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On this episode of Stoned Mode, we reveal the very unsexy way that sex dolls are made.Download our new, 100% legal, stupid-satisfying mobile game Trip Balls: Super Deluxe presents funny and smart videos from funny and smart weirdos who are probably a lot like you. Shorts, series, animations and a smattering of documentaries and music. Something new every day.

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When you can’t find a gf
Daddy I want a life size Barbie too
Aaron Wales
Come on Phil...
BTS are life and my nickname is very long
1:56 wow have sex with them but remember that their faces were this... Must be hard...
My cousin that is 15 tried to get this and he did but in secret so then when I came over and saw it I asked if I could play with it because I was 5 at the time. He said yes nervously then I dressed it in his older sister's clothes and bam I had my life sized friend. Then he threw it away and chopped it's head off.
Why background music is so scary ?
Big_ Daddy69
The music made it creepier
Black Eagle
0:53 They look like hanged people, where you can only see the feet ! Anyway it's not the weirdest passage, all the video is weird !!! 😓😅😱 🎵With the creepy music !🎶\n1:56 Omg this funcking passage si creepy ! 😅😂
not my proudest fap.
THis is sad AF
Brianna Wright
when the music began i thought it was \
dude this is scary
Creepy and disturbing because of how realistic they are..
Ciasteczko 20
Color Orange
I dont think this will be on How its Made
Connor Tremeer
I do not a prove of this at all its so messed up that people want these. And seeing them made has made me sick to my stomach.
CostobliYT !
It look like if they have killed a lot of woman's OOF
It seems the VAST majority of commentors here are/were cotton wool children with helicopter parents!
Dildo Faggins
Thats when andy realized there are better toys to play with.
I wonder if any one of these workers ever stop in the middle of their shift and ask themselves\n\
1k people who watched this video are girls
I am very horny right now and Im single. I shall watch this
Hassan Taghzouti
we are living in a scary world...
Jack The demon hunter
this is terrifying thanks @eva for sending me this
Imagine the reaction of your mom, if she sees that you're working in such a
Jason Krane
This went from curiosity to regret fast
Johanna Bascom
I mean, they look pretty customizable which is cool I guess
John Doe
I would smash
Jomes Chorrles
Wtf is with the creepy music
Tig would like it ;)\n\n#SOA
Khashia Owens
The music and just the process of making them was creepy
Killer Cat
Пошло,зато сколько времени и сил на это уходит! Как настоящие выглядят!
KittyCanDraw2 !
How do i manage to get to the weirdest corners of YouTube??😂😂😂
Koi R.
I feel like this is some terrifying fever dream
Kurliz Makara
0:55 boobie balls
Well there goes my sleep schedule
1:56\nMe when I take my makeup off before bed
Lisa Martinez
Lorenzo C.B.
They'll revenge.
Luna Togami
Better remove this from my history-
Macca TheAlpaca
The music sounds like someone saying “Burger King” over and over
Manilla Folder
this could be an ad for a horror movie honestly
Matt Aze
our future robot overlords will use this to teach their new one how terrible and crude environments the humans used to build their ancestors
Matthew Revell
Great juxtaposition of music and video!
Melagarge -
Wow don't remember the opening of Coraline this way
I can fap to this
Moist Bread
They're just hanging there\nFrom the ceiling
Molly Rostek
Why are there only female dolls? And also ew
Mr Pickle
I don' know if to fap or to meditate
Oh man. These must be the new Scoliosis Fetish dolls I've been hearing about.
Narcissism Incarnate
This is worse than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be really bad
Not Neo
This is some Westworld shit right here...
Pandy Girl
Perła LPS
Protect Ya Neck
i need 5 of these in my life
PurpGamerNekotaku Meow
Did you have to put that music in the background? Now I'm probably gonna have nightmares ;-;
QuietSong LupenDrago
For some reason this reminds me of silent hill
Rafa Capoci
This is soooo Westword
Rizoug Anissa
I don't know what's creepier - the dolls or the tattooed guy fondling them
Sayian Gamer
what thy actual hell did I just watch
Selena Serrano
These dolls are less fake then some people I know
SiThe DemonGuy
They put such ominous, depressing music on these.
Smol Fluff
not gonna lie they look surprisingly good, i mean the details are on point
Thanks for adding the music, didn't think I'd have nightmares tonight but it really sold em( the nightmares, I mean.)
The drawing Show
If boys want this they can email me and I'll let them lay on me and shake
Thou Xan
Now I know what I want for Christmas
Token Black Friend
Dammit Defranco
Tsegaye Yismaw
you bad manw
Velvet Featherpaw
Villainous_ Rius
Why did i click on this and why did i scroll through the comments
Guys are so desperate that they’re spending hundreds of dollars on this stuff, but they still aren’t desperate enough to date me.\n\n\nThis is actually really cool in a weird way though. So much time and effort put into making them so human like... it kind of looks like a fun job.
Z Zai
Zach Arbogast
I've never been more turned off in my life
adam zarbon
I've read so many butt hurt articles from triggered feminists about these.
I'm mildly disturbed by this
bittu sharma
this is very vulgar and wrong mentality of today's human being today's humans mind is far from humanity and good emotions for the human beings and he totally involved his all energy in this type of rubbish thing
booger hatch
Hell no
briar longhorn
do u think people just dress them up and are like, \
cool_ unicorn!!!
frying pan
what a time to be alive
koala_games Park
os br ia ficar louco com uma fábrica dessa
lengua muerta
How dystopian
monica cat lover
this is creepy
noob i
Dear god
Creepy AF. The music didn't help..
nytholozepth wyrm
intriguing but highly disturbing
Seriously, they look amazing tho. 😍 Great job. 👏
The music makes it so creepy
sam strothers
yea, a girl can buy a vibrator and shes not a pervert. OH but if I buy one of these all of the sudden IM a pervert...
every virgins dream come true
smol yan-berry
A small child: my mom said I could be anything when I grow up.😃\n\nGrandma: so what would you like to be sonny?\n\nSmall child: well, I saw daddy hugging a life like doll thing with his clothes off. . . I asked him if I could hug it and he said \
weirdly cool
Why don't they make the faces more youthful ?? The faces on these dolls are really mature
the music clearly dosent fit, this isnt a human slaughter house, its a factory for fun :)
Brave New World!\nExcellent!
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