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Reserve life is over, for now, and I'm a "line-holder" which means I'll have assigned trips on my schedule for the month instead of being on-call. This was my first trip for the month of August and I had a great time with a great crew and great overnights.Music by DISCLAIMERAll flight footage taken while riding as a passenger in the cabin or mounted and not operated during flight time.VOCABULARYReserve: A month or day schedule requiring a crew member to be available on a "stand-by" basis in the event of unforeseen scheduling emergencies. Various reserve types: 12 hour notice: Long Call Reserve (12am-11:59pm) 2 hour notice: AM reserve (4am-4pm), PM reserve (9am-9pm), 15 minute notice: Ready Reserve aka "Airport Appreciation"Deadhead: When the company places a crew member on a scheduled flight with a confirmed seat ticket for the purpose of relocating them for work.Non-Revenue (Standby): An airline employee traveling for personal reasons if space is available.Jumpseat: A collapsible seat in the flight deck available to be occupied by authorized personnel with the PIC's permission.Leg: Refers to each flight on a crewmember's itinerary. Line: A series of flights sequenced together to produce a monthly work schedule.Layover: The crewmember time spent on the ground between scheduled flights for a given day.Overnight: The crewmember time spent on the ground between the last flight on a given day and the first flight the following day.

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super Video weiter so 👍🏻
Abhishek Chakraborty
hello rachel,i am ur new sub and love ur videos the moment i saw you.and love from india,thank you
Alan Page
With a late call like the 4-something P.M. in San Antonio, does the airline book your hotel room for two nights? I notice you had the room for the night you got there, and you were still in it up until 4 P.M. or so.
u should collab with dutch pilot girl or captain joe
Aviation Nut
Wow, someone please respond because I am not sure if I am just dreaming right now, or I died and went to the most beautiful women pilot heaven, and it's scaring the crap out of me. I am pinching myself but I don't feel anything. OMG
Bobby Carpenter
This is awesome I’ve never seen a pilots point of view
These kind of videos motivate me to be much healthier
Brett H
OMG! How do you have such a great body, when you eat a truck load of snacks. 😮
Captain Poly
After 37 years of flying, I can honestly say: \
Carlin Tran
Your time management skills are seriously impressive!!! Working a pilots scheduling while filming and editing a YT channel and even maintaining a fitness and social life! I am envious for sure. Inspired even...
CasJay's Adventures
Do female pilots have to wear makeup?
I gotta tell you. Were I running the airline, you wouldn't be flying for me with that tattoo on your arm. You look like a biker-babe, not an airline pilot responsible for the safety of your passengers and the rest of the crew.
Changing Times
Merry Christmas in August.
Chicken Wing
You should try one or two shades lighter on your makeup foundation. Your face and neck are two different colors and it's really obvious. It looks like your wearing a costume mask. Not being critical or mean, just a heads up because you are a very beautiful woman.
Chris Dykstra
You pack just like me!
Common Sense
Congratulations......... well earned and well deserved......
Daniel Kirkland
This is scary times
Dixie Normous
Where is the flying portion???
Dustin Walden
Is there a reason her makeup is a completely different color than the rest of her skin?
Dusty Rider
Thank you for giving us a taste of line flying. I really appreciate your insights into your packing strategy and am marveling at your level of organization.
How does a crash pad work, do you rent a room or is it provided for pilots? Also thanks for providing a window into airline life for aspiring pilots :D
Elianna Shellman
This was filmed on my birthday
Ella Edwards 101
Why have u got a Christmas tree up in august????
Fast Freddy Muldoon
Just found this channel. This is so cool!\n\nOn Edit: Don’t ever lose that smile!
Flying Nimbus
WOW!! no need to eat at all...sssssssooooo much snack items....but you're very organized chick...
Franklin Rebolledo
What flight bag is that?
Glenn Little
There is nothing sexier than a female pilot at the controls. Need more of them. Congrats on your advancement. \nThe uniform and you are a perfect match. Safe travels :)
Going Mary guy
Which one is better, reserve life or line holder? I just quite dont get the difference.
your pretty x
J. Nicolas
“Today’s August 1st” and I see Christmas Tree!😀
Jack B
You don't need any make up, and I don't know why you think you do. You are beautiful, minus the tattoo
Jesper Fuglsang Nielsen
@Rachel Dutch Big congrats, though it's a while back! I would really love to see more \
Jim Curlott
With Baby-Boomer pilots retiring at increasing rates and the shortage of pilots qualified to fly airlines (or even regionals /cororate) I would think reaching captain will be much sooner than later.
Joe Bilson
you are beautiful :) Love these videos
Joe Joseph
Snack game on point!
John Demerse
Congratulations on your accomplishments in aviation!
John W
Brings new meaning to \
José Olvera
Me encantó!! :)
Kanana Ibrahim
Your so pretty :)
LIX 59
What type of equipment are you flying ?
Larry George
Gotta love the Agua, gotta stat fit for the fight
I wonder if some of these rude comments and unsolicited advice would be on here if she was a man. GREAT VIDEO 👩🏾\u200d✈️👩🏾\u200d✈️👩🏼\u200d✈️👩🏻\u200d✈️👩\u200d✈️
It must be tough, challenging and sexy a kind of work you have❤️😀👍
That looks like a good workout. Plz do a video explaining it, ok?
M Co
Have you every flown to Chicago
Mackenzie Odom
Just got hired by SkyWest! I start training on the CRJ in November. Thanks for sharing what you actually need packed! Keep sharing a day in the life of a lady pilot. 👏🏻👩🏼\u200d✈️
Me Too
Hey pretty girl\nNo coffee!!! it's a mild stimulant that over time is going to age you...get plenty of rest rest rest.\nThe best rest you can get is with a a cuddle buddy and I just happen to be having a spooning special going on just for
Mod Man
My Uncle was with United for almost 30 years. He was forced to retire when he hit 65. Great videos! Keep up the great work!
Mr Big
When i look into the cockpit before boarding, if i see anyone except white males I am scared for my life
Mr Bill's Paracord Cross
Great video. A lot of information in a short amount of time (nice editing); explaining the jargon (dead heading) right when I was about to remind you some of your viewers may not understand (you go, woman!). You have arrived. How long has it been since that first training flight for your private pilot license?
Hey Girl! Congratulations!!!! Just a little tip -dont drink straight apple cider vinegar, mix it with water, cause you may damage your internal organs as well as your teeth. Be strong!
Omar Swearingen
Hey you got a pretty good routine I wish I was organized myself
Phat Chewbacca
Imma now be looking for a lady pilot to wife up!
Phil Dern
That is outstanding. Congrats. I'm glad that you love your job. Here's hoping for a very successful career.
You never see fat bald-guy pilots making these videos. I just don't know why.
Riang Merro
Beautiful lady pilot
Rob White
Way to go girl. Impressive.
Robert W.
So where was the cockpit part?
Rosalina Takahashi
Do you have an Instagram I can follow you with?
Ross Modesto
This is the kind of woman young girls need to look up to, not a Kardashian
Sam Reyes
I jut found your channel and I’m so happy because your one of the first commercial pilot vloggers I have seen. Also I’m a girl wanting to be a pilot like you :)
Sgt. Stones
Thanks for doing what you do. Not a lot of people know how hard of a job it is to live a life like that. Again thank you for what you do. Some of us do actually appriciate our pilots.
Shelby Gates
Ive been watching flight attendant vlogs for so long, its so cool so see a pilots point of view! I always wanted to be one but i honestly don't think i would be able to
Vocabulary:\nDICKHEAD: Someone that dislikes these videos. Idiots! \nCongrats to you! This is really difficult and lonely work! At the very least, it looks like you are taken care of with your accommodations!
Stephen Williams
You may be torturing yourself with the Apple Cider Vinegar. Many nutrition experts say it has no proven health benefit.
I live in Oklahoma City!
Why did you have to put a tat on that beautiful arm?
TWA747100 TWA747200
What aircraft do you fly?
Tom Rempe
Ill take a wild guess here. She’s works for United Express.... How I know this is from ORD to SGF is run by E-145s. Am I right?
Tony Muñoz
Congratulations keep representing SD. We are super proud of you.
Tony Pullen
Hottest looking pilot I've seen...
Up N Smoke Tacos
I love a woman in uniform
Vinay Kumar
Hey no reason for you to pay attention to this but I want to be a pilot and I'm inspired by watching you
That's awesome!! love your content. Doing my IFR training in florida right now. Love how your one of the few pilots that know about how important it is to stretch after sitting down for awhile \
Yann Landry
Congrats girl! You did it! I may be late but I just found out about your channel. You have a bright career ahead, I'm sure!
Yuran Di Cianni
I love how you show the life style! Really appreciate that!
Zara Pala
Hi, what should I do at school to help become a pilot 👩\u200d✈️
Wow, very cool, Rachel. Congrats on your work. Probably can't get a GoPro in the cockpit, but would love to see it. Plus it may be distracting. Are you flying 737s? Thanks for sharing!
No make-up needed...
Why have your passport??
If anything happens, look up Flexjet LLC
You are so attractive, and in that uniform, wow, melting..... fly safe... ;)
@Rachel - I know it's hard sometimes but just ignore the comment criticizing you. You are doing what many people only dream about. Please keep posting. I'd love to hear about the aircraft you fly.
There’s a lot of movement in our industry and you’re getting in at a good time. That definitely wasn’t the case when I was in my 20’s (9/11, economic collapse of ‘08, age 60 to 65 transition, Chapter 11’s, Chapter 7’s, furloughs, mergers, a surplus of pilots, many of whom ended up out on the streets, etc). I thank God I’ve always had military aviation to fall back on. Even though I’m now a 747 captain on the civilian side, I’m nonetheless “green with envy” with your timing! Enjoy your career!
khakhi diala
Just came across your channel, I'm hooked. U r too beautiful for words. Would love to see you in the cockpit doing ur thing
kirk mullings
ahhhh....Christmas tree in the background?
koldon schienle
Awesome to see you rocking the pilot life. It’s been a while. Lets catch up. Koldon
New subbie! I'm a new flight attendant but I always admire seeing pilots who are women. Can't wait to watch your journey! ❤️
original patrick
I'm 13 Its my dream to fly in the airlines but my parents dont have money for school they also think the schedule is bad so they arnet very supportive😞
pritty polly
As a pilot do you have to wear flight socks ?
Beautiful eyes!!!!
s diggly
Subbed! Love the honest/real-life take on the day to day.
idk why but i think it's pretty hot that she's a pilot. def the best looking pilot i've ever seen
spencer werness
So how has it been with working at an airline with tattoos?? That’s my biggest fear is having a sleeve and getting hired
way to go Rachel you should be very proud of yourself ..
warrior 1972
i am so glad i retired 2 yrs ago--these kids can take over
wynne baker
Great job beautiful!..... Nashville trip soon?