Mirko Crocop vs Alexander Emelianenko-Мирко Крокок - Александр Емельяненко

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Damn what a war that was! Mirkec was killing it in those ol ring days. I mean just look at Alexander, hes a fucking beast, and so fast for a man that size!
Achilles 137
Crocop is a class act fighter. Alexander is a beast but Crocops leg kick sends ppl to the grave.
Adam Shandy
Mirko vs michael cera
Antonio k
No siempre el mas grande va a vencer, porque el chico quiere ganar y sobrepasar al mas grande. ...Aquí queda claro que el porte no tiene nada que ver..
Armando Rosales
He needs to stay in Russia
Great fighters both of them. RESPECT
Augusto le Aborto
Tfw you done but he keeps sucking. 1:50
BEN Mehdi
You can see when Alex is knocked down that he was on drugs.
Bad Omen
Carlos Antony
Crocop mito
Cheesey McCheese
I watched a bunch of fedor fights before this one...figured cro cop was gunna go down. Dam he can scrap
Chris Black
I swear that rapist has no emotions. Maybe a little when fighting but thats it!
Two Giants of Fight ! Neverending respect for both of you guys !
Daniel Felipe
Sou fã de Cro Cop... mas hoje Alexander venceria....
Douglas Canoose
His name is not Crocop. Read it in Russian. It's Crocock
Ну а потом Федор гонял Крокопа по рингу!!))
Gazmen Beriša
Bravo Mirko,Respekt!
Genx Guy
There's always someone out there who is faster or better or tougher or whatever the case may be, but Crocop really is a great fighter. I think he was very apprehensive about this fight and knew it would be extremely difficult to keep Emelianeko off him. The guy is huge and a total beast. Much respect to Crocop.
Gordão Reacionário
Two giants
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Either one of these guys would destroy Mcgregor.
Heber L
he is the brother of fedor?
Ilyas Rahman
The only one.... Fedor the best forever
Jazzy Jazz
2 bad dudes that seem so humble in both defeat and win\n\n#pros
Joe Sanader
cool Mirko
John Mclain
Crocop fought exactly the way you should with him, move your head and circle around. You have to stay moving with those brothers. I see a lot of fighters will stand there and cover up when theyre being hit with a flurry of punches. That's a big no no with those Emelianenko bros.
John Water
very difficult job to win against Alexander... respect for both of them, both great champions
Joko Raz
Wish he would of fought in the ufc he’s straight adrenaline nothing but knockouts
Ju Geen
crocop is good dude, for me nr. 2, right after fedor
Julio Cesar Alcarra Dominguez
Inteligente crop para esperarlo y atacar aplausos
Julius Striecher
Good fight, and excellent sportsmanship!Respect to all Eastern European brothers.1488wpww
K1 Fighter 1988
i dont like mma but this was a good fight.
Lee Boy
mirko is good kickboxer
Leon Allan Davis
No fair...he tripped him!
Louis Paul Rutko
Luter King
Мирко красава, как ловко вырубил русского мешка
Marshall Banana
Even though he lost, this was one of Aleks' best performances.
Matias Benjamin Lahsen Molina
nunca vi a emelianenko con miedo tratando de terminar rapido la pelea y mirco nada que decir es un asesino frio y tiene la versatilidad de usar las piernas a diferencia que el criminal
Max Max
Mirko great Warrior respect from Italy
Mc 81
Michael Hosdo
Midnight Monsoon
Jason bourne was in the running.....
Mobius Klein
Has there been a rematch?
Mono Sonico
bliat suka
Nick Emman
mirco is a good guy, respect.
Oh Adam
Why do we have to add this stupid music in the background
RPG 808
Crocop is one badass dude. He has had a shit load of fights and I really thought he was dead after he took that kick from Gonzaga in their 1st fight. He just keeps on coming.
Ricardo Queiroz
living legends
Roger Flop
Today this fight would go way different
Ron Kingan
That head kick though 💪🏻
Rustam WWE
Alexander shit,Fedor the best!
Sam white
crocop the legend, fedor the emperor, the best fighters in MMA
Sapar Abdrasulov
Крокоп супер боец
Sasa Savic
Satana 666
Slobodan Markovic
Mirko reset him
Sonny Landham
Bravo za Mirka. Govno je pokazalo mržnju zato ga je mirko udesio.
Sum Sumov
ебанутый спорт,сначала метелят друг друга потом целуют и обнимаются
T tv
great video, great music, I've seen it many times, and passed it around too!
The Atlantean
I love cro cop!! Fedora brother needs to learn how to kick, you never see him kick just punch and 1 or 2 knees.
The Bully
Example of why pride was better than UFC
TheShook One
Thiago Mancini
Great fighters. Epic fight.
Tony Bucks
Mirko is a great guy!
Two gladiators. Respect!
Varboy zeta
Марко достойный соперник,он боец, как и Федор Емельяненко респект.
Vasia Vasilivich
Later Fedor Emelianenko win him..
Victor Allright
Alexander is slower than Mirco and much slower than his bro Fedor. Fedor was lighening fast when he fought Mirco.Also Fedor was lucky that he is short. Mirco kick of death legs was flying above his head all the time. Whereas Alexander is 10 cm taller than Fedor and was not so lucky with Mirco trademark kick od death leg flying right into his head.
Vivi Methen
Ovo je respekt
Wolfbyte World
Both of those men were beast. \nRespect.
Mirko Cro Cop #1\nHe will be legend of this sport
respect for each other before and after.......good men, tough men, good morals.......
Not just anyone can do that to Alexander Emelianenko... damn that was good
Brutal battles
elvis felic
mirko sah mat
email sender
He beat up the King of the trailer park.
hank bonner
But the UFC is scared of this guy... Lol smh
mirko is the best kickboxer in mma ever
Mirco seems to be a real nice guy. He is always shaking hands, and saying good things to his opponent.
juan alt
Alexander is bigger than brother Fedor, but is wild and has no defense, needs a good trainer.
knuckle sammich
Pride Fc was the shit back in the day way better than UFC now.
Damn! I did not think anybody could defeat Emelianenko...
Great slavian fighters!!!!
marky mark
Both great fighters and real gentlemen
my foreskin is missing
They both look a serious as a heart attack...serial killers in action.
pepe cohetes
Scary prison tats on Emilianenko; wonder if he learned to fight in the joint. Still nothing  Cro Cop could not handle, good fight.
This is weird I feel like im watching 2 gorillas go at it for the last banana
The Cop and the Criminal...
luta de alto nivel
Poor Aleks. Chasing Mirko like that is never going to work out for anybody.
Алекс Воинов
Мирко боец.
Алексей Грешной
Достойно победил
Алексей Рощин
Тут опыт Мирко сказался, Александр при всей его храбрости и мощи попытался с наскока решить бой в свою пользу, но с Мирко это не прокатило. Но Александр боец. Жаль пагубные привычки мешали его карьере.
Алтуха красава
Самое большое уважение в бойе ! После окончания они уважает друг друга и мериться!!!
Андрей Капустин
Спаааать!!! Спаааать я сказал - говорит Мирко)))))
молодец крокоп это твой бой
Закир Билайн
Медет Тасболатов
Кро коп ты легенда..ты супермен.