Flight Attendant Life - On Call/ Reserve

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Hi Guys! This is Flight Attendant life being on-call. You never know what your going to get! If you guys have any questions please comment below and I will do my best to answer!!xoxo Christella Follow me on Instagram - The views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s views.

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You're laugh is adorable, Stella!
Anja Mew
Fun vid Stella love your natural style and kind disposition very endearing my friend xxxx
Brenda Hughes
Love your pink/nude lippie looks good on u💄💄💄
Caitlyn Murphy
What's your pay like?
Caroline Claire
I love your vlogs soooo much!! does the airline pay for your hotels each night your away?
Carolyn Campbell
Just curious...how did you resolve the scarf issue? I understand it's sufficient a transgression so as to bar one from that flight? ox
Charles Blando
Funny kkkk
Cindell Baker
Wow pretty cool life😍👌
OMG! You're so melodramatic and exaggerative about the flight attendant job. You must work for AA. They are always delayed. Delta is always on time. As far as United, they just like to screw you over.
Courtney's Cockpit
i heard you have to pay for your commutes so isnt it awfully expensive to have to purchase a ticket asap???
D I V A Kingsley
Did you ever find an extra scarf?
Dalia Estevez
New subbie!!! I love your videos.
Dann32 y
I'd love to do this job ☺☺ Thumbsup Stella 👍
David Goldfish
Obviously you did not do your homework before you took the job! You were just looking for a bludging job; something for nothing!
David Mccully
They shuld pay better for this job
Discovering great places with Merche
Way to go, Stella!!
E Patterson
Do you really think you can live like this for the next twenty years or so ?
Elijah Effron
Absolutely beautiful 💛☉
Emanuel Rodríguez
I really enjoy your channel. I hope one day I can do everything you do 🐩
Frances Haskell
I'm engaged and planning on applying to become a flight attendant soon... I noticed the ring on your finger! Can you make a video on how being a flight attendant works with your relationship?
Genavieve C
What happens when u don't make it ?
George Mantzaris
Your videos are great hi from melbourne australia
Hashem Hashem
The Salad part its called \
Huda Ismail
I swear its not worth it not even if they're paying hundred thousands of $ no social life , airplanes food is crap they add tons of salt and flavoring as your tast gets very low up in the air due to lack of pressure, my sister did it for a year couldn't handle it , I hope you can and wish you great life 💗
Irish Annie
Hi! \nI love you!\nNew sub!
Ivana Chuljak-Cribb
So basically on call reserve prepares you for parenting -lol 4 hrs of sleep and go go go !
Jacob Barber
what camera do you use to vlog
Jessica Wilson
Can you sleep on the plane?
Jessie Linhares
Jocelynn C
It's so funny listening to you complain about how long NY to LA is. Try working a 16 hour flight from Dubai to LA. As Emirates crew this is something I did all the time. the longest I was awake for work was 33 hours straight. I wish I did easy 5 hour flights. I think the shortest flight time I ever worked with a layover was 7 hours.
JuLia k.
lol ur so funny ! love your videos !
K C Francis
thank u. 2 videos convinced me...not for me.
Karlene Carpenter
Hi Stella!! I am hooked on your channel. I have watched just about every single video. I curl in bed at night, and watch about what my new vocation will be like. I have an interview next month at LAX and could not be more excited.
Kimmy Banks
this job seems stressful
Liza Wilbirt
fun videos do u work for American Airlines
Maddie & Amada
Love your videos! Thanks for filming every day for us to see what it's like! Your so pretty!
Maria de Lourdes Campos
How long have you been a flight attendant for? Additionally, what advice would you give someone who is doing an online video interview?
Me You
Does the airline pay for the hotel?
Midwester Coaster
How many vacation days do flight attendants get? Also can you take like a week in July for vacation whenever you want like any other job? Can you please respond as soon as possible as I'm considering becoming a flight attendant. Thanks
Mitchel Rieger
Hi Stella, thanks for your video, I appreciate you filming your daily life as a flight attendant, it gives a great insight in this job and I must say that everyone considering being a flight attendant should watch your video, because I believe that most naiv people believe that being a flight attendant is just \
Mohammed Kemiti
let me sleep with you
Murad Khan
Is it scary on the airplane???
Nelson Giancarlos Bigay Diaz
hey mike, because you can't live certain lifestyle, doesn't mean someone else can't !!! is it so hard to understand??? jeebus !
Nola Girl
I heard that you only get paid for the time the plane is in the air, meaning that all the time you spend getting to and going thru the airport and all the time helping the guests get settled into the plane, your not technically on the clock(getting paid) until the plane is actually in the air! Is that true??
One step 4ward
She is the happiest bubbly YouTuber!😊😊😊💖🌷🌷
Raideretteb Fig
just subscribed...do you have to pay for your rooms? are they discounted for you? Or free ? love your videos and personality. 🌹🌹🌹
Ray Prince
Love the no make-up look in the beginning, and the cross eyes later lol. I thought you were a line holder, not reserve. Have you not been with them long? Thanks for another nice vid.
Robin F
Your videos are so helpful. Your personality is so bubbly and pleasant. What camera are you using to film? Keep it up! Blessings!
S. Tejeda
Stella looks so different from this video to now!!!
I work in the oil industry. I have a stand by month every five. But we can say no a few times in the month. One thing I tell the young lads is look after yourself. Eat well, drink lots water. Exercise and get plenty of quality sleep.
do you masturbate after flights?
Sonia Pons Nail Art
Hi, fast question, is allowed to wear glasses or you have to use contacts on the aircraft?
Sydney G
This vid was amazing!!!\nSo realistic FA lifestyle... Well done, Stella! I know it may not be be possible, but I implore you to take us through your trips during this whole on call month as much as possible.... I really want / will be very interesting to see how Crew Sched will bump you around during this reserve month :-))
Tate Tate
Nice video! Is the reserve system a good one? Is the reserve /on call days for a block of hours or for the whole day?
Teddy Masters
We all know you work for American Airlines
WOW the glitz and glamour of a Flight Attendant.
Veronica Lynne
That is where I am flying into I have never been to LAX. I am flying out of Fort Lauderdale.
Walid Mascorro
That breakfast looks so good!!
Wellard smith
Gosh, I'm exhausted just watching you go here there and everywhere...
Yup I just subscribed...like your vibe.
Stella, why aren't Admiral Clubs not available to flight crews? It just seems like the obvious choice to feed and hydrate crews.
Hello Stella ! love your videos :) did you get in trouble for missing jfk?
robert stanley
New subbie! You have my dream job so I find it so surreal and fascinating watching your Vlogs! 😍🙌🏼
rooney roro
Do you get paid for being on reserve????
Um what shuttle between LGA and JFK are you referring to? NYC AIRPORTER?
sixty second vlog
I love your videos!!!!   when you are on call, what notice do you get that you have to fly that day???
I also like the way your video is edited.
You have inspired me to try it for a while at least! Thanks for being fun but realistic..
I love the A321T and enjoying the videos. I am guessing you always have to have your bag packed.
tom kat
Stella ! Have you ever been Hijacked 2 CUBA ?????!!!!!!!!!