Native American Sleep Music: canyon flute nocturnal canyon sounds, sleep meditation

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The Native American Flute can transport one to a more relaxed and calm state, especially after listening for 10 minutes or more. This feeling is known as the ‘alpha’ state, a state during which your brain is pulsing at a lower rate than your mental and emotional fluctuations. (Price, Creating and Using the Native American Love Flute, 1994). One of the most impactful ways to develop this alpha state, is by focusing on the breath. During our daily activities this can be a challenge, as due to our busy lives, our minds end up operating mostly in the ‘beta’ state. In this state, your conscious mind is dominant and your subconscious mind can’t break through to help you out, as it can when you are asleep. So, people who are able and trained to maintain a prolonged alpha state can deal with life much more effectively than people who are usually in beta (Price, Creating and Using the Native American Love Flute, 1994). In this way, native flute can lead you to develop more coordination, intuition, and intelligence. One of the main reasons for this is because listening to the flute encourages one to sit and ‘be with the breath’.Watch one of our favorite videos:

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A Marie
The amount of appreciation for the music you share is overflowing. \nThank you for being there and doing this. \nMy entire inner and extended beingness thanks you.\n💚💙🌍🌎🌏💙💚
Abram Porras
I'm not indian but I saw this in recommended and it's pretty cool
Adnan Nurkanovic
I love this native american music. 9 hours of sleep I had. I feel like I could sleep to the infinity while listening this music. So magical and powerful, sends me back to the 19th century. We need more of these. Keep up the good work.
Alex Gonzalez
Beautiful songs hello from belize
Armando Urbina
Qué tranquilidad te transporta
Authentic Self Guide
Solo tripping right now. This is perfect. Thanks.
Belinda Butcher
This sound is so mystical..beautiful...Im from North Carolina.USA
Bennesi Minnehaha
Omg i love this i am a full blood from oklahoma and this really is relaxing to me the only thing that would make this better would be the calming smell of burning sage
Brenda Bravo
So beautiful, relaxing and harmonic, just a pleasure to meditate with this deep sounds from this ancient culture!!Lovely!
Crown Commando
Native American means anyone born in America.
Dakota Adams
my ancestors, the Blackfeet, i feel closer to them listening to this,its almost like i can hear them talking to me
Danielle Canaan
If you like his sleep 😴😴😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤 Music 🎶. Give a like
Danilo Fernandes de Abreu
Jundiaí - SP - Brasil\nDecember 2018
David olea
beautiful music 🇨🇴👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌎👌🏻👍🏻😃hermosa música , Colombia 🇨🇴
Derek Lee
Love play'n these songs n smoking a bowl! It makes me feel so relaxed n helps take my mind off of EVERYTHING going on n today's world! 😁👍👍👐👌
Erika Pavlovich
Lakewood Ohio \nSunday nap music🙏🏻\nThanks so much\nPeace and Love
F.f Star
I always feel at peace when i hear native American flutes and music. Maybe its the Cherokee and Powhatan in me. I may be muted in blood but its still there. For one drop of native American blood makes you a part of the tribe. Thank you for the wonderful music. It makes me happy and relaxed during sleep and study. It also has helped my horses too when they are healing from injury. It is so hard to find this talent in this day and age.
Feral Magick
I love this music and it really puts my soul back into perspective with nature and my bloodline, but you guys act like the native americans were peaceful always with each other and everything else when in fact they slaughtered each other quite often. Nature is law. And natures law is survival of the fittest. Even the Natives knew this.
Francais Lover
I really felt depressed yesterday but this took me out of my darkness for a minute,so thank you.
Frank Feazell
Thks its beautiful
Gabrielle Divine
My mind and heart🌈💫🤟🌞
George Vincent
I enjoy this music a lot, it is a part of my nightly prayer and meditation
Graham Biggs
Of all the Relaxation and Meditation music I have in my library the ones with the flute come out on top. The flute seems to carry spiritual sounds that give peace to your heart. God bless all my fellow listeners may you live in peace.
Henry Carter
Blessings be to all human beings.. We Are All One, and love sees no differences.. Appreciate you making this music available.\nAho
Vast and Epic\nListening from Grass Valley and Marina California !!!\nLove your content !!!!
Ivy Eyten
Reminds me of my childhood \u003c3 central Nebraska here! 😊😍😴😪🍬💭💤
Drawing sleeping everything music. Right here. this channel andthis music. Much love
Joel S
All natural stress relief, mesmerizing..Cleanses the soul.
Jose Santos
If humanity just listen to nature like the cricket in the back ground ..this will be our call in to oneself awareness and that's where our light truly shines as awhole with the universe but been very conscious at the sametime..this world is changing and with souls that act as channels like this one what can i say in my human state...well a humongous hug with all that can mean the word love or experience in this reality..\n Yours:..D.
Juana Ayala
beautiful i ileave in New York
Justin Morgan
I LOVE this music... always have. Tonight (thanksgiving) I'm working at my hospital. I went for a walk at lunch while listening to this and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness, it was truly beautiful. It was cool out, slightly foggy, the trees were glisinging from droplets of rainfall from earlier today. I truly felt like I was one with the spirits and nature.
Karelia Llerena Montoya
Thank you for the info about \
Karen Brooks
Lovely music
Kerry Bridges
Divinely is the universal language of all people.
Kevin Thomas
I may be Alaskan Native, but I just love the sound of the flute.
Koneko Yagami
Detroit MI USA 💜💜🖤💜
I’ve always respected the Native American Culture & seen the people as wise,found myself studying them alot & their music just calms me relieving my mind of all stress. Listening from Florida, God bless you all who are listening & may this music continue to soothe your soul.
Leticia Tinajero
I love this beautifully music, peace and love in the Mother Earth 😑
Lind95 MG
Listening from Appleton Wisconsin . I spend a lot a of time searching for flute music like this. Thank you.
Lisa Mtz
Serenity..alone n the mountain surrounded by wolfs..
Lucy Smith
Northern Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦
Lydia Douglas
After a stressful day at work, this is exactly what I needed to wind down -- thank you very much
Lyndy Vasse.
This is the most beautiful music ever. Thank you for sharing it. Peace to all from a small island called Jersey channel islands.
Mangle Does vlogs
I’m a Norwegian
Margaret McVickers
Thank you, god bless all american indiens beautifull people
Maria Davis
Beautiful music, super relaxing... Makes me dream!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Maria Luzia
Gostei !Acalma e coordena as flutuações mentais e emocionais. mas tem que gostar, no meu caso gosto de ouvir a flauta tocada pelo índio,fiquei bem.Obrigada!
Massive Lad
I visited the Navajo back in 2012 and camped out in monument valley. Brilliant experience and the native Americans looked after us like we were close friends. I will never forget it.
Maud Flanders
Thank you for letting us have access to sounds that otherwise would be very difficult to get.
Thank you for reminding me 🙏🏻namaste \nMaria from uk liverpool
Michelle Clayton
Listening from Houston Texas USA! Ahhhh....there is my breath. I am not sure when I stopped breath, but now I feel it near.
super emotionally beautiful! get them millions subs now!;)
Nu Meditation Music
From where are you listening my friends? Thank you for clicking the like button, we really appreciate your feedback. PEACE 🙏🙏🙏
One Pretty Cookie
Love from your Native sister and lover of all things in God. Peace to all. Be one with the Earth, be one with one another.
I'm native American and I would be the granddaughter of a chief but our family splited up a really long time ago the music just reminds me of my culture and my people
Beautiful music! ❤️❤️ It would be nice to know who makes this music maybe one day share with us what defines you in a spiritual sense 😊
Paul Davenport
Fantastic flute. Love frogs in the background.
Randy Travis
The day will come when we all c that nature is wisdom
Robert Orozco
Flying in the Sky I am an Eagle my face is as a being visions of Green valleys in the Sky bright Sun shine
Roberto Madrigal Hernandez
I love the ancestors music forever.. native American songs.. filling good inside of you.. beautiful and the infinite.. thanks.
Sammy Crum
This is wonderful. It takes you to another realm of reality.
Sarah Baird
From the small island of Gozo in the Mediterranean, I love to listen to this.
Satanas Martinez
Sheila Barron
Meditation of Life Thank you for the Amazing sounds of the flute I watch the sky and I see a cheetah head and a Indian warrior✌️♥️
Sheila Kuna
Awesomely beautiful.
Siddhartha Roy
Thank you for this soothing music and beautiful
Slowed Hits
This's better than Mozart and rap.
Steve Knight
I love this
Steve Sacra
A world of peace and without hatred is the feeling here\
Tatiana Molano
A special connection we can do, with nice music like it and our mind. We can fly into of our soul.
- I love flute music!!!💖🎵✨🎶🌌🙏😌
Thelma Lancaster
I love it brings peace of mind to my soul and my dad was full blooded Cherokee
Traders Friend
Lately I've been incredibly stressed out about finding a suitable job, earning money and not wasting my life. This music heals my soul even so slightly. It makes me cry silent tears.
Zanzie Zavann
it doesn't matter where you are from if this music touches your soul, you are a true empath and you need people like you to feel truly loved, and understood \u003c333 have an amazing day \u003c333 love from Denmark
In memory of my African, Native American, and Scottish DNA.❤️💕🇺🇸
ancilla asa
oh, the incredible magic your flute music creates.....on especially tough nights, where nothing works and can't even calm down the brain to let me through the night if not sleeping at least not tossing or walking around... this is the second time I've turned on the Native American music for the night and wow....this is such an incredible sound that not only made me finally fall asleep for a few straight hours, and just calm down in general, the mind and body.... finally I feel as if I really had at least a bit of relief and feel rested....THANK YOU.... and this comes from me, a person who suffers among other things, from insomnia, had tried over the years, all sorts of prescribed sleeping pills, all sorts of medications, even forests sounds, or the sound of a river or rain, anything... I'm sure I have been falling asleep at some point, for goodness knows what short period of time, but always felt so tired in the mornings, feeling physical pain as if I were carrying heavy stones or digging holes or being beaten up etc.... and today, the second time, with this amazingly calming flute magic, I calmed down, I slept, woke up relaxed and rested and no pains or aches .... a HUGE THANK YOU from a hard core insomniac of many years.... !!! oh, and I'm from Toronto, Canada
Brittany in France, I love native american music \u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c\u003c3
danadee beachgirl
Listening from truth or Consequences, New Mexico 🇲🇽. Beautiful! ✨🌟💛🌟✨
dee perriman
Beautiful, peaceful. So calming. Thank you! (South Australia)
Love Native American flute music. It truly speaks to my soul. So, good night world from Pennsylvania. May we all wake in peace.
frank miles
Listening to this in Sunbury upon Thames England. Very relaxing and calming
guppy guppy
calms my soul like nothing else can PURE PEACE for me
kaylah ranger
I have a little bit of native American in me and it feels like I herd this before
Thank you for sharing, listening from Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand
kris koleman
Love it. Began to relax only after a few minutes. Very powerful.
missy leatherwood
Peace, love, & light.....from Austin (Pflugerville) Texas. Choctaw. Great great grand daughter of a Choctaw man named Pony. No last name ever known or found in our family tree. He harbored Jesse James for a little while. So many stories & pictures but still no last name for Pony. Leatherwood & Wakefield are the names of my grandparents on the Native American side of my family. From Kentucky & Texas. It's very much in my blood. My Native American traits have always stood out in my looks & personality/beliefs above the rest.
Beautiful...caresses the spirit...thank you....blessings of peace to you and our world
Did this guy sit there for 9 hours and play the flute? lol. dudes got some commitment
Виктор Светозаров
Индейская, а не индийская. За остальное - grand merci! 👍
Игорь Небесихин
Очень красивая, успокаивающая музыка.
Мартин Илиев
When i am listening this i feel the connection between me and the earth. My mind got calm immediately. The universe and the space plus us the humans we just connect each other and become one whole centre of light, calmness, love. There is no time, only us, so close each other that we feel we are one. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, smile and breath out. You see, it's true. I am with you.
Пистимея Макаровна
very nice musical. l.m like it's.