Taggart | S01E02 | | 1985

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1985 DCI DS Dead Duncan Episode Full ITV JIM July Livingstone MArk McManus Neil Peter Productions Ri... SMG STV Scottish Taggart Television

Carol Paupst
Convoluted, but good \nThank you for posting
Chris Goulding
They don't make tv like this anymore
Who the hell leaves a tot in the car and goes for groceries..!
Eli Nannestad
such a treat - people are right, he IS the best Taggart. THANKS for sharing.
Granny Ginger
WOW! I just got introduced to this show and wondered about the series's early episodes, Thank you so much!
Pure dead brilliant!
Jean Wilson
cool VIDEO
John Drake
Thanks for this. Hey, any chance of uploading Killer, the first one?
Mark Scanlan
youtube have been deleting these taggart episodes of late, there were loads of these on here until about 3 weeks ago then they closed the account, shame, because the McManus episodes were easily the best ones.
Oh, splendid! Thank you for so much! Absolutely love the McManus episodes.
Shiloh Abaddon
I hate it when babies are so stressed while making a show
Sid Clark
More of a soap opera than a detective show. And the plot was kinda ridiculous. The bit about the lady leaving her baby in the car while she went shopping was absurd. Still, love the Scottish accents.
Love Taggart! one of the very best series ..thanks SO115
Steve Royle
I once got a baby out of car the temperature was 38 degrees. The baby \nL0ooked like a lobster. There have been quite a few cases here in Melbourne..
1985! was it really that long ago? :)
Wendy Boothman
Maggie Bell marvellous voice.
exellent post
i'm trying to find the epispde called (( forbidden fruits and fatal inheritance ) but its just impossible no links available could you maybe fix these two episodes would be very much appreciated 4sure
george waite
Mr McManus had the right Pictish physical features and sardonic Scots humour to carry off this this part.
johnny llooddte
so did the brother go back to jail or not
jon vincent
whats with the volume i cant hear it
....fantastic .....!!! thanks
merci ! mich from france !
ljane ljane
the good old days here
pammens miss
6.14 The Scottish always show such good manners! 'Manners Maketh The Man' Such a truly ignorant Nation!!! Parasites leeching from off The ENGLISH Taxpayers through The Barnett Formula!
rayof 315
31:29 no worry, apparently, about fingerprints ... \n\nScotland with the Scotland Yard tradition and such above all that sort of thing I suppose ...
schomberg 1690
Thanks for the upload. The early Taggarts are by far the best, so much more gritty than later, more polished episodes. I used to beg to stay up late to watch them on a Thursday night! Thankfully my Mum was a big fan also!
A blast from the past...Magic.....Many thanks from an ex-pat.
Strange how all the critics here forgot this was 33 years ago.........