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A look inside the process of how sex toys are made from the initial mold, to the final product, to the packaging on store shelves! Can you tell if something is actually a sex toy? Some of us couldn't either! Check it out: For the latest trends and videos, visit: refinery29 [dot] comLike Refinery29 on Facebook: Refinery29Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: @refinery29Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: @refinery29

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*unfunny joke*
Now I want a dildo, thanks
AJ Apocalypse
I find it so disturbing that it's a family-run business oh my
Acia MG
2:35 pintura rosa, like si lo notaste y like si hablas español
Alaia Minish
The most awkward family business ever
Alexa V
why is it prohibited in Alabama
All Usernames Taken
2:15 I can't help but think that old woman wanted some thing more out of her life...
Amalia Zaneva
it's 11 this is what I need to do
Ami Sabanta
So what's your occupation?\nMe: Oh i just sculpt penises
Angela Albrecht
Lol 0:12 looks like Anastasia Steele!
Aria Andrea A-S
Aubree crawford
Oh God I'm on the wrong side of the internet again!😱
she said dildo
Betty Turcan
do those ladies have \
Bunker Sieben
I remember pranking a cnc lathe operator by programming it to turn a *big buttplug. He looked confused when all these buttplugs came out in the conveyor tray. He was all like \
Cassie ritter
Christina Joseph
I saw that dude @ 0:04 on a Disney Channel show
I know they’re sex toys but they look so satisfying and I want to squish them
Dejay Rezme
Holy shit the workers in packaging are not wearing gloves!
DirectorsCut ASMR
I want that blue one at the beginning of the video ;)
Dr. Morteza Delroba
Interesting,,,,,handling those \
Dylan Miao
Or you can pick your favorite products in my store.\nI would like to give you a few more products.
Emma Parry
what if sex toys were banned all around the world? :O
Emrik Lindström
The sister needs to see a referense............THE BROTHER IS NEAR HER
Erica Papillon
They actually put pubic hair on them no comment
Fabian Vega
Am i the only one who thinks the girl at the end looks like Anastasia off of 50 Shades?
Gacha_Lilian :/
Why did I watch this again
Hbomb 247
I came here from seeing how pez was made😦
Watching that old woman make dildos just made me sad
Itz_jada lb
I don't know why I'm here
J Steele
Please do a piece on how they make their massive dual density dildos.
some were GIGANTIC wtf ;;
John Davis
couldnt stop laughing. this is the funniest way to find out about how dilds are made
Juanpablo Montalvo
I find the efficiency of this hilarious and I don't know why
Katie P.
2:14 that little old lady looks happy... HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM
Kaya Noel
That awkward moment when you own one from that company lol
Kerim Demirkan
They don't wear gloves while packaging them???
This is a R rated version of How It’s Made 😂
Lauryn Wilkerson
Loli Dama
I wonder if dildos can use condoms?
Lucifer Sinister
Lydiaa Manchester
could u just imagine a little boy being like mom what do u do for living “ i cool dildos “
2:54 those dildos look like they have a dollar store quality.
Maddie Everlasting
so. many. penises.
So... Who Tests Them To Make Sure They Work?
Maingout Land
Marcos Garcia
Prohibited in Alabama. Is that why they turn to family?
Marta GD
WAit...wait.. wait... \
MayLing Tran
Wood and stone? I guess that's where we get \
what do I do for a living you ask? it's easy. I sculpt cocks.
Meg B
Oh my gosh, where are the workers gloves?
Meggy Clark
Job interviewer: so, what was your last job\nMe: um...
#Refinery29 Although I've recently subscribed but ur channel is highly informative. Love you'll.
Mochi Mochi
Wtf I went from how it's made lipstick to this
Mugduhlena Kuzluwskae
all those 'jellies' in the video contain phthalates which are known to cause cancers such as cervical cancer and breast cancer, and are readily absorbed by the body. there is no regulatory authority concerned with sex toys which means that they can be produced using chemicals which have been banned for use in childtens toys, medical devices, food packaging and hygene products due to being health hazards.
My like n light
wow, that look geat for a single person like me. haahaah
Neva Hribovsek
I literally came here from watching Shane Dawson
Not my Real name
How do these people do their jobs with a straight face XD
Philippe Mercier-Fortin
2:55 2:56 ALABAMA ?!?!?!?!??!
Pink Kawaii Kitty
Safety tip for people who don't know. Always use water based lube for your toys to be safe!! Only use silicone if it's a glass or stainless steel toy. Hybrid lube is tricky so be on the safe side and just stick to water based
Pink unicorn Lover
Imagine it’s a family run business they have kids. For career day... \nparents: hi! We are a family run business for s** toys! Jimmy here will inherit this company later!
Que es el té Guey
Date:so what do yo do?\nThem: oh I carve dildos for a living \n\n😂😂😂
Rachel Hayes
I love dildos
imagine if you were kid in that family and someone asks what your family's business is hahaha
Repe Reprt
If I had a job like that and someone asked me what my job was it will be a disgusting conversation
The best piece of info I got from this vid was to WASH YOUR TOYS WHEN YOU GET THEM- FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE ARE THE GLOVES??\n\nThanks, Refinery29!
Sarah Turner
umm, why is there church music playing in the middle of the video, lmao thats SOOO wrong...
The really big ones look so painful.
Shyree Ragpala
This makes you buy one.hehe now I want to own one
SilliS Remix
I always wondered how plumbuses got made
Sophia Wesevich
Bet the owners are from Alabama
Sour Eggz
I got a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts and what am I doing with it?! I am the main creative lead at a dildo factory. *This is is my story.*
Swa Pharma
Dildos are available in India......go check amazon.
Sľ Z
The MLG iceCream Truck
eeeeeeuuuummm oke how did i get here
Toby Rens
How is this video allowed on youtube?????
Violett Reyes
I'm shocked about some of the sizes. I just don't understand how it fits 😳
Who Knows
im working in a dildo factory 3::::::::::D
They also make toys out of stuff thats no safe to put into your body. Lets not kid ourselves, they don't really care if their toys will cause cancer years down the road or give you an allergic reaction. Anyone who knows this market would be disgusted by this company and most the other big players. They make a few good things out of good materials but they just still sell disgusting jelly material toys that are shit.\n\nI wouldn't be surprised if they made alot of their stuff in China, or that if this factory was in Mexico or something. I don't trust \
abdullah masud
i need one in dubai
a family run interesting
It's scary how this is becoming a \
I live in Alabama, and we have sex shops that sell sex toys legally.
david psalm bendula
I cant stop laughing 😂 it realy is awkward to ask the employee where do you work....hahahahah
so what do you do for a living?
All i want to do is sit in on the board meeting with the Powerpoint presentation with graphs and numbers, and the leading “products” are discussed, handed out, executives told to give them test run.... and see how many straight faces are there
Omg I can't imagine working in that factory and telling people what I do for a living 😂
lisa kyoichi
that last girl looks like Anastasia from 50 shades of grey💓💓💓 so pretty
little miss bitch
manvinder singh singh
well that's something you'd never see on \
nameless_ gamerrr
why tf did some have lumps on the tip...
roxii rose
Stone and wood... now that's rough
sub 2 pewds
It’s Also Family Run\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nsweet home alabama.
suraj phalke
did any INDIAN noticed hanumans and Krishnas tattoo on that lady's hand \n😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
αrl ɢrмeѕ
they look pretty not gonna lie.
When parents ask you what job you want