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Tracklist: 1: Wig Usually, when a renowned band gets back together, the group is revisiting a substantive recorded legacy known intimately by its listeners. Gray's case, however, is an unusual one, in that their reunion album also happens to be their debut album. Gray were a part of New York's no wave underground scene in the early ‘80s, and while best known for having included the late, now-legendary visual artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (and at one point, actor/director Vincent Gallo), they created a sound that was way ahead of its time, even when compared to the groundbreaking efforts of their adventurous peers. But the short-lived band never released a record in its initial period of activity; a couple of tracks that eventually surfaced on the soundtrack to the Basquiat-starring film Downtown 81 are all that the original Gray left behind. After Basquiat's death, his old bandmates reconvened to play at his memorial, and subsequently began working on new music. Finally, three decades after their relative heyday, Gray have released an album, Shades Of..., which embarks on new sonic explorations using a similar sonic palette to that of their early work. That palette includes a rather dizzying array of colors, encompassing hip-hop, ambient atmospheres, industrial sounds, minimalism, art funk, moody post-punk, jazzy guitars, spoken word, and even pop. The results may not sound as revolutionary in the 21st century as Gray's similar-sounding early-‘80s music did, but it's clear that the band quietly prefigured everything from post-rock to electronica, even though hardly anyone ever realized it. The original lineup is not completely unrepresented here either -- though most of the tracks were recorded in the ‘90s and 2000s, the 1981 cut "Drum Mode" is included, as are some samples of Basquiat, which are reworked into an album that revisits a short, special window in New York's cultural history but somehow manages to sound strangely timeless. (All Music review)COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only. This is an act of fair usage as described by the Copyright Offices, therefore, a dispute should not occur over this video. No copyright intended. This is strictly for non-profit and educational purposes only. All rights belong to the original owners and content creators of this material. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. It is not to be used for copying and selling. No copyright infringement intended.

263 Louis
I bought the autographed album auctioned on ebay + I bought it on iTunes. Long live Basquiat ! Ashley bickerton one of my favs including \
Alexandria Moon
Andy C.
is there any way you can provide a download link?
Andy Wiatrowski
great, amazing and, I am.. slightly sad it took me this long to get right here, where I am, right now, at this moment.
If anyone cares, The Cleveland Museum of Art is doing a show in January of Basquiat.
Anson Lemmer
Omg the new fifty shades movie looks like a real work of art!
Ark Antika Music
do not fear mistakes there are none- miles davis
Ausra Giedraityte
timeless work
Brittany Engram
This is amazing.
Bryan Briggs
I never knew Basquiat,was in a band,until I saw a documentary on him,\nhere on YouTube! So,naturally,I decided to check it out & here it is! The\nsound is almost like acid house! Very abstract,very avant-garde! Fitting\nfor an artist! What a surreal,audiophilic landscape! Absolutely awesome!
Daria Dziarmaga
so neat
Eddie Sendra
wow this is amazing thank you so much and long live the (king) cuz he was the one that immortalized the crown
Emile Coetzee
Whenever I’m in the city I tend to enjoy listening to this album x
Emily Hoffmeyer
Faustino Tonsich
Nuestro amigo puchi se pone re loquito
Felipe Bottamedi
Awesome! What genre is the third track?
Fin Sorrel
Guilherme Carvalhedo Cunha
[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nDo I have to fill out a form to get my liquor andcigarettes?\nI’m going to blow my brains out\nIt’s much easier to get hijack Marlboros from the trustees\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nWhat? What is this? I'm sorry...\n\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nPlastic bag, and...\nDo I have to fill out a form to get my liquor and cigarettes?\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nWhat? Wait, just slow down (unintelligible)\nI can’t hear you\n\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nIt's much easier to get hijacked Marlboros from the trustees\nIt's gone soft\nBlack, white, grey\nThese last few months\nCancelled checks\nThe police arrived\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nYou're in a prison?\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nYou won't be so arrogant when the police arrive\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nWhat are you talking about?\n\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nIt's gone soft\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nWhat?\n\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nIt's gone soft\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nWhat's gone soft?\nI don't know what you're talking about...\n\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nPlastic bag\n\n[Hotline Operator]\nWhat plastic bag?\n\n[Jean-Michel Basquiat]\nHarassing me and stink bombs and stuff
Guilty Simpson
thanks ALOT
Hola ,
cocain trip is so bad people ask for help anywhere no to drugs , min 20:05 and amazing album
Howard Kleger
drum mode has a pink floyd sample from Bike and So Far So Real is the opening narrative to Wizards
Hugo Carneiro
James Barrett
This is brilliant.
James Underhill
Such an inspiration
Jean Moderne
Thank you for sharing.
Joey Cardona
This makes my blood race....
John Herr
Michael Holman, I heard your interview about hip hop, NY and Jean. great interview and as I read about JMB and watch interviews with JMB I realize that Jullian's movie didn't quite show him as I've come to know him through those of you who hung with him. \n\nmuch thanks
Kristin morgan
This is the single greatest thing I've found on YouTube. 💕
Lalo ramos
amazing . he was a great artist .
Letícia Sampaio
Who is listening to this stoned?
Li Dee
Louie Oakwood
so ahead of its time
Luca Caruso
Listening to this music makes you think how fervent, creative, boundless, carefree scenes were at the time. Collabs everywhere in all fields of art, something rather rare these days. The will to experiment. Subcultures and movements in the cities really shape the world of culture... This is why life's worth living
Lucas flores
isso aqui é bom de mais manos
Luciano Mattos
Thanx from Brasil. Beautifull.
Matt Bourassa
This is my favourite record of all time
Medea Yankova Art and Travel
Love it!!! The Itunes version of this album sadly is not completely the same tho! I just bought it yesterday and then realized some of the songs here are not there and the opposite. Where can I get exactly this album, which is here, from? If anyone knows, I’ll be very thankful to! 😊
Michael Holman
Thanks for all the lovely comments, means a lot...
Michelle Sanchez
I need this album in my life!!!!!
Monica T
takes me back to our scene in chgo in the 80s --music art & life man its what its all about\nOH! btw Baptiste KLAP thank you for uploading
Mundi Cox
This is such creative music! Just so artistic. So glad I found this album
Nigga John
what was his hip-hop album called
Nolan W
Nolan Weger
The actual one on iTunes for suicide hotline is amazingly real and almost scary kinda proves how jean wasn’t just someone who made emotions on canvas this man needs more recognition
Patrick Hyland
man this is sooooo cool
R ayra
há tempos ouvindo sem parar. criativo e inspirador
Rafael varela
Tracklist: \n1: Wig 00:00 \n2: Pillar of Salt 2:50\n3: Ashley Bickerton 3:58 \n4: The Man Who 9:06 \n5: Gauntlet of Wriggly's 12:00 \n6: Eight Hour Religion 14:03 \n7: Figure it Out 16:27 \n8: Dan Asher 17:50 \n9: Suicide Hotline 20:00 \n10: Cut it up High Priest 23:27 \n11: I Know 27:48 \n12: Mockingbird 30:54 \n13: Washington DC 33:09 \n14: Life On The Streets 35:15 \n15: Doktor Doom 37:59 \n16: Badada 39:34 \n17: Drum Mode 41:00 \n18: So Far So Real 44:20
Rafiel Art
This is beautiful
Renato Bratkovič
Wow, great work!
Robert Arrieta
Does Vincent Gallo play on this album?
Robert Montoya
What instrument did Basquiat play?
Rudy Clavelo
Sangría 616
This has given me so much to continue in the struggle to achieve my goals. Thank you.
Steven Cafè Busignani
Summit Yourself
drugs is singing... or attempt to...
Tara Takako Dowling
Thomas Shiit
No wave nyc underground. Let me get in my machine!!!!!
Those drums!
Tuan Jim
I love this album. A great piece of art. The diverse, sprawling soundscapes, the many moods and vibes that swirl around in it. I've been chilling with it in the morning and evening hours, even going to sleep with it on some nights, letting the sounds enter my dreams.
Valerie Hade
check out my man with the daniel johnston beats on my likes
Zoë Lkjsdhf
Fresh. Everything else sucks.
Nice song
Drum mode rocks
caroline foley
beyond masterful. knowing that a lot of this is re-recorded from original compositions written in Gray's prime, they were ahead of their time in a way that predicted the use of the avant-garde in hip hop with the use of electronics and found sound to create what may be 'free-hop'. love ya. thank you for paving the way to some of the most unique music on earth, and at that creating the most unique music on earth
dAVid sALoMoN
Tremendo... Inspirador.
darrell slaten
Sigh. .....
This is fantastic!
featuring a dead guy what is the point of this cash money from the dead how cuntish.
john Abagnal
Such a great sound, thanks!
arte bruto
Great Anglo American work
thanks for posting this.
i don't know if this is the same band i saw perform last night but hey, i mean this gray (out of the 868998765678 other bands) is cool too so
This gives me sunday evening cruising in the car vibes and I love it.
polevsh p
where can i download that? 😭😭
man, im really diggin this
Interesting yet very private and insular. Imagine what kind of \
If I could hold on for just another day....
this is so damn good