UK Who Wants to be a Millionaire Christmas Special 2012 (20.12.12)

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Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Christmas Special 2012

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15:56 This is at least the tenth time I've watched this and I've only just now noticed that's Pat Gibson!
Brad _
The moon has all four, solar winds are identified as wind in physics.
00:09, There's me on the end!
Calum Thaxter
Gareth Williams
Can someone identify the song used on the competition? its from 13:30
Jaden Beyer
Ooh question #3 was a trick question
15:40 I know this. It phone a friend.
Rare Sense
The last two didn't get to finish. That's not fair 😒
Ultrawave Studios
God dammit, Chris! You said there were no trick questions on Millionaire, but there you have it! The moon has LOW gravity, but there is gravity! I was wondering why wind worked as well!
Finally, a 150k win. This show makes it ridiculously easy to win 150k and yet no one has done it since the clock format started because contestants nowadays are gutless and waste lifelines \
emma rosslee
ah lee mack xxx\n
lazy homebody
A quarter of the audience thinks that for every person there are 500,ooo SHEEP?? Big wooly sheep ...just....everywhere...