DJ Masa - The Good-bye Party (2011.2 Mashup)

Once again, it's time to revisit k-pop hits with a mega mashup! DJ Masa strikes again with a new mix of k-pop hits of the second half of 2011. Spin 40 hits from 2011 once more with this new production featuring your korean idols in a new music. The song tells the story of a girl who's heartbroken because she broke up with her boyfriend. So she goes to a club and try to forget him saying her goodbyes but still reminisces about the relationship, struggling to have fun and overcome the sadness.• Download this track: for the hottest K-pop news!Vocal & music video samples used in this mashup:UV - Itaweon Freedom feat. JYPU-Kiss - NeverlandBrown Eyed Girls - Sixth SenseRania - Pop Pop PopSunny Hill - Midnight CircusSuper Junior - A-chaKARA - StepMBLAQ - Mona LisaTablo - Bad2NE1 - Hate YouGirls' Generation - The BoysMiss A - Good-bye BabyFt Island - Hello HelloInfinite - Be MineT-ara - Roly Poly2NE1 - UglyKim Wan Sun - Be Quiet feat. JunHyungAfter School Red - Into THe Night SkyYoon Mirae - Get It Inf(x) - Hot SummerSuper Junior - Mr. SimpleBlock B - Tell ThemSISTAR - So CoolOrange Caramel - Shanghai RomanceJYJ - Get Out2pm - Hands UpJang Wook Hyuk - Time Is [L]over2NE1 - I Am The BestHyunah - Bubble PopWonder Girls - Be My BabySecret - Love is - TOP GIRLTroublemaker - TroublemakerHeo Gak - HelloKim Hyun Joong - Break DownA Pink - MY MYCrispi Crunch - Thumbs UpBoyfriend - I'll Be ThereCHI CHI - LongerInstrumental samples:Hyunah - Bubble PopTroublemaker - TroublemakerDavid [email protected] - Little [email protected] GirlThis mashup uses samples of copyrighted material and they're used for promotional purposes only. Not for sale.

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.....Everybody on Left\nEverybody on right.....
Alexandra B
This is the best kpop mashup ever. I still love it so much
Alexandra Rodriguez
who's 0:17?
Andy Peng
this totally deserves more views!!!
Baunilha P.
This is seriously EPIC
Becky Vang
Birce Özşahin
Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance. The MV has NU'EST's Minhyun in it ^^
Can I use this in a video?
Bruno Morikawa
Qual é o MV ? What is the MV ? 0:15
Catherine T
why does mr simple, a-cha & the boys sound so funny ? :p
It's blocked in Canada now T^T whyyyyy, I watched it like last week and it worked fine...
SHINee's not in the video because this is for 2011 and SHINee only released Japanese songs in that year and all of their promoted songs were just Japanese versions of pre-existing Korean songs.
Choi Jin Ri
Wich song is at 1:03 \u003e-\u003c Pls tell me :D
Can somebody plz wrire all of the koop songs for me ..?
CiCi Oo
I heard this on I Love You radio!
What's the song with the lasers on the dancers and tutting?\n
Darlyn Chen
Same here~\nSo I went to the video and checked and realised there was none...
Derick D'SOUZA
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Erica Kamali
Omg, to this day I still love this so much! I miss this era so much, it was truly the golden age of kpop \u003c3
Frozen AwweR
1:42 ??? what song
Genesis Castillo
Block B's Tell Them\n
pitching it to match the instrumental used.
Igor Fernandes
dj masa representando o brasil e precisa voltar pro msm né? :P
Ihsibanah Kaito
This was DJ Masa foreshadowing his farewell.. :(
J. stal
Miss A - Baby Goodbye
Jumoke Akin
So great!!!! I really love ur mixes especially this one
Laura-Mihaela Bujdei
amazing \u003c3 \ni really like after 2:20 too !!
Lee Ashraqat
this is the best mash up I've ever seen
Light Imagay
What's the title of the song in 0:53??
Yeah they started a few weeks/months ago playing part of this on the TuneIn station for I Love K-Pop.
Marchela bg
Amazing mix! Thank you, DJ Masa!
Jang Woo Hyuk - Time Is Over
Melissa Tavarez
3:24 Jeongmin from Boyfriend ♥
Monica Novoa
Little Bad Girl by David Guetta
Navajo Gurl
Anyone know who sing that \
Nur Avci
wooaahh really awasome!! \u003eD\nespecially after 2.20 xD\n
which song is 1:03? btw DJ Masa you're rock my world.. love you..
Pamela Elf
Super Junior 😍
Pedro Sugiura
Everytime i see this the more i believe asians are the most beaultifull population in the world.\nLook they look good with EVERYTHING! D:
This remains one of my favorite mash-ups from DJ Masa. 
Sauleha Husain
I love how the song has a meaning. Tbh, I don't usually look up the meanings for kpop songs and I would've appreciated a good mash up even without it being even slightly coherent when translated. Great job!
Sean Maxam
made my skin crawl, very good indeed.
Shaun Roberts
Still watching in 2018
Shim Makne
What's the song 0.02?))
Silver Ash
Let's hope that the stage wont bbreak under the weight and we still can hear the singing among the ear breaking chants of all the FCs
good job!
Stephen Nguyen
Love how he found lines in kpop songs to make the intro \
Steven Tran
So beautiful\n2011 is the year that the 2nd generation ended but we will always have the wonderful memories
Sugawara YujiC
Baby Goodbye =)\n
Suzzii Slays
Still listening to this in 2018 and it’s still fire
I think DJ Masa is the only one that can make good mashups! ^_^
Sylvia Sayers
I miss SHINee from this song ._.
what the song u use for the backsound ?
Yoon Mi Rae - Get It In
Uchiha Shisui
Not bad
What song is at 1:25?
Victoria Brown
if you're talking about the \
Wan N. Aisyah
damn this is so good
Wayne Yong
if i'm not mistaken, it's Joy from Rania. 
Xiana Zhang
who's the last girl in the video? She's gorgeous! :D
Yuseri Yunus
which song is it at 2:16 to 2:18 ?
Z_a M
Wow! goosebumps
aaDramatic Silence
@ filina nurcahya\nThe first guy at 0:47 looks and sounds like Hongki from FTIsland. So I'm assuming it's Hongki. The guy in the blue shirt afterwards is Sungjong from Infinite. Not sure who you were asking about so I put both.
angela chong
no bad no good
that, my friend, would be heaven *o*
aseel alramzi
I love JYJ and Miss A 💗🌺💖🌹❤️\n
aysebu nebekli10
2PM ♥♥
CHI CHI - Longer (:
what's the song at 1:09?
block b's \
chu saram
I especially love the part at 2.20, the part where I am the best is combined with random bits of other songs. The beat is awesome!
enid fragrance
uvtis song COOL
filina nurcahya
What is the song at 0:47 and 0:59 please thanks
Wow, it`s sooo cool!! I really like it!
what's the name of the song at 2:10 or where it said be quiet
john Mon
Who is the girl at 3:28/3:30 in this video?  Is she from A Pink?
You can't even imagine how much I love you. Really, thank you so much!
What's the last song?
mimi hunter
one word just waaaaaw \n\nand perfect
Shinee ):
Keep up the good work !!!!
ugh. kpopeu
Oh my,I swear this is freaking amazing!\nDAEBAK!!!\nReally Speechless T^T\nHow can this be so PERFECT?\n
xiao jin song
song on 17 seconds in and song on 2:51 please\n
So this is the BEST REMIX in the world! :O
Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha) - Get It In
It's very good
this is cool its like little bad girl by david guetta but 100 times better