eminem 8 mile 3 last battles (with subs)

Eminem (B-Rabbit)movie : 8 mile


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Slim Shady makes us laugh\n\n\nEminem makes us think\n\n\n*Marshall Mathers makes us cry*
Abridged Goku
1 2 3 the 4 he's shot, he's shot, you shot son. killshot killshot in your man bun. Lol Flawless victory!
Aimy Realaileean
I don’t know why I love the way he says « but I know something about you » so much but I do
Anja Emele
Anthony Ikani
Its sad to know that Clarence could have just said \
AwiAlwaysDie :L!
Eminem is auto win
Be a pro boy
Turtle won the rabbit race???
Biggie Mcdeadass 54
Movie plot explained badly:\n\n*White man learns to fight back against black people with his words and not his fists*
Ceemoji The emoji
how to beat EMINEM \n.dont let eminem go first\n.dont let eminem go last\n.dont battle eminem
Copy Cat
Eminem even wins roasting himself LMFAO!!! WHAT. A. LEGEND.
_mr eminem i dont feel so good_
Dhruv Devaiah
Eminem..the rap God forever👓👓
Dillon Krix
Cheddar Bob win this one.
Dovi The Wolfie Warrior
Of course this isn't Willy Nelson Music. *It's your funeral.*
Dunkey Indra
Ways to survive an Eminem Rap Battle:-\n• Don't speak if he's wearing a grey tank\n• Don't pass a creek if his eyes are red\n• Keep a dictionary for distraction\nAnd last but most importantly\n*DO NOT SPEAK AT ALL*
I mean eminem did him a favor. After this Clarence went back home finished college transferred to a university and it's not working with the avengers.
Emil Johannes Hyldgaard Roussis 2016v
Did not know Anthony Martial was in this movie 1:24
Enes Shaini
When you have something stuck in your throat 1:50 - 1:52
Esat Cavdar
5:27 is fake. No one would catch that mic after getting dissed so hard.
Etherious NatsuDragneel
Still the best Rapper in my Opinion and my fav. Macklemore is my 2nd Fav. Any1 agree?\nNo?
Evan Mulcahey
This man can probably recite the dictionary.
Lil pump the winner
Farehan Eljechi
They say clearance/popa doc is still thinking of what to say
Fauna Street
Wonder if Clarence is still wondering what to say 😳😳.
Fortnite News
We all love Eminem...
*I wonder if Clarence's parents are still together...* 🙃
Slim shady mode on
Hermione Granger
*_MGK has left the chat_*
Imam Supriyadi
3:40 Falcon?? (Marvel)
IsThatACreativeName? no it's not
that's why they said \
Jesus M
When you want to be so gangster that a compliment to your parents offends you
Jordan Ramirez
This would have been better if sans was there saying enimens lines
Kanein Valenzuela
Anyone else watching this on their treadmill?
When rapping against eminem...\nDon't let eminem go second\nDon't let eminem go first\nDon't rap against eminem
Kodak Black
To this very day, Lotti joined the KKK
Laura Wright
Wait in the last one what if Clarence had his hands up... Would it ruin the whole rap lol.
I should be studyingfor my test but this is better
Martin Paz
Top ten characters who can defeat Thanos(with infinity gauntlet)
Mateo Dominković
I think i am in love with eminem😀😍😘
Mic Woo - Fortnite & More
Eminem: *Pow*\nCrowd: OHHHhhhhhhhhHhhhHhhHh
Mike 767
He got smacked around by eminem somehow survived to just get snapped out off existence
Monarch Magic
Eminem knew half the dictionary before he was 3
Mujtaba Jaffery
The last guy didnt build to dodge the roast. What a newb
The way he says \
That guy at 1:59 is really feeling lotto's rap
Nadziej _
Are those planed lyrics or theyre improvisiong?\nIm not into raps but if this is improvised than im highly impressed
Night Slash
Clarence parents:👫 🏠 👍 💍
Ninja Towers
0:00 to 5:30. That was the best part.
Nino Nino
after this clarence join the army 12 years later fight hydra w/captain america
Noah Is The Best Penguin Ever In The World
Legend says Lotto is still waiting for something dope to hit him
Patrick Aabram
8 mile is technically a musical
Preetam Rawat
The crowd reminded me of \nsupa hot fire.....
Procrastinating Later
All the dislikes are kids from Cranbrook
Professori pro
Top 3 rappers alive\n1.eminem \n2.B rabbit \n3.slim shady
Qber •_•
Eminem: *_exists_*\nCrowd: *OHHHhhhHhhHhHh*
Quiet Karma
2:48 he predicted it allllll
Riff Rucar
The only person eninem is afraid of dissing is the man in the mirror.
Raise your hand 🙋 if you're here to see the similarities between gully boy and 8 miles 😂😂
Sagran Dark
After Eminem destroyed him. Clarence went away to New York to start a new life. He is now the Avenger known as Falcon
Sean Abrahmsen
*Legend says it, Clarence is still thinking of something to say*
why does the guy say \
Take Panda
WHEN Lil pump messing with wrong guy 💯🎆👏🖕🤣🤣🤣
Thanos Car
8 mile is like a movie where the protagonist is a singer and uses music to fight the bully
I think I’ve watched this at least 6 times and it’s still hilarious. “You look like a worm with braids” 😂
The Demon K
Came after hearing VENOM
The Second Mexican Empire
Theresashing KhawTi
“I know something about you” \n(Clarence has left the server)
Tin Lol86
Toasted Buns
That one video you keep coming back to
4:40 fav. Lines ever 😍😍😍😍\n\
They only need 1 eminem to diss all *Lil's*
Viral News
Clarence has left the chat\nMGK has joined the chat\nEminem is typing....\nMGK has left the chat
Weird Chicken
You forgot one of the lyrics \
Youssef Kohaï
who's here after listening to KILLSHOT ?
Zed A
Clarence's parents split after this rap battle
Rules of dissing Eminem\n1:don’t go first\n2:don’t let Eminem go first \n3:don’t diss him at all
bitch lasagna
i didn’t actually listened to the whole rap thing battle. too focused on eminem’s cuteness. can u blame me
can we get 6,000 subs with one video?
watching 8mile on my norditrack
This guy encountered Eminem now he encountered Thanos
firegiant 1166
Wow, first Eminem now thanos damn falcon can't catch a break
best 5.30 mins in my life lmao XD
i was a mistake
*Clarence commits neck rope*
katy duff
Who else likes lotto the most from the \
kien trung
Meanwhile, my other friends watching high school musical !
Anthony Mackie turned to dust in TWO movies...
Now we have rappers like lil dump and 69
person who loves eminem eminem for life
Hurrrr hurrrr \n\n\n\n\n\nTank top guy 2001 October 26
sami am
where my 2019 boys at?
xd FloppyFlether
coming in the year 6969\n\n\n\n\n9 mile
your stranger lover
I'm addicted to this video, idk why
3:36 I just can't take him seriously with that butt chin sorry.
ɹǝpun uʍop uɐɯ
I wasn’t even there and my feelings were hurt
♥ Luz ASMR ♥
A lyrical genius. What a talent. I wonder what those dudes that bullied him in school feel like now smh.
。。。【亅人 𠘨 乞】
*pewdiepie joins the chat*\n*t series joins the chat*\n*Eminem joins the chat*\n*pewdiepie and t series left the chat*\n*THE WORLD LEFT THE CHAT*\n*THE UNIVERSE LEFT THE CHAT*\n*HEAVEN LEFT THE CHAT*\n*EMINEM IS LONELY*