Tom and Jerry, 36 Episode - Old Rockin Chair Tom (1948)

The short three-minute fragment from series is a 1948 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 36th Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Fred Quimby. It was animated by Ed Barge, Kenneth Muse, Ray Patterson and Irven Spence and was released to theaters on September 18, 1948. This cartoon has the longest Mammy Two Shoes on screen appearance. It even features the first appearance of Lightning in a theatrical release of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.Interesting facts:The trick with false a fight on the street is borrowed from series "The Lonesome Mouse".In the scene where Tom and Jerry fight simulate, sounds Overture to Opera "The Wilhelm Tell."The scene where Lightning dressed Tom as poor old uncle Tom was removed. In some versions, Mammy Two Shoes' line of "Take good care of poor old Uncle Tom" was changed to "Take good care of poor old Tom". Tom and Jerry Golden Collection Volume 1 contains the complete uncut version.All rights reserved Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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That's what I called teamwork to Tom and Jerry
Audio Sounds
Best cartoon ever.
Barbie Tv
روعه جميل
Blue VoltAhoge
one of the Tom and Jerry Teamwork episode that i REALLY loved than any other Teamwork episodes so damn much!
Bryan Strife
2:26 turn down for what xD
CSX Productions
This was the version with the original voice of Mammy! The version I saw had her voice re-dubbed.
Calden Co
Chelsea Hughes
I'm only 12 but this show tom and jerry are my favorite show but not my mom!
tom and jerry are sometime coo, but sometime with no logic
Dark Angel
I like episodes where Tom and Jerry are friends.
Darth Emperor
LOL @2:23 allow me Madame to throw this wannabe house cat out takes him to the door and proceeds to kick him out and completely forgets about the iron 😂😂😂😂 now that's what you call comedy gold!!!
Stop at 2:05
Dmitriy S
i guess now day this would be censored as bullying. :-) I'm glad i was growing at the time that all we've seen is funny cartoon
Fatma Elkotamy
اجمل حجة ال قطة و الفار
Fauzani Shah Allam
this is so beautiful
Flareburst 9
I'm happy that tom and jerry are good freinds
Florin bodyguardul
foarte comice ,cu ele neam trezzit si tot cu ele neam culcat 😎😘😘
Franco 9156
great job
Please; awaken. Look at the cartoons, enjoy them because they are beautiful art-forms. Realize, though, they accurately chronicle the social times at which they were drawn. As did \
Giuliano Caetano
God Spelled Backwards /GSB
Wait Tom's african american owner.I WASN'T DRUNK THE EPISODES EXISTED.Sorry,short story I got sleepy watching Tom and Jerry one day and boomerang showed these episodes when I couldn't stay up longer I opened my eyes and saw two of these episodes.I think boomerang banned them or maybe I don't pay attention that well but if so I wasn't crazy
2:46 I can't believe it! Tom sharing with Jerry! OMG!
Irina Charalambous
1:08 what did she said??!!
IysistidyStusitts Iiydydistiaiyuwyis
I'm now 12 but when I was 4 to 10 I was steal watching
Jaden Tran-vu
I watched this before in real life
Janam Gor
Loved this when I was 5. Still love it at 21.
Jonni Valentayn
For easier viewing video, see him through the playlists, so you do not miss anything.
Josh Whitaker
When Tom and jerry are on the same side, you better run
Julianne S.
This makes me so happy because of my childhood!
Kathryn Eileen Kerr
These were the original and best episodes.
Kyle Cusa
The mom was a black women I only found this out lol
L & S channel
Two things 1 why can't you show the face of the lady? 2 the lady said what the f word is going on in here
Leo Harker
I like it when tom and jerry are on the same team :D
Logistic Kelly
As a kid Tom & Jerry was my main focus not Manny two shoes or any other character
M3DW Productions
I love the cartoons where Tom and Jerry work together!
2018? Anyone??
Montacer Sb
Tom, Jerry.. the best friends forever.
Mr Channel
im happy to Tom and Jerry Friends in this Episode
Mya Brady
I love these cartoons. I used to watch it all the time
Mátyás Kassay
My favourite episodes were always the ones where they team up.
Nathan Kinuani
1:46 origin of twerk
Nicholas Blaschke
Poor Tom His Foot Swolled Up
I was always happy to see Tom and Jerry as buddies at the end of some episodes. There are plenty of endings where Jerry gets the better of Tom and a very small handful of Tom winning over Jerry but seeing them get along to fight a greater evil were always my faves.
Quách văn Phúc
xem đi xem lại vẫn thấy buồn cười
The Best Team!! \u003e.\u003c
Radi Ivanov
Rainer Pinsin
Is she said \
always hilarious
The memories. I used to love Tom and Jerry as a kid.
Rayan Hassan Reviews
I love the music
Red Moon 96
Glad to see an episode where Tom and Jerry are actually getting along.
Rose Correa
já chorei de tanto rir desses desenhos animados do TOM E JERRY são muito massa assisto até hoje 😀😀😀😀
tom and Jerry are both so cute
Sachin Vansh
give a thumbs up if you are reading comments while watching video
Saif Mz
could anyone tell me why i cant find the full episodes in youtube? its just little i tried to find full episodes but why cant i find? or if not in youtube where can i full episodes someone pls tell me?
Salah Real
Good story
Saul Antonio Jimenez Rosso
I loved this happy ending
Music name 1:47?
Sir Batman Caca
One of the few old thing that's gold
Smash 456
Why take this episode off the air I wouldn't mind mamy two shoes because to be honest I like how the personality they did to her to feel how hard to handle crazy stuff with tom and Jerry .
still better than most shows today XD
Stacy Hirsh
The orange cat is like Butch the cat only with a different fur color :D
Stephen Su
i like to see tom and jerry fight together
best show of all time
Tamara Stephens
How was Tom and jerry frends
Why Tom? That's one of your best friends
The Bryan Show
i remember this scene when i was kid.
The Gamer
Top 10 anime team fights.
Thư Trần Luv Bangtans
1:09 Is this a children's movie?
Tom and Jerry double teaming Lighting lol
Vito Pratama Putra S.
If you want to know what is my favourite episodes of tom and jerry? That is the one who they're teamed up together.
Vogel Mclovin
I remember watching this not long ago beating in mind I'm 15 now, back in 2006 or 7 I used to watch these episodes from 1940's
Wahid Wahid
طوم وجيري نحبوه حتى كبار
Wilhelmina Palma
1:09 WTF is going on in here?
Youtube Police
I remember this episode, I was 20 when it came out
Zhen Yang
Oh my god, such an entertainment.....
alex poole
I've always thought that she was owner of the house.
Need more Tom and Jerry teaming up, they can be deadly duo when they work together against any unwanted guests!
jake mojica
This is the 2nd most funniest cartoon!
jasani harrison
I love this show
jonathan rice
11k never had a good life in 90s 😎😎
kk 1992
Theese series aren't full versions
I remember this. I hate that reboot, it makes no sense!
mamun ahmed
The funniest 🤣 part was when Tom shacked the other cat butt with the magnet
milina باربي
i love Tom and jerry
nazim tyagi
I love it
sagi alex
Dont you just love physics?
this is the best show
Goddamn I love Mammy's voice so much. Cracks me up every time. It's so accurate.
Pause the video at 2:31. Tom's face =))))
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класс том и джерри
أحمد سلمان التليدي
اؤم خدود
عشق عشق🌸😻😍
الاميره رهف
I love tom and Jerry
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😅😅😅😅😅 1:45
سوسو الجنوبيه
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