UNBOXING Overview envie SPEEDSTER ECR-11 AA/AAA Battery Charger.

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Anuj Yadav
Bhai price kya h
I've been wanting to buy this, but one doubt remains - Can this charge different combinations of AA and AAA batteries together? E.g. 3xAAA and 1xAA etc.
Where to put aaa battery? All slots looks big, but aaa is small right
But sir in my case it after show error \nWhat i hve to do \nPlease tell
Merin Kumar
Does this get warm or hot while charging ?
Nilabja Sarkar
Dude 1.6 hrs does not mean 1hr 60min, it means 1hr and 36min...
1hr 60min why not 2 hr ???
Varun Varun
How much time it takes for changing cell
Vignesh subbiah
Do the light will glow during the complete charge?
gaurav patwal
want to ask which brand is good envie or Panasonic eneloop? i need to buy for my flash. and m lil confused between envie and Panasonic.