Cheryl Cole - 3 Words ft.

New album A Million Lights Out Now: Music video by Cheryl Cole performing 3 Words. (C) 2009 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

Cheryl Cole Fascination Pop

luv dis song sooo much!!!!
Andrew Bird
cheryl is the most underrated artist of all time. She's a house hold name in the u.k./ireland and she is the only female artist to have 5uk number 1s and no hits in the us even though her songs are fire
Andrusca12 K
I love her vocals in this song
Andy Best
Cheryl Cole is relly hot. Also in 'Germany.
Beautiful song \u003c3
Cheryl Cole's best video.. I love to listen to this song over and over.. I wish Mr. Will.I.Am to find some nice young lady :) soon..
Banana Fart
Anyone watching in 1953?
Ben Smith
Great song still listening in 2018
Her first album is still so good. FFTL, 3 Words and Parachute haven't gotten old at all.
Buket Akşahin
bu kadının en sevdiğim şarkısı mükemmel bi şarkı gerçekten bağımlılık yapıyor. Şimdi yaptığı şarkılar tırt malesef.Bir de bu kadar güzelken kendine eziyet edip estetik yaptırmasıda cabası.Sen zaten güzelsin ucuz duruyor yapma kadın.
Callum Parry
i used to like this song so much, but it should have went harder
Chloe Legge
Will; \
Coman Nicu
Sounds like something Placebo would sing
Courtney Jade
I really wanted Cheryl and Will to get together when I were a kid ;-;\nTHIS SONG IS SO PERFECT \u003c333
Daz X1
not keen on her and she hasnt got the best vocals but she does have good songs
what a beautiful music video. i love the dancers.
Effah Achina
Who's watching in 2017?! Such a beautiful song
Emily Clayton
This was my jam in year 10 hahaha
Evan William Birney
Lexi Carnegie...its been years now since ive seen your face, we found love in a hopeless place. i know in my heart ill never see you again, but i still think of you now and then. I wish i could see your face once more, and never of walked out that door. you really were my lifes one true love, an honest angel sent from above. But thats how it went what more can i say, you know im sorry things went that way. No way to contact you or you to me, all ties between us have been cut free. But we both know this was our song, i can only hope one day you come along and decide to listen to it too, read this and know i that i still miss you. x
Franklin Leite
Gino ladiesman
Che grande orgia
I so forgot about this and I have no idea why I used to love this song
Ieuan Hughes
Sara, the song your looking for is \
Isabella Luna
Woah, I completely forgot about this masterpiece until today, makes me feel nostalgic about my teen-years...
Jack Mac
anyone watching 2016
Jake Lamotta
Will.I am... what a legend, brought out 2 chart topping songs that year(2009). Such a likeable guy!
Jake R
She looks so beautiful with that hair
Jay Turner
Kareem Lawson
I used 2 love this song sooo much
Katie Wood
It’s Jan 21st 2018, This song is still amazing nearly exactly 8 years later.
Katrina Richardson
Anyone listening in 2017?
Kenzee Kwechis
i always love cheryl cole's art and music..I remember thinking she was the next big thing when she sang this song and parachute..the world needs to hear new stuff from you cheryl cole..please..the world needs your music.
Kev L
Hated this the first time i heard it but it grew on me and i love it now.
Kitten Heels
I remember listening to this when I was 17 ^_^ nostalgia! Still love this song haha.
Lemonade Lemonade
Brilliant beat but I hate how the lyrics bring it down
Marina R
nice song....although, I've never loved me no one honestly
omg I forgot all about this song
Meltem Deniz
I was addict this song 5 years ago and still
Milos Stanimirovic
I love this song very much,but I think it should have more views,they deserve this...
Moises Scheiße
the 3 words are larry is real
Montez Gabriela
WoW ,
Mosi Escolania
Sooo cute cheryl....
360p max quality , omg...
what a load of crap this this music now Lol
The most underrated song ever...
Still listening in 2017 :P
Nad a
this deserves so many more views!!
Ned Flanders
Do you ever listen to an old song and it brings back a very specific feeling. You can't describe the feeling, but it's something you haven't felt in a very, very long time
Nowell By Nature
Best solo of hers
Omar Al-Yassin
Criminally underrated! Fantastic minimalist beat!
I met a guy at the club\nI let him know I'm alone\nI let him know I'm in love\nI met a girl at the bar\nI let her know where you are\n\nI told her you are the love of my life and\nOne day you gonna be my wife and\nWe are gonna have some babies together\n\nI told him you are the man of my dreams\nYou saved me from drowning in the streams\nI know we're really gonna last forever and ever\n\nIt was those, three words that saved my life\nIt wasn't complicated\nWasn't premeditated\nIt wasn't underrated\nBoy I'm so glad you stayed and\nIt was those three words that saved my life\nIt wasn't complicated\nWasn't premeditated\nTo you I'm dedicated\nSo just go ahead and say it\n\nI love you I love you\nYou are the love of my life my life\nI love you I love you I love you\nYou are the love of my life my life\n\nYou know you're holding my heart\nCan't nothing tear us apart\nYou know I'm so in love with you\nCan't nothing tear us apart no\n\nI said, i-l-o-v-e-y-o-u\nI'm so into you girl\nShe said m-e-t-o-o\nIt's obvious I'm so into you boy\nSo why don't we (we) hold (hold) on (on) for (to) love (love)\nThrough the ups and downs never let go\nHolding on forever never let go\n\nIt all started with three words that saved my life\nIt wasn't complicated\nIt wasn't complicated\nIt wasn't complicated\nIt wasn't complicated\nBaby those three words that saved my life\n\nI love you I love you\nYou are the love of my life my life\nI love you I love you I love you\nYou are the love of my life my life
OptimistHunter Reel
This will forever be one of the best songs I've ever listened to. Something about the melody and instrumentation just makes me emotional. Even nostalgic in some sense. Kinda weird.
Ronschelle Patton
3 words really did save Cheryls life when she had malaria: Take blood samples
Sabrina Jan
cant believe this song is 8 years old still sounds freshh
Samo Sabina
you are the love of my life 😢💔
Serafina Fool
2018 anyone?
Seth Martin
Sexy Curvy Girl 1974
awful voice
Shades of Jamie and Dakota
Shenae Ames
It was a pumpkin
Sian T
Wow can't believe this is now 6 years old, haven't heard this song in years but it randomly just popped into my head so decided to listen again 😄👍🏻
Sophie Honey
Still love this song! 👌 💛💖💙
Spitzkopf Larry
are there more songs like this ???!!
Svetla T
shit i'm so in love with this song^^
Completely forgot about this song!
Tanya L.
This used to be my favourite song. Listening to it now I feel like it still is!
Thrashformer always reminds of someone of the matrix...i dont know why...
Tsotne Pipia
only one song that i very much like by this lady 
Val Zin
This masterpiece should be reloaded in HD 😭😍
Vlad Darwin
Awesome song!!!
Vlada B
I'll always miss 2009-2010 \nLove this song ❤
Well Freitas
this video is lit af. so creative
William Jones
BIG props to the editors for this video!
Yaqut Alimirzoyeva
One of the best creative videos and song! ❤️
Yasmin Mzera
Ziyed Hamrouni
girl what a body you look like a doll
0:16 Cheryl's highlight is POPPIN y'all!
awa Sarjo
this song reminds me of a special date i went on with this humble handsome guy that i like n embrace that date night with this song ringing in me ear i love you 👍👌
Sheer Art...
still watchin it here IN 2032 IN holodisc ;)
2016 and still in love with this
cico in Tokyo
Only song I like from Cheryl Cole
4:19 cute.
mitchell smith
So much elegance in this video really still love this song! 💙
mutlu canbolat
this song reminded me for something:)
Never gets old
why do i always like will i am produced songs when so many dont. hmm
Annd we are gonna have some babies together .... that doesnt sound right lol
Φωτεινή Σ
nice tune!
Классненький - Новые Клипы
ผู้าชายลั้ลลา 69
2018? One of my fav song of all time