Jawline or masseter muscle relaxation for jawline slimming, teeth grinding, and clenching

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Dr. Natasha Moscato discusses the use of anti-wrinkle injections in the jawline muscle or masseter muscle to help with teeth grinding and slimming the face. A live demonstration is given, and before and after photos are shown.Dr Natasha Moscato, Cosmetic PhysicianHave you ever been told by your dentist that you grind your teeth a lot, or have you thought that your jaw is a little bit square. If the answer is yes, then this video is for you.You may have heard of Anti-Wrinkle Injections used in the forehead, frown and eye area to help to reduce wrinkles, those injections can also be used in the jaw area to help to slim the jawline by relaxing the muscles and also to help with teeth grinding. So Rachel came to us with concerns of squareness of the jaw as well as teeth grinding. She wears a splint every night in her mouth and her dentist said that her teeth are really badly worn. Rachel also admits to headaches and I've explained to her that the injections in the jaw we're going to do in her jaw today will not only help with slimming the jaw and teeth grinding but also help her headaches. So now we're just going to assess Rachel and if you look at her facial shape you can see that her jaw muscles are quite prominent and you can see that those muscles become more prominent when she clenches, so we're going to inject those today to help with the slimming of the jaw as well as the teeth grinding. We've also got the temporalis muscle up here, you can see how that bulges as she clenches; and by injecting that area we may also help her headaches. So the overall effect of these injections will be to take the emphasis off the jawline and put it on the cheeks which gives an overall more youthful appearance and refreshed look as well as helping in a functional way, she might even be able to through her splint in the bin!So now we're going to demonstrate the procedure, it's very quick, it only takes about a minute and there not much pain. Usually the results of the treatment will take effect in a few weeks and they should last about 6 -- 9 months.So I'm going to just mark out the jaw area and hold the ice here for a little bit to numb the area and then I'll inject. So now we're just going to inject the temporalis muscle.Now we're going to fast forward a month and have a look at Rachel's before and after photos. You'll be happy to know Rachel not only feels she looks better, but she has thrown her splint out and her headaches have improved. If you have an area of concern we invite you to come and see one of our Cosmetic Consultants for a complimentary cosmetic or phi golden ratio consultation. During the consultation they will use Callipers to measure your face. From this they will individually design a treatment plan to help you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look. To learn more about phi see these videos:

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Amit Sain
how much does it cost ? and does it last long?
Divinus Luciferase
I dont have a square jawline, in fact mine is rather narrow but the skin around it has gotten soft creating a slightly droopy look. Will this procedure help?
Mustafa J.
good job :)
Nasrullah wani
Is it for men also and can it be done without using injections
Roberta Chalmes
Great video , If anyone else wants to treat your teeth grinding try *Banfan Instant Grinding Stopper* ( try searching google ) Ive heard some awesome things about it from my co-worker - excellent!
S Walker
Does anyone get tinnitus
Shiva Ganjoo
whats the cost of these injections per unit and how many units would be used for the treatment normally?  pls reply....
nikki townes
do I need botox in tempol as well as masseter muscles? my masseter muscle have enlarged due to stress my dentist said both are enlarged but I do not get headaches?do I need to get in tempol?