Cosma - Keep Going

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Keep GoingCosmaNonstop, no. 72003GoaHOM-Mega ProductionsPicture from: --- deleted ---

2003 Avihen Cosma Goa Going Keep Livne Nonstop R.I.P. RIP Trance

cosma we miss you forever.... damn shit.... why diyng everithing the wrong peoples on the world.... cosma you have a big place in our hearts
Ben Miles
great tune. at least he'll be 'avin it large in the Great Club in the Sky.
where is that picture from? pretty trippy
Christos Athanasopoulos
Cosma απο εκει που εισαι ταξιδεψε μας!!\nCosma keep tripping us from where you are!!\nR.I.P. + P.L.U.R.
Daniela Küng
where too? p.s.
Debby Mukherjee
whoa really???? that's tragic!!!! v.v
Dj Palox
Lets go to the real thing... Thank you COSMA!
Mmmmmmmm.....VERY nice ;)
Jeff Britt
i wish i could have seen his music evolve.... he was one of the really good ones
João Ismail
RIP never forgoten
Kay Jay
Hat mich irgendwie an früher erinnert. Gab mal ne Playsation demo Ende der 90 er da kam auch so ne ähnliche musik.
Loic van kerkhoven
love the vibe!!
Lola Rose Tideland
Jodeeer esta hermosa!!
Marek Banasiak
My childhood
Mateus Ribeiro
@11alexx22 actually he was not just a dj, but a (awesome) producer! \nDjs cant create tracks they are just researchers and players.
Meru Ur
fire energy dynamic architeKt yea cosma rule!!;-)
He died in a motorcycle accident.
Mike Priest
Avihen is making parties at heaven and the angels dancing with Cosmas tracks for sure.\r\nR.I.P my friend
the movie is Possible Worlds...
As Danni Wnnerwald daid he died in a motorcycle accident, I think it was in India, I saw his live act in Mexico in Tierra Mágica Festival, at night, Mental live act! One of his lasts gigs, then Lotus Prophecy festival was in memoriam of Avihen Livne aka Cosma. May he be in the after party of life.
WTF!!! i used to listen to cosma long time ago but i listened to him now and i got goosebumps it's so awesomely awesome \u003c3
Preethem Srinath
Progressive Universe
@11alexx22 so cool\n
Roni Laiho
R.I.P Cosma!
Sandra Raid-Winne
THE Master
Signals sent and recieved,you are the computronium.Get over the light that flashes.
Thompter S. Hunson
The legend himself. You are deeply missed. \u003c3
Vasko Gjurovski
long time ago
Viaje Al Abismo
Fucking GOD!
i have this projected on a movie theatre screen in my basement with a fog machine plus laser rolling through the image making it appear 3D. :) song's cool of course to lol
Absolute super track!!!!!
nikola stojanovski
Dr. Claber ... know something....just keep GOIIING....DREEAM!There is a LIGHT!!!!!
Transe psychazelic people love this track!!
I give u a thumbs up even though im high
Never forgotten and beloved genius of the geniuses Cosma, still lives and touches people's souls through his timeless masterpieces, their music at such a high level that it is almost impossible to repeat, not by quality, virtuosity, by beauty, theme harsh reality and talent, honesty and love that part of himself transferred to his magnificent work. thank him for legacy that he left us to enjoy and rest in peace, you will live forever through us. i believe not in the distant future will not occur such an artist and a wonderful soul that is certainly in a better place. RIP brother
thiago lima
muito bom