Simon Garfunkel - The Boxer (Audio)

Simon & Garfunkel's official audio for 'The Boxer'. Click to listen to Simon & Garfunkel on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:I am just a poor boy.Though my story's seldom told,I have squandered my resistanceFor a pocketful of mumbles,Such are promisesAll lies and jestStill, a man hears what he wants to hearAnd disregards the rest.When I left my homeAnd my family,I was no more than a boyIn the company of strangersIn the quiet of the railway station,Running scared,Laying low,Seeking out the poorer quartersWhere the ragged people go,Looking for the placesOnly they would know.

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I'm 29yrs old and very happy that I know what real music is. A lot of kid's these days will never know!
Askeroso mas sarado
Olhando o céu estrelado do meu interior,Bananal SP ouvindo esse clássico 🙋
Barbara Elizabeth Jones
Never,ever get bored of this masterpeace...!
Barbara Leon
Brasil? 2018?
Ben Sokol [Composer]
A magnificent and well written song. My absolute favorite.
A lot of people appear to musing on the meaning of this song, if you're one of them this might be of interest, it's an account of an interview with Paul Simon, I found it fascinating:\n\nIn his 1984 Playboy interview, Simon revealed that he wrote this song when critics were writing harsh things about his music - he was the boxer. Said Simon: \
Bob Dant
The production on this is incredible-not to mention paul simon's lyrics, garfunkle's harmony
Carlos Alberto Linguanotti
Isso fas bem pro corpo e pra alma tempo lindo de grandes amores pra quem viveu gracas a Deus vivi e choro todas veses que ouco esse maravilhoso hino tenho que agradecer a Deus por estar ate hoje ouvindo essa linda cancao
Chris Evans
A song that is simply wonderful, the 1960s at their brilliant Best
Colleen Conchelos
Always loved this song, but when Paul Simon sang it on SNL after 9/11, it became even more beautiful
Consuelo Romero
Que voces más bonitas tenian aparte todas las canciones eran preciosas
Dalila La T'chi
Aujourd'hui,19Novembre 2018🍀Le Lauréat (film de Mike Nichols) musique&chansons Simon and Garfunkel (arte 21h)
Dan Vercruysse
Music is becoming less complex and less lyrics as the years go on. It's sad to see that the older music is still the best.
Dan the man
I don't know. This song has such a deja-vu feeling..\nPerhaps it could be something of my childhood when my father used to play this song on tape.. and I was playing in the sun in front of our house ..\nGood days..\nHave a nice day too people!
Danielchai S
New York City should have an intersection called Simon and Garfunkel.
David Panagotis
This song introduced me to New York. It was playing at 6:00 a.m., on March 15th 1969, as I was finished driving the New Jersey Turnpike in my Mustang, and was crossing the New York City line. I'm not ashamed of it, but I was truly \
Del Puckett - Guitar
Thank you Mom for raising me with Good Music :-)
Devin McG
It is not easy to forget!! But find strength in yourself!! If I could I would carry all of you!!
Ed Peters
Outstanding piece of music!
Eddie Lawson
I'm English, and my American friends are always going on about England's songwriting record - The Beatles, Bowie, Eric Stewart etc. All I have to say after hearing this wonderful song again is that you are doing pretty well yourselves - these two, Joni Mitchell, etc., countless others and, going back, geniuses such as Cole Porter, Frank Loesser and so many more. Thank you for the blues and for jazz and all the rest of your cultural highlights. Thank you.
This song reminds me of my father. He enjoyed boxing as a sport. Smoked pipes and cigars. A genius. Gifted with natural mathematical abilities, photographic memory, but worked for the US Government Postal Service for over 30 years. A complex individual, but a jovial soul that could tell interesting stories and kept everyone laughing had wit and intelligence. Fought in the Korean War, it took its toll on him with bouts of temper issues causing divorce. Still love you dad. You are missed in more ways than one for you were a true fighter!
In the cover Garfunkel has broken the fourth wall Simon has yet to find out random people are looking at him
Fart Knocker
I remember this coming from my sisters room, I was five or six yo. Iwas the the unexpected one in 65'.
there's a certain... essence, i guess, to this song.\n\ni have no idea what makes it be that way, but it just makes it ever so perfect.
I remember as a kid, my mother was (and still is) obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel. Every time I had to do chores, whether it be cleaning the car or my room, she would crank up their music. Now whenever I listen to any of their songs, I always get more work done.
Greg LaPointe
What a great song. Paul Simon's guitar playing and vocal harmonies with Art Garfunkle just make this a really beautiful song.
Herbert Gonzalez Rodriguez
I am just a poor boy\r\nThough my story's seldom told\r\nI have squandered my resistance\r\nFor a pocket full of mumbles, such are promises\r\nAll lies and jests\r\nStill a man hears what he wants to hear\r\nAnd disregards the rest\r\nWhen I left my home and my family\r\nI was no more than a boy\r\nIn the company of strangers\r\nIn the quiet of the railway station\r\nRunning scared,\r\nLaying low, seeking out the poorer quarters\r\nWhere the ragged people go\r\nLooking for the places\r\nOnly they would know\r\nLie la lie, lie la la la lie lie\r\nLie la lie, lie la la la la lie la la lie\r\nAsking only workman's wages\r\nI come looking for a job\r\nBut I get no offers\r\nJust a come-on from the whores\r\nOn Seventh Avenue\r\nI do declare\r\nThere were times when I was so lonesome\r\nI took some comfort there, le le le le le le le\r\nLie la lie, lie la la la lie lie\r\nLie la lie, lie la la la la lie la la lie\r\nThen I'm laying out my winter clothes\r\nAnd wishing I was gone\r\nGoing home\r\nWhere the New York City winters\r\nAren't bleeding me\r\nLeading me\r\nGoing home\r\nIn the clearing stands a boxer\r\nAnd a fighter by his trade\r\nAnd he carries the reminders\r\nOf ev'ry glove that laid him down\r\nOr cut him till he cried out\r\nIn his anger and his shame\r\n\
Hh G
I don't think I can listen to this song the same way again. This used to be my grandads favourite song. He died recently and when I carried his coffin into the crematorium, the chorus started to play (lie, lie lie) it was beautiful yet heartbreaking at the same time.
Islande Le modèle
Celle ci mon frere eternel je te l envoi ou que tu sois .... j etais petit et tu m emmenais avec toi me promener et tu me faisais aimer des belles musiques et chanson , dont celle -ci ! PUTAIN MAIS COMME TU ME MANQUES !!!!!!😢😢😢😢💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Jack Rabbit
This song was a great inspiration to me as a young man, struggling to overcome adversity, I always minded those words, \
James Gillies
I love this song,absolutely amazing lyrics and melody,top notch ✌️
Jamie Hellfire
Crazy that the world never changed
Jay Adam
1:46-2:10 exquisite beyond words, an absolute delight of a melody ❤️
Jeffrey Engstrom
The older I get, the more I appreciate these guys and their music. Thank you!
Jenna West
I have lived this song, in some ways. Ran off from home (Virginia) at age 18, spent a miserable but very educational 6 months in NYC (1969) - the fault is my own, not the city's. If you flip a little bit from the experience of a young boy to a young girl, you'll get it. Now, I can listen to it with fond memories of what I suffered, and what I learned. Thank you, Paul, and NYC.
Joe B
One of the best songs ever written
Jorge Espinosa
Paul Simon recently announced his retirement. Many of his songs will live forever.
Kim Senior
6.1k of morons thumbs down? Cut their ears off, they don’t need them!!!
Lord Dreamer
This never bores me, I love it
1,595 dislikes...I cringe to even think of what they'd consider to be a song worthy of a thumbs up.
Maggie M'Gill
Who in the hell comes on here and dislikes this?!?
Mario Marasco
Life has been worth being lived even if only for hearing beautiful sounds of this type
Mark Anthony
This song is really intense. It's gonna live forever. I was born 1988 and I'm gonna love this song 'til I get older.. Thanks for the wonderful music.
Martha Rousse
Watching my squirrel s they like it when we share
Mary Reese
My parents were the two best people in the world. I can remember laying on the living room floor on my back looking under the stereo at the moon shaped speakers with the blue glow learning every word to this album. NEVER forgot a single word. Thank God for strict parents keeping me home safe and sound listening to Simon and Garfunkle
Max Perez
first heard this song at 7 years old. now, 10 years years later at 17, this song has such a deeper and more meaningful meaning to me
McCallos One
A lost verse, that Paul will sometimes sing live: \nNow the years are rolling by me—\nThey are rocking evenly.\nI am older than I once was,\nAnd younger than I'll be.\nThat's not unusual;\nNo, it isn't strange:\nAfter changes upon changes\nWe are more or less the same;\nAfter changes we are more or less the same.
Michael Webb
When I hear this song it takes me back to my childhood home Springfield Virginia where we lived from 1966 to 1975 when we moved to Seattle.  I shut my eyes  when I hear this song and in my mind I'm running through the woods between our house and Accotink Creek.
Mioara Manea-Simonis
... Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel, magnificent musicians with so unforgettable creations ... Sublime, fascinating music for our souls .....
Natalia Carolina Pérez Motta
I am just a poor boy \r\nThough my story's seldom told \r\nI have squandered my resistance \r\nFor a pocketful of mumbles \r\nSuch are promises \r\nAll lies and jest \r\nStill, a man hears what he wants to hear \r\nAnd disregards the rest\r\n\r\nWhen I left my home and my family \r\nI was no more than a boy \r\nIn the company of strangers \r\nIn the quiet of a railway station\r\nRunning scared \r\nLaying low\r\nSeeking out the poorer quarters \r\nWhere the ragged people go \r\nLooking for the places only they would know\r\n\r\nAsking only workman's wages \r\nI come looking for a job \r\nBut I get no offers \r\nJust a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue \r\nI do declare there were times \r\nWhen I was so lonesome \r\nI took some comfort there\r\n\r\nThen I'm laying out my winter clothes \r\nAnd wishing I was gone \r\nGoing home \r\nWhere the New York City winters \r\nAren't bleeding me \r\nLeading me \r\nGoing home\r\n\r\nIn the clearing stands a boxer \r\nAnd a fighter by his trade \r\nAnd he carries the remainders \r\nOf every glove that laid him down \r\nAnd cut him till he cried out \r\nIn his anger and his shame \r\n“I am leaving, I am leaving” \r\nBut the fighter still remains.
Nick Morgan
I greatly wish the music industry climate of 2018 produced songs more similar to this on a regular basis. 😭 ❤️ So powerful.
Okemini Alo
Lots memories about this music. My favorites. I cry a lot because it touches the depth of my spirit.
Omri Lapidot
Goosebumps:\n\nIn the clearing stands a boxer\nAnd a fighter by his trade\nAnd he carries the reminders\nOf ev'ry glove that laid him down\nOr cut him till he cried out\nIn his anger and his shame\n\
Ousmane Samb
Superbe,sublime, formidable !##
One of the best songs ever about human emotions, right up there with \
Pedro Geraldo
Too good. These two guys are for sure God blessed. Happy 2019 !
Music with a soul - S&G is on par with Russian music as far as the message in their songs goes. Great music! cant stand todays music myself, i keep looking back for answers and i find them in songs from 30-40 years ago! Dosvidanya!
Rob Laird
2018 and still one of the best songs ever!!!
Ruby Nelson
When this song came out it hit me hard. Just lost my older brother in Viet Nam, graduated high school and had no job. I was depressed and angry, but listening to this and other songs helped. Two of the greatest singers and writers of our times.
Ryoko Onishi
Is there anyone still listening to this great song in 2019?
Sam Feldstein
Samuel Feynman Tribute page
As a kid I always thought that Paul Simons hair was Garfunkels moustache in the picture above!
Scruffy P
It's cool being a young person and stumbling across stuff like this. It's like music from another dimension
Shane Anthony
Paul's lyrics are so profound and thought provoking. He's up there with Bob Dylan & Lennon/McCartney as one of the best songwriters to come out of the 60's and of course in rock history.
Silvia Rühsen
Stood alone in dusty dark on main street in 1969 aged 15 - home had been near , it was all right THANK YOU
One of the most haunting, yet beautiful songs ever written and recorded. Who in their right mind could have given this a thumbs down?
Stephan Buschardt
Amazing Song. The Basstrack at the end is incredible.
The Tech Box
Fascinating to read some of the comments on here of how people were introduced to this song around 1968-69 , elaborating on how it impacted on the atmosphere and mood of them or how it stuck with them all these years holding meaning to them and NYC. Astounding. One comment of a young man in 1969 hearing this when RFK was assassinated and the vibe he always got off this song since. I was born in 1996 and only heard this song for the first time on the radio about 2-3 weeks ago. 2018. 50 years later driving home from work on the motorway on a bright but cold day, completely set me a drift and gave me a feeling of love, hope and some sort of want or need for something new. This song will always hold meaning and stick to me now as I’m about to start college again soon and it’s also all this song has made me think about. It’s great how music can connect a common feeling in all of us. No matter the era, age , producer or listener , when the music has this touch of perfection an element that reaches out to us is there.
Thomas Smith
One of the best songs ever written.
Timothy Brinsmead
ive been really tripping about music recently; every time i listen to a song i like, i start thinking about \
Simon & Garfunkel and this song (as well as many of their others) cross decades and generations even into 2018. Just shows you not only how good they were, but how truly spectacular this song is. I am very grateful they existed.
Vesna Fabris
Such a beatiful song,never can get tired of it!
Vinnie M.
Haters must be kanye fan's..
Vws Vas
Great album.
This people who disliked are holding their phone upside down
Zackie Dynamo
Simon & Garfunkel is pretty much essential listening for anyone who claims to like indie music.
angelo hawley
thanks for posting a timeless classic that is such a pleasure to listen to and sounds great as well to listen to live as well. I remember hearing this song one time a few hears ago and I was hooked right away at how great it sounded and as the years went by I had always wanted to know how they made this song, and then one day on tv they were saying how they did it, and it was so mind blowing as to how much time went into making this song come alive with such passion, and it is amazing how it has become such a classic that has with stood the test of time over the years
I have read that Paul Simon once, in the family home, I believe, sat down with his father long after he'd become a force in the world of music to plead \
christine JAUTEE
fermin benedetti
Two of the most incredibly gifted singers/songwriters that ever existed!! I'll stop here.
They were one of the best duo's of all time. I loved their music.
kohuutue tue
It brings me back to my childhood. Thanks for posting
when i was student i really like this song.  now i am 49 years, but i still like this song.
martin edwards
1 of the best songs ever made hands down.
me and you
Give a like if you love this like meeeee
Garfunkel's rocking a giant mustache in the cover
mike horn
this is why the song is perfect. it was written and released in the 60's  during the Vietnam war and yet is still brings new emotion to new situations here in 2018. the lyrics are universal in nature and often times fit many situations. this song still brings tears to my eyes both the original and the remake because it is all inclusive in everything we deal with everyday . It is no different now than it was then we all deal with hardship and find ways to survive.  This song will always resonate with the times because it fits all times. This song will outlive us all.
orhan baki
beautiful song, beautiful band... Orhan Baki from Germany.
pepe cohetes
philip tucci
Absolutely Magnificent Masterpiece, one of the very best songs ever recorded
sasha vlogs
Every time I hear this song I get goosebumps...and have since the 60's.
shreshth rajawat
Who is listening this in 2018?
steve turpin
Paul of the great poets of his generation.
Cuts deep. A masterpiece by any measure...…..will always be.
william simpson
anyone who dislikes this don,t worry you will soon die .but in another 100 years this song will still be played and enjoyed by millions