Iggy Pop - Five Foot One

Music video by Iggy Pop performing Five Foot One. (C) 1979 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Alternative/Indie Five Foot One Iggy Pop Sony Music Entertainment

he reminds me of Craig ferguson here somehow.
I was 5'3\
Admiral Smelling
New Values is a great album.
I wish life could be Swedish magazines.
Anonymous Xxx
My musical taste brought me here...
Bankai Dylan
I love this album!
Big Wipeouts
Tales from the Crypt brought me here.
Brett Grace
I wish life could be . . . Anything
Bya Kuya
This is my manlet anthem
A toothbrush...What the hell,what the heck?
Christophe le bail
Trop bon
Cosmo D
This song is even better when you're Swedish.
Daniel Lynch
I love you iggy pop your the the best because i am wize and i want you to make a vid agein
Should've eaten more as a child. And brushed his teeth
Day Glow
Video probably cost $5 bucks to make. God damn, it's the greatest video ever made.
Dom Cisco
If Liam was more the goof ball and the gallahger bros didn't take themselves so seriously they could whip up something that kicks ass just as easily and care free as iggy when he lost the stooges. we all know who the king of pop really is don't we?
Doug Erhard
now I know where Tonetta gets his style!!
Eleftheria Di.
a real pop song.......
Frank X
The clothes never stay on for long do they
Saw Iggy back around early 2000's I think it was. Anyway, standing there bellied up against the front of the stage he comes romping out, arms flailing. Talk about energy, the place went nuts. As some others have pointed out, \
Grecia Alexandra
I love his eyes... I love his body I love everything of him
Haywood Matthews
Holly Lisa
Hows The Puss
Oh shit, love classic rock. How did this get by me?
Jen Jenj
iggy is fine.
Jennifer Cohl
Yes, but you were funny, that makes you 10 feet tall! Thanks for the screwball antics at Bookies and Ann Arbor Parties back in 80's. i'm proud of you and you seem like you're still having fun! Sanford Cohl's Niece, Jenny
The decline of this artist started from Blah Blah Blah and so on
John Hale
Marty from tales from the crypt sent me
Jojo Lee
Iggy appears at 0:51
Kathy Jean
Katie Ryan
Keith Winter
I hurt myself to see if i
Lame Guitarist
\u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Louise Smith
Love you Iggy!
Lynne Huff
what is wrong with the Ig's choppers? Is it the lighting? Thank you for posting. he is so good in his videos.\nDoes anyone know the lineup in his White Room performances. It is on Youtube.\nDrums: Toby Dammit\nLead guitar: Whitey Kirsch (sp?)\n Bass? He's really a great player and fun to watch.
Mandoggy Dogg
What’s with the teeth bro? I’m doing the things a five foot seven man can do
Marian Lindemann
te amo iggy volve a uruguayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy \u003c3
Mark Rago
He is an underground icon, he created the soundtrack for generations of freaks and rebels to come.
Matilda Faltyn
Saw Iggy at Selina’s in Coogee (Sydney 1980s). He was very late and by the time he got on stage everyone was angry. There were scratches on his chest like he’d scrapped with a cat. I was near the front when there was a surge and I got wedged with feet off the ground and lost both my shoes and went home bare foot.
Me Justme
Omg, I'm in that weird part of you Tube again. WTF? Iggy cant buy a toothbrush? Bowie was his bestie, and Jagger was the inspiration? WTF? The Idiot is him. It is. WTF?
Melanie Tahata
Always yours, mah Iggy \u003c3
Michael Angelo
He knows 5 1 would suck....cracks me up.
Mike Rieck
Iggy...seen him 10 times at least in the northeast. Dude should have been a bodybuilder....a little juice and weights and he would have been great
Tales from the Crypt brought me here.
Mr. Blue
He's actually 5' 7\
Who else first saw this video on Video Concert Hall (pre-MTV)?
Nate S
Hes possessed and gay
I think this and the I'm Bored video was shot in New Zealand.
Pineapple Ponche 4
Wait, a song about my height?\nHa ha. I love it 🧡💙💜
Anyone here remember Iggy's father, Mr. Osterberg? ...He  taught at Fordson High (Dearborn, MI) in the early 70's...Even though I never had him as a teacher, I remember him!
Richard McGrath
A dentist's dream
Tales from the crypt brought me here
Rick Jones
Iggy is just the best and I've been a fan for many years. Live he peels the paint off the wall... Best show I ever saw
Makes me wna go on a mad binge
Danny DeVito's theme song
Roy Mustang
is it strange that I find him attractive? or does someone else find him attractive too? lol
Rui 00
Scott Briggs
I'm gonna find out who'se naughty or nice, as soon as I can bust out of this huge cellophane oxygen tent.
Haha what a brilliant artist
Jim Morrison...would be happy\n(FIVE TO ONE - FIVE FOOT ONE, IS NOT COINCIDENCE! \u003e:V)
Special Snowfake
happened to his TEETH?
Strawberry Cough Drops
For some reason these iggy solo song are always way more hardcore live
Sullen Morbius
is it me, or is this tripe?
Sunsun Moo Moo
whenever I'm asked I always say I'm 5'1, but I'm actually 5 :'v close enough...
The Bible Study Helper
Maybe his demon is five foot one .
insanely good song
Tim Newman
My bum is on the swedish
If you are into post-punk or new wave/goth wave, we have two new singles you can listen to from our upcoming album “Crisis Of Meaning”. Thanks for your attention!
Valiant Ferguson
God we love you Iggy!!!!
I won't grow anymore! Anymore! Anymore! Anymore! Lol.
Vini Zoso
Is he really only 5\
yeah well he is singing about being a nobody and he wishes he could be socially/financially higher in stature
airin pappa
iggy ich glaube an dich du bist ein suvivor und warst uns allen stets ein Urvater
bang zoom
In 1980, I rang Iggy up for some rekkids at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor...asked and got his sig which I still have today...been a fan before and ever since.
Who'd have thought that the Ig would feel a need to remove his shirt? I, also, wish life could be Swedish magazines...\nThis album was criminally ignored by the label at the time. It has several great songs, as well as a catchy pop sensibility, not to mention a twisted sense of humor...guess it was doomed to fail...
chuck finley
love this song.
fred linne
Iggy is the bomb!
cool toon
I hope everyone understands that the song really is not about actual height.
What's so great about Swedish magazines?
I had to hunt around K-Mart and Zeller's stores for about a year to find this vinyl. I wanted to take a low-rent Iggy approach.\nGuess what? I got this killer album for $5.49 at that time, which is now approximately a gazillion dollars.\nThis whole album is great. Check out \
peter daigle
I love this song. It's a random pick.
pigo & pogo malescy
stooges era and the idiot era is the best iggy.
probably one of my fave songs ever
New Values and Soldier are the Igmeister's finest hour. Utterly insane but so totally rock and roll they're a sonic speedball for the listener. Bring it you beautiful beast!!!
A bottle of aspirin, a sack full of jokes\nWish I could go home with all the big folks...
yow bibs
electric slide (y)
Ummmm...... I've seen weirder things :)
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