Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God

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Lecture I in my Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories series from May 16th at Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto. In this lecture, I describe what I consider to be the idea of God, which is at least partly the notion of sovereignty and power, divorced from any concrete sovereign or particular, individual person of power. I also suggest that God, as Father, is something akin to the spirit or pattern inherent in the human hierarchy of authority, which is based in turn on the dominance hierarchies characterizing animals. Q & A Starts:

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Acts16:30&31 Believe
Through the Word thats how you find out what problem is and how to solve problem.... We are sinners... you believe Jesus died on Cross for your sins,we sin because we are sinners born spiritually dead.. we need a Savior,Jesus only one to take our place.He solved the problem of spiritual death by taking our place.He died spiritually for us.. deanbible .org. it's not about us it's about Him. We are all so self absorbed. He is our Creator.
Ambient Life
I have seen all the lectures of this series and have to say that they have had a profound impact on me. Before I even started reading the bible or really attending the church, it's these lectures that sparked something in me. Jordan Peterson is able to transform a very complex subject into a simple form that is easy to understand and fascinating to listen to. Being a true Christian is really hard work - simply standing in church and calling yourself Christian is not enough. I have a long way to go, but this is a great foundation for understanding the bible. A word of advice to newcomers: As someone who was at a certain point turned off from the bible due to difficult language (also English being my second language), I have found the Orthodox Study Bible to be absolutely essential to my understanding of the texts - it contains both the Old Testament and the New Testament and has annotations from scholars that makes an enormous difference. Glory to God!
Anthony Cook
Jesus is what's good about Christianity, no doubt about it. I just joined the JP caravan - better late than never :)
Anwesh Patnaik
please also try hindu mythology as it can be traced back to starting of human civilisation. Vedas, scriptures,art i think also provides more meaning and understanding of psychology and society.
Artin Yousefi
It's 4 AM Goddamit
Aryan Tiwari
God how is this free??? When I reach a position of influence in my life then I will surely divert people towards this video, to somehow repay this man for saving my life.
Austin Clow
Either Peterson is the most brilliant person of the 21st century, or he's taken a dump truck full of Adderall. My money is on the brilliance.
I'm switching between different tabs with diff JP videos lol
Bernard Anderson
Brian Long
Hmm, intimidating to comment here without seeming self-absorbed or defensive (either as a biblical believer or otherwise), but the what the hell.\nDr. Peterson clearly states at the beginning that he is not speaking from a position of personal faith in the veracity of the Bible but as a psycho-analyst, and open minded rationalist who finds profound utility in the meaning he sees in its “myths”. Spiritual things can only be understood through the Spirit. (See 1 Corinthians 2). So sure he misses the point of sin, and redemption and the glory of the goodness and grace of God or the absolute necessity of being reconciled to a holy God. But that’s not what he is trying to understand or explain. And not what I’m expecting from his thoughts here. I loved the lecture and will listen to the whole series.\nFrom what I understand the value he sees in the truths of the Bible he does understand is their essential nature in making life as an individual and a society work well. The crucial role they play in personal life and society is being threatened by postmodernism with tragic consequences. If the church were doing its job it would be making this point effectively itself. If the world is dark, blame those who are called to be light, if the society is rotting, blame those who are supposed to be salt. I feel challenged by his observations and wonder if I’m doing enough. After reading the comments of so many here I was challenged to ask myself why I haven’t made the full gospel as attractive to intelligent people as his lectures seem to. I hope his lectures and studying people’s responses to them will help me with that.\nAs a side note: His whole idea about the role of dreams in making truth articulate made me think about how God used dreams and visions filled with symbolic pictures to communicate great truths about His nature and plans to the prophets. At some point the infinite God must find a way to communicate incomprehensible but vital truth to finite minds.
Never thought that, as a non believer, I could be so excited for a lecture on God
Christine Holliday
🎄Merry Christmas Jordan🎄 Thank You , For Being Human !!! And Thank You for bringing light to our Eyes, Heart and Mind!!! WE NEED YOU!
Chronic Shamanic
Go on J. P. drink some water buddy
Curiosi Tea
As the industrial and technological revolutions are reaching exhaustion, people are turning their focus inward to expand the self.
Davis Pham
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Debra Blouin
“This strange old book” has shaped civilizations, families, and people. Why? That’s a very good question.
Donald Obama
I wonder if J.P. knows God’s been knocking on his door and he’s about to discover being born again Christian
Elliott Lawless
By far the most interesting thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life and I assume for the rest of it.
Ezequias Garcia
Great work Professor Peterson!
Close to 3 million views for a lecture on God !! How is this possible? I see long form lectures by JP as the backlash to the superficial Instagram-esque world we now live in. The cotton candy being shit out by the cultural machine ain't doing it for us, but *this* shit is! Greatly encouraged that there are so many others out there looking to dive deep into some heavy shit. Not everyone's attention span these days is 10 seconds, look at that. I am not alone after all! Thank you, JP, for being the antidote to our vapid times!
Fai Bro
Thanks for the hero making the subtitles! It must have taken a lot of time and effort.
Frank Manion
Gaming Legends
I admire this man, Seriously he has opened my eyes and given me this courage to face my fears, and to face the lies that i have built my self upon.
God Is alive
when i first clicked on this video about 7 months ago i had no idea that it would change my life forever. i went from being completely self destructive- heading down a road where suicide was inevitable to taking the classes and courses that will put me in university. there are no words to describe how revolutionary this man was for me. life changing and life saving.\n\nEdit: whenever I feel myself slipping back into my old mentality I binge watch JBP videos. It never fails to keep me in line.
Whoever just disliked needs to clean their room
Not since Christopher Hitchens has there been someone I enjoy listening to this much. I'm looking at religion from a completely different perspective because of Dr. Peterson and I'm loving it.
Harold Haroldson
Vacuum sales go up in direct proportion to Peterson's subscriber base.
Herr Schobel
Thanks Mr. Peterson. You have already inspired me a great deal to get my act together and continue doing so ! Be strong and let your Critics not wear you down. A great deal of good virtuous people understand what you are about. You are doing us a great Service with your work. Thank you !
Human Being
Jordan Peterson, I grew up without a father, my mother married 5 times and was very unstable. I battled with drug and alcohol abuse, dropped out of school, turned to crime and was a very narcissistic, destructive individual. Sadly, some of this happened while i became a father at 24 years old to a boy, and i ruined my relationship with his mother and essentially my relationship with my son because of the self-destructive nature i nurtured.\n\nNow I'm 41 years old, that boy is 17 and I now have a 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter with another baby due in May 2019. I still struggle with fear of failure and commitment, feelings of inadequacy, but you have helped me to understand that I am not alone and I can be the father I never had. \n\nI want you to know that your words and your ideas have helped me become the father I need to be to break the chain of poverty, addiction and abuse that plagues my family tree so that my children can have a better life than I had. You have helped me find meaning in my life; to improve myself so that those that come after can have a better chance. \n\nYour wisdom combined with that found in the Bible have put me on the path that i was meant to be on. I believe God has sent you as a messenger to guide the men of the world back to Him. You aren't perfect, you are Jordan Peterson, and you are more of a father to me than any other mortal man has ever been. \n\nMy family are forever grateful for you. Without meeting you, we love you. You have helped change the future of my family history.\n\nThank you. \u003c3 \n\nP.S. please don't send me a bill :)
The Aboriginals have deep, sacred, spiritual significance of dreaming - it serves the basis of most of their belief systems relating to what is beyond the physical realm, this belief system is formally called dreamtime.\nAn elder once told me that when he was initiated (to become a full member of his tribe and land), he experienced many interesting dreams for weeks to come, in which he could see the 'spirit world,' the realm beyond the physical. He described them as though they were life-changing religious experiences.
JJ mc
Jordan Peterson is exactly what modern day Christianity is in need of: a bridge between Order and Chaos.
Jacobs Travels
Intellectual gold.
Jake Bumgarner
I would pay an absolutely absurd amount of money for a 30 minute conversation with this man.
Janileigh Cohen
“Without a noble aim how can you withstand suffering”\n\nWhat a beautiful Man . A saving grace .. thank you JP x
Joao Rodrigues
I prefer to be on a bike ride thinking about God, then at church thinking about the bike ride. Always felt that way, hence being a \
Jonathan Eriksson
First Guy to get atheists psyched about a bible series
Jonathan Kendersson
I'm becoming religious, its crazy
Joseph M Heinzen
Jordan is an exceptional person who incites you to THINK!
Josh Boss
I've watched this video at least 4x. It's loaded with so much knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately Im just not smart enough to grasp it all on one play through..but at least I'm learning.
Joshua Hillel
I really wished I knew about him ten years ago when I was 28 to 30. He conveys moral messages like I've never seen anybody do. He's a modern Ezechiel or Isaiah, speaking the psycho-analytic language of his time to deal with eternal human problems (through timeless symbols ; nowadays only psycho-analisis allows to speak through them). Long live that guy.
Julie Lambert
Sir, I want you to know and understand on the deepest level that I am so touched by you and everything you say! It's been some time since I've heard a Christian man expound in such a way that my mind AND heart received everything they were saying AND believed in their message. You are a breath of fresh air to those who are believers and intellectuals, and have the need to understand God on both levels. I'm a little of both so I find you quite helpful. Please, don't ever let the naysayers discourage you or stop you! The world would lose a very important outspoken light in which God is using, for the good! May God (YHWH YHWSH, Jesus Christ to most) lead you in all understanding of his word and keep you in his protection until the day of his return! Again, thank you so very much and keep up the great work you do. You mean alot to many people and I just wanted to express that to you. We all need to know we're being heard, and effectively so.
I am really glad those annoying SWJs exist, because otherwise I would not have found you!
You know, the humanities catch a lot of flak in our culture. I'm an engineer, and I've snickered at jokes made at the expense of liberal arts folk plenty of times. But I take it all back. Just one Jordan Peterson justifies the humanities as a field. If only all, or even most people that go through that training could be as open, honest, and undeniably brilliant as Peterson. When he really gets into a subject, I feel like his words are showing us his very soul. His mastery of the facts associated with his arguments, his passion for his beliefs, and his ability to articulate that passion in a stirring way, surpass any other speaker I've ever listened to. \n\nThis is what a labor of love looks and sounds like.
Kristof Szynkarek
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An amazing mind and coupled with amazing stamina. I don't think he has even taken a breath in nearly three hours of constantly pouring out multiple streams of interweaving profound and meaningful ideas and information strung together. Wow.
Margaret Young
Poke them in the axioms 😂😂
Matt Sanchez
I can see a movie being made about Jordan Peterson (akin to movies about Steve Jobs). I can see dramatic movie posters of just Dr. Peterson in the spotlight on a black stage.
Michael Bruce Snow
Never known anyone, watched anyone or anything along those lines where I can focus on an even hour+ long video let alone just below 2 2/3s without losing that focus for even a split second.
Mike Trainor
shoutout to everybody who's trying to be a better person. Peace & cheers everyone
Mindbody Activation Performance
It’s amazing how Jesus only lectured a few years before he was killed. The power behind his teachings lives on.
Miss Ming
Can I be friends with you people? Where are you?? Why can I not find people who adore these videos in my physical proximity?
Mr. sting ray
Man i wish i was smarter
Nabeel Hashmi
True concept of God-Allah is one he is eternal he is neither born nor give birth there is nothing like him
Nikolaus Stadler
If all the people ignorantly criticizing Peterson were to actually watch this video and his other lectures they would understand where their thinking falls short.
NipNip Nip
clean house by day, JP podcast by night, all day
Pawel Kapica
If my therapist would have been as smart and eloquent as Jordan Peterson I would have cured my existential crisis a couple years ago. But at least I am now starting to fully understand myself
Rafael Stoneman
Jordan, your articulate insights have opened up a deep recognition of truth and joy of hearing about Biblical stories. Many times over my life I have tried to read the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, and I have not been able to read more than 20%. Something about the way the Bible is written does not flow naturally or allow easy reading for me. I have read two books by Dostoevsky and that I found to be very \
Rafat Shareef
I'm religious and this is very interesting, just subbed to this guy
Red Dead Rockstar
Tomorrow I'm cleaning my goddamn room.
Speak properly, my dudes.
Roman Dobczansky
Sam Sprague
Me 5 years ago: religion is for sheep, it's just the opiate of the masses\nMe now: Finally, a two and a half hour lecture on God
Sarmad Shah
I am a Muslim should I watch it or not?!
Savvy Volley
Shane Browne
As someone who has always been told I'm quite smart I actually ended up putting the bible in a similar category as some of the other people listed. I was going down that nihilistic path and this video has turned part of my opinion in the other more faith filled direction. Thanks Jordan. Some great programming for a newer me.
Sky High
Knowing all this and still rejecting christian faith, Jordan Peterson is absolute FOOL.
Somewhere In Between
The part I found interesting was when Dr Peterson said at about 8:00m into the video \
Sorting Myself Out
This video will get the snake out of my garden
Stalewind Farto1078
Simply amazing oration. This speaker blast through the 15 minute barrier like it never existed.
Sushil Patel
Do vipsyana meditation and anulom vilom pranayam bad time best prayer
Sweet Evangeline
Help! I started a Jordan Peterson video at midnight and have to work in the morning. 😫 It feels ironic to stay up all night, addicted to listening to a psychologist who talks about the Bible...
Talos Valcoran
I started listening to Dr Peterson I think about 12 months ago. A lot of things were going down hill for me including my last relationship, my job, I isolated myself from the entire world and was so angry. The book he wrote \
Team Champion
My dad is making me listen to this. Lol but not bad considering I hate listening to podcasts and I often fall asleep
The God Notion
Very interesting. Consciousness is called the \
The TNTsheep
I like his approach, neither accepting nor rejecting Christian beliefs as truth. Allows for appreciation from all 😀
Hi Jordan. I dont imagine you will have time to read this comment, but perhaps somebody will. Thanks for your work and reaching out. I respect your searching and deep thinking, and have been slowly learning of your perspective on the point of this life, being more than just evolution. \nBut I wonder how you faced the problem of suffering as evidence for Atheism. You imply that humans have the power to take responsibility for the evil in this world and not use it as evidence for the lack of a loving God. If there is a 'God and Evil' - How can man correct the 'evil' that is in nature ? I only have to watch unedited video of for example Hyenas eating their prey alive a few times, and it sadly dawns on me, that I am coming to the realisation that there is no loving personal God, or evil, that evolution is not good or evil - just efficient. And we alone need to take responsibility for making this world a better place. Or do you have an answer for this? Cliff \nShow less
Tom Abbott
My third time through and they just keep revealing more and more like listening to great music 🎶
Tom Ripsin
His lectures are like a shamanic experience. He brings us along on a journey, the breadth and depth of which he doesn't even completely know himself.
i just want to point few stuff you got wrong and missed in this episode, i will watch the next ones when i have free time.\n1. god created light, he didn't create darkness but separated the darkness from the light, so what was light before the darkness was separated? and where did this darkness came from if god didn't create it?\n2. how can there be light without light source? god first created the light than he created the sun,moon and the stars, so what is this light?\n3.god called the light \
Tre Moo
University lecture without paying tuition. Kinda makes up for the BS courses I had to take while I was in school.
Unlimited -Limitless
Jordan B Peterson vs Christopher Hitchens would have been a dream!
William Shakespeare
Jordan mentioned me!\n*blushes
Wonnie Wonsyld
My only wish is you would address ancient texts and \
Zachary Dial
I never thought I could have religious ideas explained to me so that I might believe them to be true. But I find it exceptionally hard to disagree with Peterson on these ideas, and I've read Dawkins and Harris and was entirely persuaded by their ideas when I was a late teenager. But now I feel like the whole New Atheist movement has no ground to stand on. It's a weird feeling but I feel like I'm moving in the direction of believing in God all because of Jordan Peterson. It's such a paradigm shift and a perspective I learned to have a distaste for but I feel like once I disaccociate religiosity with ignorance and fear I'll be able to fully appreciate the contents of this lecture.\n\nIf you'd have told me that I might change my views to that of a religious person a year ago I'd have laughed in your face, but here I am, sitting on my break at work unable to convince myself that I'm just a rational being bound by physical processes and that fundamentally were all just atoms doing atom stuff.
I've always considered myself an atheist albeit a spiritual one (which might sound contradictory, but is oddly common here in Finland). I've seen the good effect religion can have on the lives of people and have enjoyed all the great classical music and art inspired by religion, but my thoughts on the negative aspects (which the \
Canada finally has a voice for truth.
This is why free speech is so important! Talking about the Bible, Jesus, etc. in public to Muslims leads to an imprisonment and deportation from the city I live in, Dubai, UAE..
john caruso
It’s so beautiful the number of views on this video. Talking to people around me, it seems they are all asleep at the wheel as I was not so long ago...but when I see Peterson’s message spreading to such a large audience it gives me great hope for humanity. Thank you all and god bless you.
3:00 - learn by lecture\n3:30 - Nietzsche\n6:40 - We don't know what we don't know\n7:30 - Know things without knowing things?\n8:50 - Sickness of the human spirit\n10:30 - The Western wandering intellect\n12:30 - Social Psychopathology\n16:00 - We're complex\n18:30 - Intimation sof the Divine\n20:20 - Sub-personalities?\n22:45 - Dreams are the birthplace of thinking\n35:00 - Art?\n41:00 - Bear worship\n44:20 - Anti-Religious\n50:00 - Abstracted ideal\n55:30 - Marduk\n1:02:35 - Why do you think?\n1:04:58 - The approach\n1:07:10 - Psychoanalytic Thinker\n1:10:02 - Literary\n1:14:49 - Sisyphus\n1:16:10 - Noble aim\n1:18:56 - love others, love yourself\n1:21:55 - Moral\n1:25:30 - Rational\n1:25:56 - Phenomenolgical it matters\n1:33:20 - The Bible\n1:40:00 - Genesis\n1:44:00 - Intrinsic Value\n1:45:10 - We're devine\n1:48:53 - Rationalistic, utopian, aetheistic ideas\n1:50:32 - Genesis 1:1\n2:09:32 - New Testament is true?
nick william
No one in the whole can do what he does so naturally.\nThank you sir for talking to me for two and half hour like you know me better than i do and helping me discover my true self and change or improve my perception \nWith your knowledge.\nHe who reads a lot of book \nUs who listen to him for 2 hours\nMe who realise that reading a book will never help me like he does.
richard maida
I used to try to make sense of my suffering until I found out through prayer that the saying: \
shekhar mishra
How is this free
skip michaels
I have studied Nietsche for years and have always had a faith of Christ but often felt confused as these things seemed to contradict each other. Dr. Peterson is so special because he seems to resolve the issues I have as if he knows exactly who I am and the questions I have had.
Nietzsche announced God is dead.\nDr. Peterson announced God is resurrected.
tomas penpen
Step 1: Wait until it's 10pm\nStep 2: Play Beethoven's Sonata No. 14 \
It would seem to me that god is in fact the manifestation of or a metaphor for the core of what it is to be human. A reflection of what the psyche is and how it shapes us.\n\nI haven't done almost any studying of psychology or understanding, so I don't have much of a background yet, but that's what it feels like to me through my thoughts.
Алина Малина
what is interesting, JP talks about Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment and how he (Raskolnikov) is not the same before crime and after, and what his name actually mean in Russian is a derivative from the words like \
Well, I'm not christian. But I support you, peterson.
Best youtube video in my entire life. Peterson is a genius