Rumer - A Man Needs A Maid [Live At Rivoli Ballroom]

Listen to Rumer performing A Man Needs A Maid live from the Rivoli Ballroom. The song is taken from her new album Boys Don't Cry out now.Buy your copy here - A MAN NEEDS A MAID LYRICSMy life is changingin so many waysI don't know whoto trust anymoreThere's a shadow runningthrough my daysLike a beggar goingfrom door to door.I was thinking thatmaybe I'd get a maidFind a place nearbyfor her to stay.Just someoneto keep my house clean,Fix my meals and go away.A maid. A man needs a maid.A maid. A man needs a maid.It's hard to make that changeWhen life and loveturns strange.And old.To give a love,you gotta live a love.To live a love,you gotta be part ofWhen will I see you again?A while ago somewhereI don't know whenI was watchinga movie with a friend.I fell in love with the actress.She was playing a partthat I could understand.A maid. A man needs a maid.A maid. A man needs a maid.To give a love,you gotta live a love.To live a love,you gotta be partWhen will I see you again?

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Abdulrahim Swaleh Mohamed
Rumer your simply the best !, hope you get to do a major Bond 007 theme song soon.
Why is there no credit given to the composer? I'm surprised that doesn't seem to violate any copyright stuff.
Bobbie Gordon
Was so much fun doing the background vocals for this:) See ya soon Rumer :) x
Cornel Rusan
Great version of this Neil Young classic from Harvest album! Her voice remainds me in this song of the last great Karen Carpenter!
Daniel De Rudder
Very nice cover !
Deep Heat
Wow, she does sounds a LOT like Karen Carpenter!\n\nHer voice is great but this massively misses the big drum sound of the original. I would say they lose 30% of the power of  the song right there!
Dellani Oakes
Such a beautiful voice! It's one of my favorite Neil Young songs. I've loved it for years. 
...the next soul singger goddes beside Sade :) - Funny - or sad, but none of my coworkers had even heard of her (shame on them!) :)...\r\n\r\n-DD
so beautiful 🌌
Heinz like the ketchup
A special collaboration with Richard Carpenter with blow the roof.
Amazing live cover! Incredible.
Ian Grace
A haunting and mesmerising rendition, so so beautiful!!!!
Vocals were beautiful, but I really missed the low-end piano hits I'm used to hearing mid-chorus.
Jutt Rockjaw
Voice of an Angel.
Kellie Williams
A beautiful version of a wonderful song.
Leonardo Arias
it Isn't sense that a woman sing \
Marina corriendo
this is perfection\n
Mart Graebe
such a great song...based on neil young '72....
Marty Milton
The first time I heard her voice I also thought she sounded like Karen Carpenter. That comparison is a huge compliment, as far as I'm concerned.
Matthew Ives
This isn't bad. Does anyone know the original female artist that covered this song? Seems to have been deleted from history.
Mr. Mojo Risin'
ok ok so like this person sounds like karen carpenter but looks like a lost wilson sister in HEART
Just absolutely gorgeous. Does any other female singer alive today have a purer voice?
Wow, just wow. Exquisite performance.
Peter Gilmore
Rumer's new album is fantastic she has a wonderful voice A++++
Samantha Venini
I thought it was Karen Carpenter's voice, in this particular song. 
Very few cover versions are either as good as or better than the original and this is no exception. Rumer's voice has been compared to Karen Carpenter several times, but it's not really suited to this song and her delivery is just not as good as Neil Young's. Only cover that I've come across that's better than the original is Ellie Goulding's version of Elton John's Your Song.
Scotty Cherryholmes
The lyrics of \
Seerch Boomer
I am in love with this woman's voice! She reminds me of Karen Carpenter?
Tessa coltman
Beautiful voice, lovely lyrics, she sounds just like Karen Carpenter, what a treat to listen to such a wonderful voice, LOVE THIS :-)))) \u003c3
I love this woman.....Rumer i love you xx
Tom Hirschel
Great ol Neil Young song ! :)
Xavier Féard
Amazing !! Thank you Rumer for your great album, this new seems even better !!\nKaren Carpenter will be proud listening you...
This album is going to be great.
andrea king
I wish People would not compare her to Karen Carpenter.. Both Unique.. in the interpretation.. of Songs… Emotional and Heartfelt..x
angelo lopes
Great voice I wish she would do more on TV.
This a great song, she has a good voice and I give her a big thumbs up for resurrecting this song but she can't capture the pain and emotion of Neil. I have heard him perform it several times and I got chills every time. This is not a shot to her. I hope she will continue to perform it and bring it to a larger audience.
The hell w/ Adele...this girl has the goods!
I do see the comparison to Karen Carpenter's voice. She must be tired of hearing it. Not only does she have a beautiful voice she's also a looker to boot.
Man, she sounds like Karen Carpenter on this track. An amazing voice for sure.
Absolutelly brilliant. Nothing touches my soul better.
へぇ~  こうなるんだ^^\r\n\r\nこの名曲がね^^   お見事^^\r\n
it's true...she seems Karen Carpenter...and sometimes Laura Nyro too
we love rumer.
olli manninen
Can't wait to see her perform in Helsinki in June 2012.\n
patou celtic
i like\n
Simply Amazing Rumer!!
Haunting - Neil Young would approve.
that is properly gorgeous!
need a maid...?
สมประสงค์ ช่างสมบุญ
female (Niel) Young version.  Gorgeous.