AC/DC - Back In Black (from Live at River Plate)

Music video by AC/DC performing Back In Black. (Live At River Plate 2009) (C) 2011 Leidseplein Presse B.V.

AC/DC Back In Black Columbia Rock

Adam Hiller
Acdc is like wine, they get better as they age
Adriene Ferreira
Back in black, I hit the sack\nI've been too long, I'm glad to be back\nYes I'm let loose from the noose\nThat's kept me hangin' about\n\nI've been livin' like a star 'cause it's gettin' me high\nForget the hearse, 'cause I never die\nI got nine lives, cat's eyes\nUsing every one of them and runnin' wild\n\n'Cause I'm back! Yes, I'm back\nWell, I'm back! Yes, I'm back\nWell, I'm back, back\nWell, I'm back in black\n\nYes, I'm back in black\n\nBack in the back of a Cadillac\nNumber one with a bullet, I'm a power pack\nYes I'm in a bang with the gang\nThey gotta catch me if they want me to hang\n\n'Cause I'm back on the track and I'm beatin' the flack\nNobody's gonna get me on another rap\nSo look at me now, I'm just a makin' my play\nDon't try to push your luck, just get outta my way\n\n'Cause I'm back! Yes, I'm back\nWell, I'm back! Yes, I'm back\nWell, I'm back, back\nWell, I'm back in black\nYes, I'm back in black\n\nWell, I'm back! Yes, I'm back\nWell, I'm back! Yes, I'm back\nWell, I'm back, back\nWell, I'm back in black\nYes, I'm back in black\n\nAw, yeah! Let's go\nKeep on goin'! Yeah, yeah\nYeah, aw, yeah, yeah\nHere we go\n\nWell, I'm back (I'm back)\nBack (well, I'm back)\nBack (I'm back)\nBack (I'm back)\nBack (I'm back)\nBack\nYes, back in black\nYes, I'm back in black
Alberto P
Argentina. AC/DC. Awesome.
Alicia Chains
That moment when 60+ years old people rock harder than anyone on this planet!
Alvaro San Martin
1:00 like por esa bandera chilena!!🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Arnel Cendana
Best crowd ever....Argentinians salute and respect from Japan 🇯🇵
Bazooka Joe
Still amazed by Argentian crowds weather its sports or rock concerts, they go full board. Pandemonium.
Brian Brady
mad respect to Argentina from the U.S.. rock over governments
Cade Little
This isn't even an English speaking country and the size of the crowd is massive, completely crazy...
Chris D
Whenever I watch this concert, it brings a tear to my eye. To see so many young people rocking so hard to the greatest rock band of all time, gives me hope that rock really isn't dead. I just wish that people would pick up their guitars and master it. And write some cool songs. Human beings love rock and roll they just need to hear it.
Chris NoBrainz
traveled from Greece there just to experience that amazing feeling that only acdc and argentina gives Love from Greece \u003c3
Angus Must Be So Sad!
David Maco Franco
Mis respetos para los argentinos, a la cuenta que estan en un partido de fútbol, cantan alientan lo he visto en muchos conciertos sin duda alguna la mejor experiencia que se puede llevar un artista en un concierto sera en Argentina
Derek Munson
The fact that there are 4k comments in every spokin language tells you everything you need to know. AC/DC ROCKS!
Dianvacu6 CR
R.I.P Malcolm Young
Dion Francis
I've never seen so much raw energy in any live show till now...
Dr. Spectre
Man Argentinians girls are super hot
Ejgortz 1
RIP Malcom Young
Emiliano Sánchez
Lo que más me gusto es que en vez de estar grabando con el celular como pendejos lo estan viviendo
Enzoo 27
Argentinos are crazy man...they know how to rock it! Long live Ac/dc
Like si esta cancion cambio la historia
Fiorella Michael
Forget a mosh pit, AC/DC creates a mosh city.
Francesco Tomasin
Best audience ever seen,Argentina Rocks
Gabriel Bykhovsky
Malcolm was the one that inspired me the most when I chose to play rhythm guitar. He proved me you don't need to be the frontman or even be on the spotlight all the time to make people feel what you want. To make the crowd jump, laugh, sing, scream and have the time of their lives. You just gotta get out there and do your thing. Malcolm is imo the best out there when it comes to play/create riffs. This man was the brain behind AC/DC. Thank you, Malcolm, for your legacy. Today, Malcolm... We salute you.
Rock in Peace, Malcolm.
Gustavo Santos
2:48 orgasmo
Hafiz Jumat
Argentina crowds u are awsome!!!!
Hamada Boudjnane
Hiroyuki Dave
I'm 16 and im cooler than everyone in my school
Eso si es un maldito grandioso concierto...BRAVO ARGENTINA..saludos desde Venezuela
Orgulloso de ser argentino lpm !! Grande AC DC
Even when they're old they rock!
Jackson Holmberg
I think I'm one of the only kids my age that actually knows what AC⚡️DC is 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Jai Patel
you rock go Angus young
Always love & admire the passion and pride the Argentina people have!...Even in Rugby..They always support their teams(Both 15s & 7s)and always cheered as if its the last day on earth!...Jst Awsome!
Joan Ruiz Jacob
River = mierda envuelta en oro\naguante Boca
Joaquim Setubal
These Argentines are the best audience in the world !! Respect from Portugal!!!
Joe Cahill
That crowd is insanely awesome 😂😂😂
Joel Ayarde
2019???? Anyone???
Joseluis Bringas
Joder, los argentinos tienen el rock en la sangre \nNo por nada para muchas bandas son el mejor publico
Kathia Suárez Ribera
debería estar estudiando pero al diablo.. mejor escucho ACDC. jajajaja
Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini
The river Plate is a Rock Station
Lucas Argandoña
Argentina is a country of pure rock!
Malsawmzuala Mesa
Argentinian crowd = lit af! 🤘🤘🤘
Marco Alexandre
Los argentinos se aseguran en hacer del rock un espectáculo único ... Saludo desde Brasil...
Marta Ovi
ooooohh ooohh ooooohh copyright registred...passion argentine.....the best public in the world...Marta from Buenos Aires....
Mateo Zapata
Argentina had an earthquake of AC/DC magnitude that night!
Mauricio Colmenares
Cuando el reggueton haga esto, me cuentan :)
I have to admit, river plate has the best crowd ever. Damn nowhere can they meet\u200b their level of awesomeness
Mico Febi
Best crowd in the world! Respect from Indonesia
Mr. Ambizione
R.I.P MALCOLM\nSing with Bon Scott
Mr. Vlaad
The best crowd ever.. thanks argentina..\n\nSalute from indonesia
Mr. White
R.I.P malcolm young :( i will never forgett you
My NamePotato
imagine haveing one of them as your grandparents
2018????? anyone ???
Nabarun Kar
Noah X00
RIP Malcolm! Rock in Heaven!
Oscar Valdivia
Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique
Drummer smoking while playing - It doesn't get any more rock'n'roll than that
Prt Mick
I want to thanks and kiss every people of the crowd. From France. 3,9K don't like this what's wrong with this world.
Riff Raff
LOOK at that fucking CROWD!!!! Greatest band on earth in front of what looks like the greatest crowd. I've seen AC/DC many times but never in a crowd like that. Argentine AC/DC fans know how to rock.... Amazing.
SW Productions
The drummer has a cigarette in his mouth while playing. That’s badass
San Diego
this has to be the greatest crowd EVER, in the history of Rock & Roll concerts....\nand NO OTHER BAND could EVER bring this type of raw energy & emotion out of a crowd. \nthere truly should be some mention, recognition, photos, & VIDEOS of this crowd on display in AC/DC's exhibit at the Rock & Roll HOF !!!!
Saúl Hernández
Algún día estaré en un concierto de ROCK en el monumental de River Plate de Argentina. Son 10 de las cosas que tengo que hacer antes de morir. Saludos desde México.
Sebastian Velasquez
0:07 omg this is a crazy moment.
Seth Hamilton
The size of the crowd makes me feel like rock hasnt died and it feels good.
Swapnil poudel
1:27 a girl with camera spotted...
Tanner Ratliff
Phill Rudd in the back laying down the beat and smoking a cigarette that’s rock n roll
Dios hay demasiada gente el mundo xD
Tato Pêcheur
explotó buenos aires!!!, a full...
Tea Rex
3% Phones, 4% Cameras, 93% Hands. That's more like it
TecNerd _BR
Euuuuu amo essa música nota 1000000000........ ❤❤🤘
The Gamer XD
That crowd makes concert more Lifeful and better ready to stage dive hoooo rock never dies
The amazing doughnut 101
When I saw the news about Malcolm's death I cried for 3 hours
Thomas Versteeg
Any teens watching?
Whatsoeverguy Jairus
Sounds better than the original.
alejandro alfano
señoras y señores esto es Argentina, le guste a quien le guste..
Argentina did amazing on this one
Que hermoso es ser Argentino y vivir la música así!!!
centauro mustang
. The Argentinean crowd is the most fervent in the world !!!!!!!..
darren nock
Argentine women are hot
heiner lauter
these argentiniens are as good as we germans in football, but they know much better how to party!
jason mahon
the drummer with the smoke in his mouth......cooooool
jorge luis medina perez
soy peruano pero q tal relajo del pueblo argentino..gente rockera..yeahh..lo viven al maximo
5 warrios on a stage and best crowd in the world
mas alla de lo normal
Esto es Argentina!!! 😈😈👏👏
mercedesgenveva loncon
un crak el baterista tocando ante 70.000 personas y fumando
You Argentinians know how to rock!!! Congrats from Portugal!
Those locos argentinos are so amazing!
sol Ibarra
No es concierto para un ARGENTINO, es un ritual!!! It's not a concert, it's a ritual for an ARGENTINE
ximena beltran
Tengo que decirle a mis amigos Argentinos que son de OTRO NIVEL.
Евгений Здор
Вы боги ))))
Шама Халиуллин
кто их слушает в 2018?))Да молодцы они очень!!!!!
Damn, this crowd is on something? \n\nIts new-old drug call AC⚡DC.....\n\nGreetings from Serbia
マルコム、おつかれさまでした( ;∀;)