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Hey Guys! Yes I am on vacation again. LOL! We submit our vacation request a year in advance so mine happened to come along right after my personal leave. Either way I love that I can take you guys with me!ASK ME ANYTHING on I N S T A G R A M - The views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s views.

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New subbie here.. your personality won me over. Looking forward to going backwards and watching all your vlogs... lol..
Your wedding venue is gorgeous!! So enjoying your blogs.
What's the date
Anna M.
Please... Use your lbow to coughing not your hand. Ps. I love your blogs.
Annie Treloar
I live in Australia
Ava_ 09
I'm new to your channel and I love it! \nI'm doing training to be a flight attendant soon and your channel helps me a lot!\nHope you keep making videos!❤️✈️
Bella_ Bella
Just love your personality! Love watching your vlogs !
Bernie R.
New subbie and really enjoying your vlogs, any suggestions for someone who has a fear of flying?
Caronda Dossman
what color lipstick is that
Chris Bowron
Curtis Dietze
I love you can't wait to see the wedding vlog
Daniel McConnachie
Faisal Khalid
Hey stella. love your vlogs. your vlog makes my day.keep smiling and stay happy. 😘😍
Fly Away With K
You have helped me out soooooooo much!!! Going to FA training October 24!!!!! You are my inspiration!!! You mentioned in one of your vids a contact for a LGA crashpad. If you can share that contact that would be awesome! Don't know how/ where to send private message. I do follow on IG so should I do it there? Thanks bunches!!!
Jalen Belton
Ur welcome
Jaz Benz
Stella, I enjoy watching all of your vlogs, but this vlog is definitely super fun and exciting to see! Beautiful venue btw... Hope you keep sharing more vlogs : )
Jen Declines You
Your vlogs are the best!!! You are literally happy all the time lol
Julie Kostas
Stella dear, your venue is breathtaking. It's going to be an exquisite wedding. Ps What brand/color nail polish are you wearing?
Keana Monaye
OMG I can't wait till the wedding !!! The venue is heavenly . Great choice Stella I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU !! ✨🙌🏽❤️❤️🙆🏽🙆🏽😊😊 loved this vlog btw
Kelly Good
have never seen tablet menus before!!
Kenken Layugan
Hi ms. Stella, everytime I am watching your blogs, you are making me an inspiration because my dream is to be a flight attendant. its not about that you can have a chance have to roam around a city but I see that you are happy on your job.
Your vlog style and energy makes me feel like we're best friends lol And congrats on the wedding I'm so happy for you!
Leilas Veils
No joke, I've literally watched 5 or 6 of your vlogs today lol I just stumbled across your channel and I love your attitude! xx
Lisa Lovatt
your venue looks amazing. i want too wish you and bart a happy and harmonious marriage and life together xx
Luke Dawson
Saying hi from Australia! 😃 I love watching your vlogs! I hope you get to come over and visit your brother 👍
hi. I love your videos. you make anyone smile with that amazing laugh and smile. I am a social worker and work with the public as well. your videos always make my day. thank you. candace
Maeve G
Do you get to fly free when you aren't working? If you fly the airline you work for?
Marcos C
I love your channel. I hope you have some meet ups in LA :)
Margaret Cabral
You can't be more then 20s something.\nWere you like a teenager when you gave your brother that thing 10 years ago.\nHow long have you been flying.\nLoved your Brothers Trip to Australia.
Marina Obregon
I'm a new subscriber to your channel. I love it!!🤗💕
May Cheng
Your amazing !
Maïlys DRDL
Oh my god, your venue looks amazing, I am so jealous, hahaha. I love your channel! \nxx from France 😁
Michael Stern
You are so bubbly fun to watch your vlog. Good luck on your preparation for your big day.\nWe reached number 54.
Mohammed Kemiti
Hi stella How are you today ?\nplease give questions and answers about recruitment day open day.
Natasha Sanders
I'm a new subscriber and I love your channel!! I don't like flying but I always wondered what is was like to be a flight attendant. 😉
Nelson Diaz
hi, your training is 6 weeks?? and the airline you work for don't pay for the training right??? \n\nthanks !
Nurse Calls
Stella you have a GREAT personality. I just watched that matchmaker video and I knew complicated meant he was in a relationship. He was trying to be slick. We still need to find Lisa a nice man. 👏💞👏
Planet Moon
Love the venue looks absolutely beautiful. I wish you a very happy married life filled with joy and love. :)
Sara Khan
you remind me of Laura Vitale the cleberity chef of utube.
Shell Smith
Vacation? Your whole life is a vacation! So lucky!
What kind of camera do you use?
Your vlogs make me smile Stella ❤️
Tanu Ranjan Bharadwaj
hey Stella, firstly congratulations for your marriage... :) \nand secondly have you ever been to India ?
The Unchained CEO
Girl I think your channel is amazing! You have such a great personality and it's so cool to take a look into the life of a flight attendant. Keep doing what you dol! :-)
Tony J
so exciting!!
ana.macaroon1988 #
How much do American airlines earn hourly?? Does anyone know
bruno Oliveira
I love your videos.. super.. Question.. are you responsible to get and pay for the Visas or the company will pay for it?
Memories of Invisalign buttons! Hang in there!
claudia acanda
you are hilarious!!! ahhh :)
little bit wiser
Hi Stella, \nYou are one funny gall filed with life and laughter :) I just watched two hours of your videos with my daughter. Q. how a long have you been a flight attendant for and what was it like leaving your home town of LA to live in New York?
lutfi awliyyanti
i ♥ your vlog stella .. keep healthy n always fighting😘
how can your afford this on a flight attendant salary?
Get waze it works better then goggle
silvrgurrl *
I just subscribed, even though I basically have no connection to your life- I just love to travel & found you thru your (great) packing tips videos. I'm always looking for insider tricks & secrets! I couldn't stop watching all your adventures, bc you're so cute & fun, the kind of gal I love being friends with! Just wanted to tell you congrats & your venue is gorgeous! I hope your wedding will be magical & everything you're dreaming of! I love how supportive & helpful you are to other girls who want to be/are new flight attendants, too- always love to see women support one another!
sixty second vlog
another excellent Vlog!!!   Hope you enjoyed Australia..... xxxx
speedie bird
did you get to Oz?\nlooking forward to your Sydney visit here on our shores
Are you ever going to show us Brad? :)
toast_ y
I love your energy. Always makes me smile. 😊
victor juarez
Stella your beautiful I'd love to travel the world with you