People Punching BOXING MACHINE (0-999!!)

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Have you ever wondered who the hardest hitting fighter is? Do boxers have a more powerful punch? i was so mad that i could not get the high score but i hope you guys like this video its all about having fun sometime . so i hope you guys are happy and this made you laugh.The sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal sport of boxing has evolved significantly since its seminal days of disorganized violence, yet so much remains the same. Ultimately it is still a toe-to-toe, foe versus foe, stand-up, knockdown one ring circus! The popularity of the sport has waxed and waned. According to many, the sport is dying and on the way out, supplanted by MMA and other sports. And while there are certainly issues and struggles in the sport, boxing, in reality, still draws enormous viewership and is just as beloved as ever. While this article is just a taste of the extensive history of the sport, there’s still much to come and we expect boxing to continue to be written about 100 years from now.LIKE ► COMMENT ► SUBSCRIBE ► SHARE. ► MORE VIDEOS:

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3:42 that hit sounded like a gun shot! xD
A fucking Weeb
I like how most people pretend that there tough when the machines are rigged
Belum lagi dipukul genji ama rindaman
Adam Badali
The people head butting it deserve a darwin award 😂
Ajay Mathew
seems like every machines are different :/
Alberto Geriante
i do 860 im 15
Alex Louis
How did she get that score at 1:21 it looks like she barely even touched it lol 😂
Alexis Osorio
Lmao who else wants to do this now?😂🤔👊
Imagine that bag to be Ur math teacher's face \n999 hell yeah
Andrew Parsons
It’s really not about strength it is mainly about hitting it in the right spot
August Nyblom
4:54 is swedish.
Bc5 5875
Turkish strength is impeccable
These are so inconsistent, I'm 14 and I hit 840 😂
We need vegeta\n\n\n\n\n\nNo Saitama actually
Bruce Lie
I wudnt mess with some of those girls !!!!
4:30 @flyinguwe
Chris 17
Too Much Sprite Cranberry...
Con Hubman
As a professional boxer, I could have had a coffee in the time these muscle bound morons were thinking of throwing their punches! What a joke ! Fight a real man.
I feel like I’d get 999 but I also feel like I’d miss sooooo
Dave mate
6:45 rigged
Dillon Nolan
So rigged them machines no way these punch that hard they have terrible technique
Why that left guy looks like messi?
ES Freak
Wtf miguel pablo😂
Efe kadir Gürcan
Videoda full Türk var aq :D
El Capitano
00:15 türk var beyler prim için demiyom kendinizi belli edin like atın
Fernando Fernandez Fernandez
6:44 who sees the 9 at the back
Fraggnet_ VG
6:44 are u kinding me thats so fake it says 999 before she hit it i think she can only make 700 points or 650
Furkan Kocaman
Wo sind die Deutschen¿????
women punching is the cringiest thing ever\n\n\nedit: didnt mean to offend anybody
Giantjose 101
0:42 did i just hear fatality?
Hüseyin Uçar
6:45 girl did NOT just hit harder than a buff black dude
2:50 is that stone cold steve austin?
Its NotVirus
1:52 Bruhhhh
It’sYour BoiX
3:35 what song is that
Obviously, these machines r not n sync together.
Jake Taylor
1:21 yeah ok
Jim Koller
my punch ties with score 965 to 968 mine was 668 my name's Cory!!!
Joe Goliath
I would SMASH that woman towards the end
John Schnee
5:40 Lachflash 🤣Alter hohoho Scheppert des Ding 🤣
Jonah Maegraith
2:39 it’s funny how bad some people are at punching
Joseph Snoe
These machines are crazy inaccurate I've hit some pretty soft and gotten into the 800 to 900 area and some have made the whole machine rock and gotten like 400. Some models measure the speed the bag goes up, some the force the bag hits with, rarely they have a pressure gauge in the bag but it's never a good one. You really want to measure your punches find a legit strike pad with proper psi measure and go ham
Kartikey Mishra
Master Frieza, we've spotted more Saiyans on planet Earth.
Wait omg what happens if they hit the machine? O.o hours of pain
Legendary Waffle
The chick on 1:46 is @julifirso on instagram. Shes actually a pretty cool person.\n\nEdit:She’s also at 6:45 just saw
MLG Turtle
6:45 Glitch
Max Nbgh
Flying uwe
0:43 the Russians come 😂😂
Modzzeratio N
4:57 sweden
Monty Pleyz
Guys I got 1124 and I barely touched the douche bag guys don't trust these machines I am just 14 lol I am not lying
Nadji Fadel
6:44 Android 18 is that u ?
Nathan Rotlisberger
*Big guy punches it with all his life* \n-400 points\n\n*Small women barely punches it*\n-800 points\n\nNot rigged at all don’t worry guys
Nicat Məmmədov
Videoda türk var yorumlarda yok.
Nicu Clash Royale
0:17 lol\nLAG ping:999 even you damaged someone with a 1 hp
Nifty jojoo
1:46 at a real Box machine she would hit 88
Pak Man
4:13 music please
Rahman Shaik
For a while I thought it was Messi in the thumbnail
Ralph Contreras
The girl one are glitches
Random guy
Does girl ones are so fake. It doesnt mattet how much u train. If you like like a stick like them their ain't no way u gettinf more than 100 or 200
Bruh the girl is playing on an easier/rigged machine 😂 she punches like my dead grandma.
1:06 looks like a girl from a game after your score is exposed
Red Riot
Renzo Osuna
Bruce Lee: Hold my Water
Rico Villanueva
These machine are bad for people’s health.. They give people a false sense of security!
Ronit Hada
What if Bruce Lee punches ?
Savage Kid
Know you saw dude at 3:30
Selo 951
80% turkish people
Sick wie Leukämie
2:03 haha Miguel Pablo
Some random Yoshi fan
Someone breaks into my house and see the punching bag score of 999.\nRobber:”Well I just came in to say hi no need for violence”
When I grow up I will have trained enough for my punch to exceed 999
Travis Warner
These machines are pretty inaccurate
Trick shot kid T
When girls are good at punching but when they get in fights it’s just a joke
Tristan Muchwano
3:27 that man hit that thing so hard his zipper flew open
TryHards SGDZ
Imagine Bruce lee
Tvoja mamka
Im 15 and my record is 930
0:55 and that's why you need to use your head sometimes
Ulker Aslanova
Sheredded brothers
1:51 cringe
Miguel pablo jaamaan😂😂😂
4:00 deffo hardest punch out the lot..... actually probably 6 mins!
Has anybody ever punched the actual screen? like just totally overshot a punch
inferno dragon gaming
Big guys socks with all his might girl punches at gets 999
\u003e Giant Guy Pierce the Machine Using His Fist and the Fury of a Spartan Warrior\n\n- 932 Points\n\n\u003e Girl Almost Fondle the Machine\n\n- 999 MONSTER KILL
krissy get off my youtube
Vegeta would obliterate this machine
labinot krasnici
0.43 Hahahahah \
mamas. Boy_
None of these people know how to punch/swing 🚫🧢 😪
mick pick
I got 998 I was 2 off from a 1000 I did use a robot arm
micosacnget gumagay
What happen when hulk punch it\n\n\n\n\n\n\n(Only finger)
musa Koçak
Many of them are from turkey (like second one)
mutant spitter
Ahh hell nahh...u telling me a hog rider at 1:15 lost to a skeleton at 1:21
i’m the kind of guy who brings a baseball bat to one of these
pp RiQ
6:44 fake
savage yo dawg
6:51 that man that came from behind the machine messed with it that's how he was able to get 999
soundcloud rapper
They are all different dough. They all messure differently.
super saiyan blue vegito
The girl must have been using the broken one, probably
wishlight gaming
Guys some of them are not good. My little bro puched it one time he got 940 and he's 8 years old but when i puched it always 800-840
3:12 Music please