Loosening the Masseter

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Jenny from Psoas Massage + Bodywork shows us some self-massagetechniques for loosening the masseter, a jaw muscle that can get verytense from TMJ, grinding teeth and daily wear and tear.

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Anna Stuart
I clench only one side of my jaw during sleep and after years of this I now have a larger master muscle on that side. It makes my face asymmetric. Would this exercise help reduce the muscle size? If not, are there any things I can do besides Botox? Thanks.
Thank you. I seriously just woke up one day with tmj, and now the one thing in life I look forward too (eating) is ruined for me.but I'll try this out for a while and see how it goes. Again thank you.
This actually made my jaw feel stiffer. Also, apparently, externally massaging the masseter is no good as the proper way to massage it is from the inside of the mouth.
Kafar10 Far
Definitely work
Kathleen Goodman
For those wondering if this will make your masseter muscle shrink, it really depends. Some doctors say that the masseter muscle can be reduced somewhat - emphasis on somewhat - if all habits related to the enlarged muscles (gum chewing, teeth grinding, flexing jaw muscles, excessive eating etc.) are stopped. However, it will take a long time to atrophy and don't forget you still have to eat and talk, so you can't just not use it. Most people see much better improvement with botox injections, but don't forget you can't go back to your old habits after injection or else it will enlarge again. In order to attempt to solve this problem permanently - and that's not possible for everyone - you must get repeated botox injections. Alas, botox is expensive so most of us can't afford it, so try these relaxing techniques and get rid of ALL bad habits relating to excessive jaw use in the meantime. Talk to a dentist if your issue is teeth grinding and you can't seem to resolve it on your own.\n\nAlso, it is possible that your face looks wider due to excessive buccal fat instead, or it could be a combo of both. Buccal fat cannot reduce with diet or exercise, it only is possible to get rid of with age or surgery, but the surgery is not usually dangerous. You may have lots of Buccal fat if you still have chipmunk cheeks or \
Koen Petter
i think this is the only method that is gonna work for me, thanks alot ;p
Mar lie
Awesome! Instant relief :D
Roberta Salvo
Can this be done only once a day?
Robin Doeve
Is there an aesthetic benefit to this? Mine are a little enlarged, so I was hope by relaxing them they wouldn't be used as much and hopefully shrink. Is that possible?
This definitely helped a little. It's neither good nor fun having tense jaw muscles when you're studying for exams. :)
Sayantan Manna
Does this make masseter muscle shrink?\nPlease reply ASAP ...........
Thanks so much for this video! I had my wisdom teeth removed a week ago, and I've had incessant tension ever since, but I noticed a bit of relief after just three repetitions.
TV TheBlackMugen
Holy shit this helped instantly. I usually have bad tension on my right side. it causes sharp pain in my head and vasoconstriction. i did this and felt a brief stab, but i also felt my jaw drop down and in a neutral position. When i tilt my head upward my right side feels like frozen gum trying to stretch. After doing this, my motion feels normal again. Gonna keep doing this/\n\nThanks!
This video is extremely useful! Thanks very much
Thank you so much!!!
david bouy
day two, jaw feels a little better, keep ya posted.. thank you.
keith y
How do you stretch those other jaw muscles that look like they run perpendicular to the masseter?
nikki townes
can this make masseter muscle shink?
p kamble
looking nice
sameer khan
hey i got a question and need your help can you help me?