Latin Dance Fitness Class 4

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latin dance fitness linda edler danza lycksele

Adriana C
i just had a blast!!!!! i cant to come back tomorrow and sweat. best zumba instructor ever!!
Annalisa Tate_duncan
Sei davvero brava complimenti mi hai fatto amare ulteriormente timber e la zumba:-D
Arlingthon Manuel Duran Alarcon
anyone know the name of the name of this songs
Asha Betdur
Hey !! I love to tap my feet with you.. I used to find exercise very boring and used to be sluggish but since i started with these Wonderful workouts, I just wait for the time of the day when I start my zumba with Linda :) !! Great Job... You ve really made workouts very interesting! Kudos!!
1. This was fun too, although this time it was pretty difficult XD but maybe it's because I can't really dance haha. But I'm already really sweaty after only this so I guess it did its job XD Thanks for the workout!^^ 2. What's with all that stupid spam?? I'm seeing it on Blogilates's channel too-.- It's so annoying...
Bwalya Mulando
love your videos ♥
Caitlin Elise
I am SOOO happy for a new routine from you!! Your classes are my favourite on YouTube!!!
Cristiane Santos
Hello Linda, What is the name of that first song ? Thanks.\nIn Portuguese Brasil - São Paulo: Qual o nome dessa primeira musica ?
Daily Dose of Lynz
Dani C
So cute and crazy! My homey workout :)
Danitsa Norris
Love the video please post more !!
Daniya Pathan
linda  v cnt here the audio fr this video can u plz fix it
Debbie Collins
Are you sure your 'friend' isn't your twin? (o;
Diana Salazar
Good job😋
Elizabeth Whalen
Linda, Dance Workout 5 has been taken down :(
Fab Bre
Fernando Miralles Delgado
thanks for this, good job, love your class.
Ganesh Amgain
Thank you so much Linda/ I would love to request you to give me the mp3 music that you use in your class in my email that is [email protected]
Handmade By Deanna Marie
I'm in love with your videos! They give me such a great workout!  Thank you for inspiring me to keep going on this fitness journey!
Ingrid Fransson
Tack har zumbat idag
Isolde Barrios
I love your videos. I'm in home and i can't go to the gym. You are my personal trainner. Hugs from Chile
Great job!!!!
Jackie Genao
One of my fave videos!! Where's the audio? I'm bummed :(
Jenny Green
I love how how energetic you are!!!! 
Jessa Mae Pescuela
Linda, you are looking absolutely gorgeous! I cant wait to try this routine! Thank you
Julycho Kim
more soulful and exciting! I will try. thanks :)
Awesome, contagious energy!! Am I crazy, or is that you up there x 2? Everyone is saying \
Kayla Gifkins
I'm 17 and love doing all your zumba 1, 2 ,3, 4 videos I try to do it every morning love your outfit in this & love how much fun u seem to have & the passion :) keep it up!
Kelli P
After a month of doing the Latin Dance Fitness 1, it got too easy for me so I bumped it up to this one and man I sweat and it really gets my heart pumping.  Thanks Linda for making working out fun! 
La Belle Zen
Very great routine ! Amazing job girls, go forward !! 😊
Leticia Cortez
thank u again for sending  all work  video through u tube its more clear and enjoy every video God Bless to  u and the whole team.
Liyah Yisrael
i love 1 and 3
Hi!love your workouts 😀 pls continue the zumba beginner lessons 😊
I do exercise with ur video !!! I live in OK. plz upload good zumba next again!! Thank you!!
Marian De
I like it... I used ur class 1to 3 for 2months and I lost 10lbs.\n\nMore videos , keep it up!\nFrom ur fan here in philippines
Marisela Solorzano
super like!
Marwa Makhlouf
thank you linda 
Matheus Reis Ferreira
Hello Linda! I always zumba with your videos! Thanks for everything!
Mathilde Dufour
Mel Mendoza
Thank you for your videos c: I work out to them every single day and I have lost a few pounds and I've only been working out for two weeks c:
Meliantha Iris
Hi Linda!!!!!!!!I'm from Greece I want to lose weight and every day I dance with this video!!!But today I didn't because i can't hear the music of video!!!Why????Why????Why\u003e????Please can you fix it????pleaeaeaeseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa Hrist
Thanks for all your classes.Just love them.\nI love the way you teach .Can't wait to see more:)\n 
Monica Ramirez
Mónika Fejes
Nana mah
thank you linda i love all video \nand you very buteifull
Nicol Muñoz
si esta muy bueno. muchasss graciasssssss
Novalon's Randomness
I love your zumba videos i am currently doing them everyday thanks so much =)
Pamela Fernandez
muy buieno...
Paz H.
Hi Linda! your are so energetic! Thank you for your videos. I enjoy it every morning!
Sara Hassan
I daily wach your zumba classes and make them they are really great 😍😍😄😄 thank you linda
Sashia D-Robinson
Linda & Mari, I hate to exercise and have never found a routine that can keep my interest. However I have been doing this routine for 2 weeks now, and know all the steps by heart. I love your energy together, please post another like it!
Shahy K.
I enjoy your routines very much....i want more please...more of the complete workouts which are more than 30 min videos...i run your videos and follow your moves everyday ... thanks alot :)
Shaina Glow
me encanta su energia mil like les doy  ;)
Great workout Linda xOXO    do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tea Time English
Tess Gelig
love it linda, keep up the good works. Thank you and God bless you!
The Supreme
Hey Linda, please upload some more dance routines! Tnx for inspiration
Tj LePage
Thank you Linda!  So fun!
Vanessa Alveal
ke    es   mui  bueno    para   la salut
thank you so much for making these videos! :)\nkeep going!!
a sulfi
kundi kali
I really like this thanks for sharing
bdoosh mohammad
nice i want to try 😫
celina lopes
I just wanna say, I have the Zumba fitness rush game that I do, but since I came across your videos, I would rather do them instead of the xbox version. I love your moves and especially your indications for the next move to come. LOVE the music you play and the fact that it's so real, it's really motivating. Wish you had a class in my town lolol. Only small suggestion, would be if you can make your music a little more clear in the videos, I know it's probably not that easy, but it would sound soooo much better when blasting it on my system :). Hope you decide to make a cd. I would definitely buy it. Keep it up.
charis wan tinwai
This is greatttttt! Linda, I started following your channel after my friend from Philippines recommended me. Your smiles and passion makes working out fun and easy :D Thanks so much and love from Singapore!
Great workout and plus you two make me laugh!!
I really liked your video.
I love it! I was so excited to see that you had a new video. I've been doing 1-4 videos since october 2013 and I have lost 30 pounds. Your videos have given me the courage to take a zumba class at my park district and I love it. Keep those videos coming, you are doing a great job!
frederick ballard
fruma rosenthal
Rona from jerusalem israel! \nWhere is the beginners 3 video? I've done the beginners 2 for 3 months and want to progress? You're excellent
ghader allaham
I love it sooo much it's great ,keep like this to the top 
hellena m
jhanvi gupta
I lov thm bt how can i download them ?\n
joan Cachapero
i'll download it right away!
jothi j27
hi This video is my faaaaaaavrt can i know the name of the song??/
juan gonzales
omg ur an amazing instructer i doo all your videos all the time....keep up the work love love love your videos....can u do more videos with just you n your partner female plzzzzz
yesss!! thank you Linda!! I've been waiting of your next installment eagerly!!
lourdes Arevalo
Muy bueno como 100pre
morgan morgan
i love that you are smiling all the videos from beginning to end
nathalie vadon
I LIKE!!!!!!!!:)))))))
nathallya costa
Maravilhoso msm dança gente emagrecer msm
nicole hache
this is awsome! Keep them coming please!!!!
Keep going ! We are looking forward to see all your workouts ! kisses
I finally got to check this out & loving it. The music is upbeat & the dance steps are really good. Love love love it. Linda can you do one for about 30 minutes?
hi Linda is it okay to do like from your dance workout 1 3 and 4 in one go ? or it depends on how my body is taking it because as of now I do both 1 and 3 as one work out........... hugs from Zimbabwe
vione khalid
virer mam are nou non
This video is my favorite thk Linda.
Thank you Linda, I'll look forward to this. So energetic and fun
wong kit
zamfir raluca
please fix this....the video has no audio
Ágnes Németh
Thank you Linda! This workout is super! :)
Ахмед Анзуров
zumba is my favourite sport , i like your videos :) , Greetings from Egypt