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WiL of Aiden talks to Blondie of WiL talks about their video for "Let The Right One In", the current state of the music industry, his thoughts about "American Idol" and the corporate machine that promotes bands like the Jonas Brothers. Finally, things take a turn for the disturbing when Blondie and WiL talk about the oddities of the internet.

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I see Wil kinda like a sad person, I just wish his band was as seccsesful like Black Veil Brides or even like SlipKnoT, even though I don't know if he'll be happy though :/\nI agree with everything he says, I even see myself in he\n
I downloaded that album. :)
Thank you Wil for speaking truth.
Get off victory guys!
wiL you marry me?
Archie Moss
Not really a huge Aiden fan, but this guy really talks some sense regarding the music industry.
Billy Paisley
Fuck simon Cowell. Corperate little bitch!
you know what i saw on the internet....2 girls one changed my life forever..YOU DONT WANNA SEE IT!!! lol
@AaronPestridge lol you probably listen to the jonas brothers
Christopher Nightmare
Omg he's got some acne its so cute
Courtney Peterson
He speaks the truth in my opinion if a band can't sing live and sound good they are not a good band they just know how to use a computer
Cynthia Golden
i love that wil hates soulja boi cuz theyre shit.\r\nno offence if youre a fan of soulja boi.
Elizabeth Perez
Love his Shirt!
Elizabeth Wonderham
Wil is so right about this stuff. This is what I like about him.
WiL is amazing. Its exhilarating to know that someone living in this screwed up world can say such meaningful and intelligent things. What a beautiful mind. \u003c3
I understand what he means about putting a lot of work into an album but as far as downloading it illegally - or for free - I think that means nothing. The fans' support should be enough of a reward for them and I understand they aren't one of those rich bands but still.
Gabe Hoven
AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! will im sorry i downloaded your music illigally your so kool tho
I agree with this still to today. I saw this when it was out I was just 19 knowing I still buy music and go to show and buying merch on top of it. I wish Aiden still existed.
fucking SILICONE PENIS... that was gross\n
I love him. I just love him.
wiL, you speak the truth man, keep doing what you do. Aiden forever
Joseph V.
yea prob
Juno Spencer
Please don't kill him Jeff :/
holy shit wil is a fucking GOD
Katarina Justo da Silva
7:35 It's so funny how at first you'd think wil is the toughest badass on the planet but then you see his little-kid-like smile and slightly awkward bodylanguage... He's so cute.
Kim M
So even guys look completely different without make up...
Koneko Psychx
its sad to see that all of this has only gotten worse over thy past 8 years\nIt's sad to know that Aiden is gone now but im happy to know that WiL is still making music :D
Kyle Orr
om one of the vary few people
Lauren Divine
wish the bloody camera man just kept the camera bloody still
Letur Lefr
Morrissey T-shirt.\u003c3
Louis Diaz
Welcome to the internet
I met him, he seemed like such a nice guy. :)
Mr. Wu's Donut Emporium
I couldnt agree more with every single fucking thing WiL has said in this interview.
I wish i could see them :/ I missed my possible 1 chance at seeing WiL live but i was ill and have no one to go with, non of my 'friends' like this sort of music :/
Neil Adams
xD Wil is a fucking Legend
Oliver Xanthe
Kids download it.... (HAHAHAHAHA)
whats the song at the end?
Ryan Howard
I bet WiL fucked her
Samus Wolf
I agree with everything he said!
VERY well said!
Tanner M. Acoustics
Im sorry wiL, I downloaded all of your albums for free :P But i went an Aiden concert so that should make up for it. :) Love aiden.
Tina Rapson
WHY OH WHY DID I JUST GOOGLE SILICONE PENIS! D= And yeah I saw that video of a man being fucked by a horse too ._. Why does my damn curiosity make me do these things? DX
Zachariah Tiner
Simon cowell and his god damn idiot brain. Lol. He's funny.
I love that man and his views on the music industry.
alex ross
i am a massive aiden fan and have bought every album thats come out,but if disney was ready to stroke a check you would sign in a minute. anyone would
wow Will is so right about, EVEREYTHING!! I mean, now these days people are just making music for money and its not about that. its about the passion of music and the wonderful energy. Also, seeeing a band live is a million times better than anything. Man, America these makes me sick..\r\nIm just glad to see there are some people that appriciate the art of making music and all the energy they put into making music.
diva sweet
Handsome guy.
He got my respect. Definitely gonna BUY his CDs.
wiL is the Truth....
everything he said is exactly what i've been thinking for a long time. he is truely my hero and is a role model.
@RedgiePaxton \r\n\r\nHe probs supermaned that ho xD lol =P (but i wudnt blame him if he did fuck her)
jon pomales
and now he produces his own songs lmfao\n
This video is so awesome.. I really like the way he thinks about music and everything.. Agreed completely..
he should be one of those inspirational speakers
was the live shit from the mad hatter show they did with anti flag and star fuckin hipsters?
nothing beats seeing a band live.\r\nso true.
said steeze
I watched the silicone penis video..\r\nOh my god.
lol. wiL uses a synthesizer and talks vulgar in WC. But that's okay. Hypocrit. \r\n\u003e:D
tina marie
@ewonderham \r\n\r\nsame here buddy\r\nlike his view on everything is so right and knows what he is talking about.
william jennings
i coudnt agree with you more wiL
дмитрий стрелков
Why this marvell fan is only smoking? He should also drunk some, to looks more adult...