Alison Krauss and Co - The Boxer / Graceland (Remastered Soundtrack)

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This is from: Paul Simon & Friends, Gershwin Prize For Popular Song. I have to say this is a wonderful DVD. These two performances are very special. "The Boxer" is charming and "Graceland", Such a great groove, makes me do something That I haven't felt in years, it makes me want to DANCE. I guess that's because I'm a Human Being and not a Robot. And of course these are great Musicians. enjoy!

Alison Krauss Bluegrass (Musical Genre) Country Graceland (Award... Graceland (Museum) Paul Simon (Celebrity) Presley Soundtrack The Boxer (Composition)

Where are the scant costumes, the heavy make up, the teased up hair and the barely dressed dancers?.\nOh wait Allison doesn't need all that she has the one thing that really matters TALENT.\n\nWhen they say a voice of an angel this is what they are talking about.
Alson Cole
Alison Krauss has an other-worldly ability to take really great songs to an even greater level. Her covers are interesting and fresh, and yet they all have her stamp. I love what she does with \
Amitabha Bhattacharya
An original in its own right.. from and old timer
Ann Goughnour
Her voice is so angelic. Love this version of the Boxer.
Beast of Burden
I am so in love with Alison's voice ☺
Brett Koeshall
A very sexy Alison Krauss along with Shawn Colvin.
Pure insight from Paul Simon and pure sound of Alision Krauss - THANK U!
Butch McGrath
Other than the original by Simon and Garfunkel, Absolutely SUPERB! The quality of musicianship, a beautiful arrangement and top notch vocals, brought me to tears by the end of the song. Always felt that this song was, if any, the equal to Bridge over Troubled Water.
Charles Bird
I'd pay to hear Alison Krause sing the Denny's menu.
Cherif asfirane
i dont think it s possible to make music any more wonderful than this .I was mesmerized watching that from start to finish.
Chris Gresham
There are just no words....
Chris Reed
An angles voice with a band to match.
Connie Perry
This has more of a poor man's feel, nice!
David Sisk
place this song upon my grave...
David Stowell
Alison Krause blesses every piece of music she touches and the lives of all who receive the gift of listening .
Deckie Deckie
This is one of the best piece of music....ever sung....and nobody could sing it better than these two girls....he dicho!!
Di Ho
This is what my heaven will sound like.
Dixon B. Tweenerlegs
God damn
Doug west
Alison is still the most amazing female voice on the planet. She As pretty as her voice is sweet too.
E Doherty
Beautiful, thanks for posting! Emmylou Harris does a gorgeous version as well...
Eric Ray
Alison is an Angel :-) What a voice!
Fariborz Rezai
Just superb.
G. E. Ayres
I don't know how else to put it. Her rendition of The Boxer was \
Giovanni Tiroldi
Wow,nice interpretation.One of two smiles at minute 1.06.Thanks!
Gordon Stewart
Fabulously beautiful rendition of one of my most favourite songs. Love Alison Krauss, gorgeous voice and not too bad a fiddle player either!! x
Grahame Hedley
Fantastic, and very beautiful xxx
Hans Rosenthal
Independent of any particular song or appearance on stage, Alison Krauss has become a role model for all musicians around the globe: She is helpful, humble, and generous when it comes to singing live on stage with a world of fans in front of you. She is a great violonist, a fine singer, and a beautiful lady and band leader. Hans Rosenthal (A.H.R.D.) PS: I do not mention her numerous awards here... (Thanks to reddragonready for correcting my use of the English language.)
Harold Jaussi
i remember this song from 1969. sort of strange hearing it sung by a female.but they do an excellent job.!
J dub
My God, Alison can sing! Such a pure voice.
J. W.
James Bockenstette
Jerry Douglas is beyond the best. He is powerful and subtle at the same time. The song should have been originally recorded with him playing the dobro. It is better than Simon and Garfunkel.
James Welsh
Most awesome arrangement I've ever heard. Bass is terrific addition.
Jeri James Music
Absolutely Beautiful!!! In awe!!!!
John Fitzpatrick
John Morrison
Honor is done to this singular ballad.
John Thomas
First time i have heard her sing ,i am only sorry it has taken me so long to hear from as someone said she is a songs best friend .The arrangements and top class musicians make her better than the original artists
The volume levels of all are so very well balanced. Fantastic! No one is trying to \
Keith Wigley
great rendition of a Paul Simon classic .. see Kathys song cover Albert Croak .. finding my way home .. for the good times .. shake my tree and other videos.
Kerry Evans
This is lush...Jerry's just tearing it up Alison being Alison...thank you for reminding me what a lovely voice Shawn C\nGreetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this gem. ....much appreciated. ..
Kimberly Smith
Ms.Krauss has one of those voices that when you hear the first few bars you know it's her singing.Everything she does makes you hear even old favorites in a new light.An ahhh moment.So preciously distinct.
Kit Carson
Hey, Shawn, you can hold your head up ! Great job.
Klaus Hosemann
absolutely great
Larry G. Henderson
Lazoma Chavez-Walton
OK. That was beautiful. Truly beautiful . True to Simon and Garfunkel original. Wow. I won't lose this video.
Maria Ashot
One of the great songs, gently and gracefully done! Thank you!
Mel MacNeill
Absolutely amazing Dobro work by Gerry Douglas. The top Dobro player in the world today.
Michael G
I thank God for the music that Alison and her friends play.
Michael McMaster
Evolution has proceeded, to the point of; her singing this.
Michael Watts
Shivers running up and down my spine. Everyone is sublime here.
Miguel Domínguez
Oh, man, that cover of Graceland! Wow!
Mike Liechty
What every songwriter dreams of hearing: \
Mr. Lineman
she is great... saw her in 2000. in Wyoming.
Excellent band as well, this is really something!
Ned Kline
i dont particularly like the dobro that much, but when jerry plays its like heaven , gosh he is the master. everything he does fits in perfectly and adds another demention to the tune. he is a genius .
It's a shame that not more people listen to Allison Krauss. I say that because the amount of hits this video got. It has been up since 2015. I find it hard to believe that only 500,000 people tuned in to this great video. Makes one wonder. What are people listening to today? Well it ain't classic country.
P- -P
Alison's renditions are perfect - as always - thanks for posting !
Peter Johnson
Graceland on slide resonator guitar works so well - what a brilliant idea.
Rafael Manchego
Truly, the FINEST VOICE ever. Allison Krause, thanks for shrine the god-given talent, beauty and grace displayed here. Aaand Shawn Colvin, and Jerry Douglass!??
Ranald Rasmussen
Alison's voice what a treasure!!!!!!!!
Ray Okoa
Well. That was real. Thank you Alison and band.
The sounds of Angels
Samantha Brien
Love allison krauss such a beautiful voice not so famous in England don't know why xxx
Scott Lewis
I had never thought that this Simon and Garfunkle classic could sound well in the bluegrass idiom, but it does! What a beautiful recording.\nJerry Douglas is a master of the dobro.\nShawn Colvin and Allison Krauss sing like angels.\nThank you so much for posting this song.
Steve Reed
I think the best thing that ever happened is Jerry Douglas being in or being a part of this wonderful band with Alison Krauss. I think he attracts other musicians that fit no who or what they play. I just love how this whole thing is working. Alison and Jerry keep getting better and better.
Susan Storm
Simply love her voice. She always has top notch musicians. I've never heard one of her songs that I didn't like.
Thomas Gaume
Great music, musicians, and Jerry Douglas absolutely ties all these great sounds together on his magical dobro.
Thomas Richardson
Wow. Can't say much else. Awesome performance by all.
Tim McG
Great song and great performance
Tom Canfield
ali you are the best
Tom Cox
One of the purest voices in music
Alison Krauss and Shawn Colvin, in the company of strangers. I wonder about that smile.
Traditions Home
Dang the twang is good and the voices sweet as angels singing softly in the wee hours of the night.
Still my favorite rendition of The Boxer
Wade Nelson
2:28 \
What can I say? Two great voices. Great musicianship. It moved me to tears as all great music does.
Wendy Barr
Wichita Clem
Breathtaking. I have reason to believe...……..
Oh my!.........thank goodness I am a 'human being' too, how ' emotional ' just now;............. to have found this, the best female voice sings the poetic best singer/songwriter.......... (are my eyes weeping at her haunting rendition of 'Graceland'........... yes..) thanks so very much indeed for sharing this. xxx
assault and battery
How smashed must Paul have been to even imagine this, Let alone write about it..And, melt it into an amazing tune..
bernie b
love this version of the Boxer.
Wonderful music!
brenda boudinot
Shawn  and  Allison  What a blend of voices. Beautiful.
Allison Krauss is a national treasure ,fur sure
Man they are in sync. I am not sure who is high and who is low.
Allison has the voice of an angel.
gareth e
When st Peter says \
gordon storheim
added to my list of crying beautiful songs
jack black
when all is said you cannot beat USA when it comes to country music,,,,m it's theirs
jennifer marr
Amazing voices with an amazing song.
john jj
Best female singer Ever....
I've now watched this at least a half dozen times and there's not a positive comment here that I don't 100% agree with. This is the artistry that truly makes America standout.... Can anyone helpout with a list of the supporting players?
Ali has a voice like a sharp sliver of glass that can only pierce your heart
patricia carlisle
wish I could figure out how to copy this and put it on my Itunes so I could listen to it in my car.