The NEW Canyon Map Looks Incredible - Complete Overhaul | War Robots Beta

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So I temporarily got my hands on a PC to try out the new beta. And I made a new account and played on it for a couple hours. They did an overhaul with the graphics. And I found that powerplant and canyon were the most different and improved with their graphics. I actually liked playing once I got these 3 robots because it reminded me of old school gameplay with new graphics. I almost wish I could just play at that level but its not competitive lol. Anyways, I think the graphics are pretty cool, I definitely would prefer a complete rebalance instead but the graphics are good.For more content Subscribe To PREDATOR WRLike.Comment.Subscribe.Follow My Second Gaming Channel

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-No on-
which day are coming 😁😁
you need a hella good PC to get 60 fps on this
AiNoMijo XD
Dat griffin effect tho
Respect to your description: “I prefer a complete rebalance instead, but the graphics are good”.\n😊👍
Amir Hakim
Game war robots movie
Amsqualls IlI
They are going to bring this to consoles
Antonio Da Silva
qual é o nome do jogo
Asha Rawat
The upper part of Griffin is so shakey but it's weapon aren't \nBTW it looks cool when it jumps
Awe Min
Griffin walked like a 90 years old dude....😁😁..
If we need to update the game, it might take a lot of space.....
Be Fresh
Grif twerks way too much.
Because Jamie
Many gestures and movement resembles Battle of Titans.
Ben Player
If only pixonic would allow account transfers. I would actually spend money in a pc game.\n\nHell i would even pay to transfer.
Love how good the game looks, but I agree, more balance would be better appreciated. I also enjoy the new Griffin jump animation -- finally! -- the boosters work. While I don't really like how the Griffin shakes so much while it walks, it's a great visual cue that lets players know each bot is different and carries itself differently. Leo, by comparison, looks as sturdy as a tank. Lastly, if the environment is going to look this good, I'd love for Pixonic to go a step further and make the environment susceptible to damage. That would be fun.
Blockrouser NL
I played it in the beta extreme graphics, but i lagg alot. Do you know a way to make it less laggy leave then a response, thank you!
good map bad robot movement. Keep old robot movement
Clashmaster Gaming
Grifen jump looks much better in height and distance 👍
Commander Nahte
The griffin looks like it could fall apart while walking any second
Daliso Phiri
This looks sexy....will we able to use our existing accounts once it's ready for prime way am touching this if we can't do that
Darth kenobi
Controls are editable...
Dat One Boi
New graphics? I guess Pixonic wants us to see their pay2win strats in a *new light* ...
Deivit Costa
wow, nice graphics
Emanuel Chaves
esta muy bueno mes mas real
Emmanuel SM
9:49 \nWhit the drop \u003c3
Farhan Pial
Bulwark please
GL Patton looks gey
Fatality 007
I hope they transfer our bots and currency from the \
Fauzar rozi
how ?
Florence Lagonoy
The graphics is so realistic
Android ?
Gameson 11
Can you show in the next episode how does the Mercury jump look like? It should look interesting: D
nice version of griffin he move and twerk\n\ni Wonder haw twerking inquisitor and raven would be like ?
Hakure Orozco
Esos gráficos no los tienw
Hell Furry
With upgraded graphics and the steam platform, I really wish they would make the maps more interactive, for example:\n- Have the dam break on springfield at a random point in time to flush the river bed and swipe down all bots that are in it.\n- Have an asteroid strike on Moon, randomly damaging bots\n- Have a sandstrom on Dreadnought that makes it impossible to see your opponents for a certain amounts of time.\n- Have an earthquake on dead city that would bring down some of the ruins\n- Reactor explosion on Powerplant\nThat would be really surprising during battle and could hit both teams equally - or even turn the tides some battles
Hunter 2000
El realista esta maravilloso
No lo se Rick el movimiento del griffi no me combense
Ivan Montero
Es hermoso
Jake Soldiar
Not just canyon but the explosions as well
Jaydeep Surve
I miss this game, the marketing team and producers ruined it...
Jimmy L
Bet you that Pixonic is going to charge 2-3x the price for robots/weapons/module than on the mobile version. I quit this game 7 months ago, but still go on from time to time to check if it’s worth coming back to. That seems to be never the case especially with the new module equipments that recently came out.
Johnny Lau 06
I like!
Jonathan Liu
What will the bulwark look like and its aigis look like with the new graphics
The griffin jumps look cool😎 and better
holy mothership filled with destriers that looks just amazing. it reminds me of the first look at the cossack when i got it :0
Hola yo soy DeUnBesito \nDe la primera partida
Kyle strout
Hi predator love the new graphics it definitely is awesome still a work in progress but it looks amazing
Lilou Kayl
The next video is a Raijin, Hover and Fujin please!
Liquid Suda Gaming
Yay update time?
Ludovico Peluche
Como explotan las tulumbas jajaja
MK Uis
why u guys all play like noobs? new player only on test server?
Magaña :D
A se ve perrón mira ese 4k
Mansour Nabil
it's good, but the movement of the robots are very bad. they remember me the battle of titans, which I leave it in order of the bad movements.
Miguel Morales
Sería mejor cargar la partida.
Minh Do
wow and good love you Pre
Mohammad Amori
If they go with these graphics then am gonna stop playing the game because my phone won't be able to handle them!
I´m cronos :v
Nathan Ortiz
Its starting to look as good as the trailers for war robots
Otaku Berry
Each bot looks and feels like they all have a personality.
Owen Ho
Yeah exact copy of BoT, even the robots are walking the same way.
Wow, the way they move is really annoying.\nTo me, anyway.
Possessed Robot
That griffin walks like an eagle. Very cool!
Raja Sankar
How that leo walks so fast??
Rapzer 2.0
Canyon does not look the same XD it looks really different! It's a big change!
Riiz LL
Griffin: wiggle wiggle, u u u u u uuwu
I need get link to download war robots beta
Scott Rath
The HD rendering is awesome but the robot movement is frustratingly slow!
Send Nukes
Good luck getting this on phones, running a i5, gtx 760 and 8gb ram for 25fps on this map
Alguna vez fui feliz con mi Grifin Lancelot ,Rogatka y Carnage Thunder Lastima que Pixonic ya perdio sus Valores perdio su escencia y perdio y sigue perdiendo a Miles de Jugadores x actualizaciones que se enfocan en destruir el Juego .\nHasta Nunca Pixonic alguna vez fuistes Algo me alegraba jugar , ahora solo seras un recuerdo .
Shary Khan
Cool i love this canyon version,thats how it should be on android day time.
Shubham Dhanraj
From where i download this version?
Sonia Fay
Griffin shaking it's butt
Stefan Rosso
Pixonic should get rid of the little shakes the bots make during walking.
Stephen Lim
Looks cool with the explosions and stuff but the way the Griffin walks is terrible.
What detail and realistic movements and functions. Is this actually going to be the direction they are heading? Is this in the test server? I dig the graphics
The Entity909
They shall make The robot explode.burning or bla bla bla when Destroyed
The Ion Raptor
If this is what they do with our money i'm happy. Hell, if modules come out, they make more money and can work on this again
TheKiller HD
Wow es very realistic
Predator, do you have personal contact with Pixonic? We need your help regarding stop module release
Ultra Roboter
This is like a real fight in canyon. U r running like beast
Victor Barranco
6:42, predator dance XDXDXD
Vincent Bui
1:38 when the patton died the guns rotated 90 degrees to the right
#Patton looks funny lmao
Yeye Jelek Nangisan Kayak Cewek
I don't think that putting the jump thruster on the body of the griffin is a good idea. It indeed looks cool but it is very unrealistic if you jump sideward of even backward while your griffin body is still facing forward. Put it on the leg instead, i know it will look trippy because what we see the whole time is the current old one (where the thruster is in the robot body). But in the name of realistic gameplay, they should have changed it. Oh not only griffin, other jumping robot should have their thruster placement changed
Yohenba Maibam
Canyon map is so amazing
Zachary Castillon
Finally The Griffin got a thrust animation and I also like how it moves and shakes like it's a complex machine great video man
Patton looks so funny!!😁😁😁
alfredo noe
Is it on a computer ????
Ok man, i like the videos, but just wtf is the deal with this stupid music!? It's just not befitting to the game or style or anything! Very detracting actually.
dd Batra
Love the Griffin gump
debendra gurung
I thinks it's there PC version . Most mobile GPU can't handle the Griffin's complex physics of walking and flame thruster
foxy the crap
The griffin walk away make Adrian laugh
smokie poppy
The graphics look amazing, but the way some of the robot's move are kinda terrible they should fix that though it is cool to see something new for once
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