Solomun Boiler Room DJ Set

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1103 Musik Berlin
This video is very awesome
A Lat
1:36:22 The best track and the cuitiest girl!
1:45:26 when she finally gets he's gay
Abel Aguirre
This dude's dancing and the people just lightly vibing and the set in general are so chill. Makes me happy.
Anderson Quiroz
Quien en el 2019???? Quien????\nQue viva el tech!!!! Desde.Colombia hpta
Andres Estrada
19:44 when drugs hit so hard that you can summon Poseidon's Fury
Andrew Bacon
I always love how DJ's twist nobs and act like they are actually doing something...........
André Lauvres
1:08:00 my boi..
Armagan Gorenel
the guy in the white tshirt...
Solomun used ignore\n\nITS SUPER EFFECTIVE
Who else is here to see what DJ is the best for the GTA nightclub? So far I like his music.
Belge De L'Enfer
GTA afters hours?
Bruno Joaquim
28:01, Solomun unintentionally syncronised dancing with girl.
The crowd are on the wrong drugs
I watch it for the plot
Collet Jean Charles
I am here because i save him from a plane crash and now he is mixing in my underground night club at los santos...
D.M.G Productions
Im a Dj since 13 Years and there is nothing more stupid then a table of that hight you break your back djing 2 hours on one of this. 90 Cm is the best hight
i watched this boiler room right when it came out in 2015.\nand only in 2015, i already watched it like a MILLION TIMES! \n\nit's 2018 now, and i'm STILL IN LOVE with it. \nin my opinion THE BEST BOILER ROOM OF ALL TIME (so far)\n\nbest crowd, so cool to watch, to listen, chill and dance - it's great for everything.\nand such a nice playlist from solomun. he's on top right here. \n\nWHAT A MASTERPIECE!
Daniiel Falk
gta v
Dave Lion
David Bohn
1:18:40, the woman on the left doing the classic 'middle finger in disguise' trick
David Gray
1:12:32 Solomun taking a wee drink, then giving the 'all good' sign to his drink when he sets it down lmao
David Olivares
At 53:30 blonde girl asks for a hat for her friend. Friend gets a kiss from DJ.\nAt 53:53 blonde girl appears to go down on someone for a hat.
Davy Ker
Hit like if you're watching this in the current year
Denis Aljić
7:33 That girl wants the D.
Dj San
Elliott Fox
2019, anyone? I know you’re listening too xx
Fred Wilkins
0:00 International Pony - Our House (Solumin Intro)\n2:00 Liu Bei - Atlas World (Solomun Day Mix)\n8:00 Night Talk - Gamma \n13:00 Fur Coat - Monday\n19:00 FreakMe & Stan Ritch - Metronome\n24:00 Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Sorry, I'm Late\n29:00 SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig - New Dorp. New York (Solomun Edit)\n33:00 Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda\n37:00 Khan feat. Julee Cruise - Say Goodbye (LoSoul She's Homeless Mix)\n42:00 Alix Alvarez - Fayall \n49:00 Veerus & Maxie Devine - My Train\n54:00 Matthias Meyer - Tout Va Bien w/ Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Acappella)\n1:02:00 Jairo Catelo - Timeless\n1:08:00 SevenDoors - Movement Of Whale\n1:14:00 Jozif - Lady B's Lullaby \n1:16:00 Simion feat. Roland Clark - Lost \n1:20:00 Solomun - Something We All Adore (Solomun Love Song Mix)\n1:26:00 The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Baby (Clock Opera Remix)\n1:31:00 Zola Jesus - Hikikomori (Oskar Offermann Remix)\n1:35:00 The Martians - Tobacco Ties \n1:42:00 WestBam & Nena - Oldschool Baby (Piano Mix) \n1:47:00 Mousse T & Hot 'N' Juicy \u200e feat. Inaya Day - Horny (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Just 17 Mix) \n1:54:00 Louie Austen - Hoping (Herbert High Dub)
Gabriel Vásquez
beat starting at 50:00 never came out my head seriously
Not only a good actor but also a great DJ! Well done Zach Galifianakis!
Greg Carr
Solomun is Jesus, He drinks that wine all night. The glass Never goes empty.......
Ivan Jurkin
Kako majstor zna pogodit
Jim Bob
best USB key player I've seen in ages
I'm sure 99% of the people who listened to this live didn't realize how lucky they were.
Jonathan Padilla
Kelven Peixoto Silva
gtav online nithys clubss!😆
Kevin Harte
they're all on E
Light Truth
1:30:02 Simon says take a sip lol
Lucho Altamirano
Aguante solomun la concha de su madre!!!!!
Marian Pazdzioch
👑 Solomun
1:09:42 Lad with red hat acquires target\n1:10:10 tattoo girl checks on the lad maybe she is interested. she doesnt know yet\n1:10:15 lad with hat get eyecontact and wastes no time! time for banter\n1:10:55 blond girl comes to rescue her friend, she know shes not interested. watch how she holds her friend\n1:11:32 Lad seems oppertunity for a threeway kiss, trying to keep his head cool.\n1:11:39 lad systems overload 404-error. mission failed\n1:12:03 lad goes back to friend, tattoo girl goes back to blonde friend and nods. *hes gone*\n\nI love to watch these little games on boilerroom haha!
30:50 mah man quagmire enters the stage\n31:00 target spotted\n31:18 quagmire acts like he doesnt care\n32:11 first belly touch, my man is on the right way\n35:05 deal sealed\n\nlearn from that guy boiz.
Nicolas Jaramillo
Out Chillin Media
1:51:50 i just love the blond on the white shirt... she's on some wild drugs! reminds me the perfect 'pelolais'
Panos M.
I love how hard the blonde girl tries..
1:32:26 well that's embarassing... but nice try haha
This Brunette on the left , with white top is so cool .Cant stop waching her xd
H.O.S.H. put down a great set just before this.
Rafael Solís
30:50 Old man Quagmire enters the scene. 31:00 Starts making some progress. 35:03 Seals the deal
Realtors Resource
One of the best sets I have ever heard! I have been in this since the 90's and this wins!!!
i come every time here for this moment 28:10
Said Garcia
A nice set
Serkan Özdemir
36:27 Left side girl smile without knowing with music effect.
Sh. Osmanov
Boss at work
Where has Solomun been all my life. Barely running into this in 2018 smh.
Spirolabs Montreal
When we are faced with those days, I turn to this wonderful love and joyous moment captured thanks to the BR teams, and thanks to the humble, loving and full expression of an artists, who for many years i carried around with me on my travels, but didnt notice who produced or remixed those tracks i was putting in my case...years of working in a record store and switching from vynil to a new native medium put my focus elsewhere.... 8 years on i started to focus on who was doing what. Wellit seems those moving me where doing it consistently, We LOVE LOVE LOVE your VIBES.....merci. My wife and I just had the most wonderful moment in Montreal listening to this and watching the dance, the dancers and Dj move in HARMONY, transmitting a signal of love......thank you, and thanks to the BPM crew....keep on keeping on... keep on pressing on. love from Montreal #patternsforpeace.
The blonde girl with the snapback definetly wants the D(iscoJockey)
Thomas Sam
1:19:12 Ruud Van Nistelrooy joins the squad
Tim th
i like how he is ignoring the sluts next to him
Tom` my
are the people behind paid for dancing? xdd i wonder..
Tomasz Łukasiewicz
Best boiler room ever 😁😁😁
Trevor Foskett
Really proud of Zach Galifianakis for losing all that weight and getting his DJ career off the ground!
Im just here because of the GTA sound track
Victor 96
Wassim E'M
For a while thought I was the only that has no idea how to dance
Wim Bruynseels
I must have got about 300 of the 35.299.830 times this has been played, full on. Who else?? Tell me. Do share!
Xemp 2k
I’m just here to see what this is gonna sound like in GTA lol
Yougonasorry's channel
never heard of this guy.. until Rockstar Games announced GTA Online: after hours dlc
Zack Cox
This poor man's back.
amer aidi
The greatest set in the history of mankind
aygerim ivanova
blanco bianco
I'm going to continuously watch this set at least once a week until the day I'll decease
This is truly a unique glimpse into society and culture as it now exists; this video will be a work of art for decades to come.
Really am I first in 2019? 😀
conor mosier
14:30 the legend of hat girl begins.
dadan baban
this is so entertaining u cant stop watching it !!!
well done luke
37:30 man in white shirt came to Solomun's table and take cigarret for joint. lol :)
I am an Uber driver and I play this set all day. Everyone keep asking who’s music is this and I proudly tell them: SOLOMUN
I occasionally visit this video and check the comments to see whether there are any new insights into the drama going on in the background, and to listen to Solomun for like 10 minutes. Then I totally get fixated on the blonde girl, but that's the only thing I'll say about her cause the amount of hate accumulated here is enough for her for like seven lifetimes.
jasmin rasavac
wish I was there ....
Boiler Room looks like freaking tourist information center.
This video has so many characters and subplots, it's like a Shakespearean tragedy
mateo moreno
How crazy is the perfect synchronization with the girl behind at 28:00
mehdi rami
Gta ??
msd sign
after years it is & will be my favourite ever set! dreamed I was part of it!
orçun yeni
şapkalı kezbanlar kesin türk amk
solumon is so alpha
ryan elliott
Sat here with my women last night and had the best time ever. The video the people.... uugghh we laughed and danced best ever. But we really need to know who the girl with the blue mini skirt with the black bag. The smile and dancing. Any one? We named here Harvey. \n\n#findharvey
1:25:42 unreal...
Best Part: 1:29:17 \u003c3
Welcome to Los Santos!!!
videos BiG
Bring LSD and listen from 1:06:40 and you understand what is life
vini _Xx
{dc}game boy
Who is from GTA 5
Сергей Лаврухин
Лучший DJ Set от Solomun, какой видел !
1:23:58 Solomun requesting a joint.