Reserve capacity of Royal Enfield classic 350 / Reserve petrol of royal enfield honest review

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there is no reliable source where i get honest answer about reserve capacity of royal enfield classic i decided to fiend the answer myself.

Reserve capacity of royal enfield classic 350 gun metal grey

Abdul Fathah
Nxt time choose a place with no echo. Cheers
Akhilesh Singh
2.5 ltr
Apurba Kalita
What is expected milage before 1st servicing
In which language u speak
Chandan Kataria
Bro i had purchased Thunderbird 350x. So can you pls advise me about the reserve capacity of the same?
Clash With Nish
How u come to know bike is in reserve coz I book same bike now... As there is no fuel guage... I'm disappointed.. reply me
Reserve mai kithana kilometer chalega
Devi prasad
how much petrol did you acually fill in the tank bro ,\n\nvoice is not clear.....
Dheeraj Parmar
Dx Star
Does this quantity also include dead stock (unusable petrol)
Energy Magnet
Voice quality is so poor
Frank Rock
That is a good thing you tried out. Thanks for the video.
Girish Rajahuli
Hi bro I don't no about reserve,on,off. can u please explain plss
Gopal Durai
Which is reseve bro
Kar Thish
Thnks fr the video
Mr Ajay
Kuch smj nai aya
Munish Sharma
bhai yrrr video mai sound acchi ni hai yrr .....itni mehnat krke video banate ho app sound dekh kro
Our Life
how mach km v cover city..\nand hill area
Pradeep Nayak
Kya bolta he samajhe me nehi aata he
Ramchandra Singh
Sir reserve kitne me lagta hai
Ravaliya Ramde
Mere pas Electra bullat hai esme kitna hoga
Taste Buds
2.5 liter in reserverd tank capacityy...thats awsmmm...
Umesh Kumar
Hi bro. I just want to know how many liters petrol should we fill in our Thunderbird 350 bs4 version??
Vijaya Prakaash
Useless fellow camera operator
Vishal Kumar
Petrol Chori ke liye bhi acha hai
White House Entertainments
That was a real helpful video.
chander kant
learn how to steal petrol
gursharan deep
Standard bs4 ke kitni hai
j. k. zone j. k. zone
tank me se pura petrol nahi nikal sakta
mohit mondal
Very helpful
praveen kumar
Simple and clear bro
sandesh singh
Guru miledge
shafeeq pv
Noisy background