Flight Attendant Life - Follow along With Me - Reserve Month

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Hi Guys,Come along with me on my life as a Flight Attendant! INSTAGRAM - The views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s views.

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When are you gunna let optic hecz smash!?
A Covelli
Omg Stella, I am loving these vlogs!!! This sounds like a good domestic trip. When you're on reserve do you ever get more than 11 days off a month to spend more time at home?
Aaron Sisson
sent by optic glad to help
Akia Perkins
Random you travel so much do you have a car at \
Andrew Anane
You make me so happy.
Angie Padilla
You have the cutest little laugh \u003c3 I just happened to come across your videos, also the coolest personality and I enjoy all you're videos, hello to you from Albuquerque, NM!!! I was born and raised in Southern Cali, I have no interest in being a flight attendant, I just love to watch!!! LOL, take care!!
Anja Mew
Love your Mumma bear she is so so sweet xxxxx
Bailey Ann Freeman
Hi! I have a question. When do you ever get to be home 😂
Bianca Alex
Momma & Daughter two QUEENS
Big Little
Optic Stella 😂😄😄
Brenda Hughes
You crack me up
Crystal G.
You just seem like a very positive and happy person
Danhella VonStella
Your mom is so adorable!!
Dre Greene
love your personality.
Ezequiel Maciel
Hi I'm fourteen and would like to be a flight attendant do you have any advice ❤️🛫✈️😊
New subbie and fellow fa based in Dca. Great video. 😘
Free Alva
alot of fans from optic gaming are gonna be coming any minute now lol
Freedom Speaks
Your mom is too cute
You YELL a lot when you VLOG
Garrett White
hey stella what airline do you work for
For some reason I have found a new obsession with flight attendant vlogs and I can honestly say yours is my favorite. You are ALWAYS so happy and positive not matter the situation. Some of the other vloggers seems so down and negative and hardly ever positive. Keep it up!!
Joey Berg
How do you know what bus to get on
Julie Kostas
Your Mom is pretty and sweet. I love seeing the \
Justus Anteca
How does the hotel situations work in between flights?
Kiwi Style
Great video as always.
Krystal Alexander
Love your vlogs, you're just so positive and happy
Kyle Smit
training in January to be a FA! excited to begin this awesome journey! Your videos are so helpful, and got me through the interview! hope to see you up in the skies!
Lichi 420
saw you on hecz's vlog! hahah you didn't know this but you met a legend!
Logan M
At 5:26 there's lipstick 💄 on her tooth! Gotta love her 😂
Luis Guillen
Ive stayed at that same hotel!!!!
Marky Mark
Saw you on Hecz Vlog you met a legend
Miriam Scholl
Hey Stella just started watching you I am a baby stellascriber I love your vlogs and videos I am starting to research being a flight attendant so your videos are great. You're so positive and beautiful keep up the great work (:
Mister Smiley
*~`OpTic Gaming *~` fans incoming !\nsaw you on the vlog of Hecz
Mystical Catnip
How long are you in a place (country/state) when you're working,until called again or what??
OpTiC Hecz sent me here, you seemed cooled in his video and i actually liked your take on vlogs. Keep up the work!!!
HECZZZZ SEND ME HERE!! Optic Gaming Great Vlog LET's GOOO!
~OPTIC~ hawaii great vlog! #jetlife
just mbled pon this channel, this is pretty [email protected] nice perspective n fun videos and u seem so bubbly I like it :)
Remy Fu
Hi Stella. I was wondering when the caption said LAX-DCA, isn't DC IAD? Also, just out of curiosity, your airline's main language is english, right?
Ricky Jennings
Can you show us your black tights more and take off your shoes if your board aww tired in your videos please 👌👌👌😜
Robert Schneider
When your on a layover is it possible to be called in also or when your only where your based out of especially when your on reserve?
Sandra Munro
You are so cute! It seems like you're living the dream 😍
Se C.
I love your vlogs!
Shivam Negi
are you an Indian?\njust asking out of curiosity!
Sirenna Palici
You remembered your scarf! WINNING! ;-)
Sydney G
Loved it! Loved it!! Looooved it!!! Thank you for taking us through your reserve month. ... It's simply refreshing to watch all your FA adventures in entirety from being picked up for trips, shuttling and doing stuff on your layovers to dealing with the unforseen like operational delays. .... Lol, reminding me of 'em days!
The Wife & Mommy Life
Stella just curious if you ever had to deal the air pressure hurting ur ears ? or anything ? when u first started lol that's why I dislike flying#cantdealwiththepain
Thrifty Pia
Your from LA that's awesome your video's are always a pleasure to watch!!
Papa Hecz sent me :D #GreenWall
#OpTicGaming be consistent and you will grow a lot faster now
Valerie Lozada
What camera are you using? It's so crispy clear 😱
Vanish Predator
Hecz / OpTiC fan incoming
Veronica Lynne
I love your vlogs in LA it gets me excited to move there!!! And your mom is so cute omg :)
Wonderfully Ale
Omg are you from LA?!
Xbox live gameplay
for real optic gaming that's why I'm here
Yuliana veras
Does the airline pay the hotel?
do you happen to work for delta?!🙀
karan nagpal
As always \
I would love to see how you apply your makeup Stella 😍💄
you're so funny! thanks for nice vids!
Great compilation of your experiences. True food looked yummy. Thanks for sharing. Just keep posting : )
sanna ullah
You are the CUTEST thing EVER!!! Love you ❤️
•Limitless •
Ok no need to keep saying u came from hecz tf