don't like Because it gives you wisdom of cultural knowledge!
nastea morozova
4:00 name of the song?
This is by far the worst example of Latin dances on YouTube! Not only they don't follow the basic steps of corresponding dances but they are also doing their dancing off rhythm.
gracias por incluir bailes del caribe\u003c3 aqui en centroamerica es lo que mas se encuentra y cuando la gente habla de latinoamerica siempre hablan del cono sur y se olvidan de nosotros:( Gracias FLAMA por incluirnos\u003c3
Latin Music is just that LATIN MUSIC. Our music.
That black dancing heels, so sexy. what brand is it? I'd like to get one