Taggart | S24E03 | 'Island' | 2008

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Everything belongs to STV, ITV, SMG Productions.First Broadcast Wednesday, 27th February 2008.A young lad is murdered and mutilated on a Scottish tourist island, and all is not what it seems.

2008 24 Alex Norton Ayr Blythe duff British Burke CID Colin McCredie DC DCi DI DS Drama Episode Fraser Full Glasgow ITV Island Jackie John Michie Maryhill Matt Murder Mystery Police Reid Robbie Ross SMG STV Scotland Series Strathclyde Stuart UK Whodunnit farm rural Taggart

Evan AB
Is it just me or does the \
I love these series! However, in reality.think about it These shows show GUN violence, which the police in the UK are not allowed to carry guns? Entertaining, yes but can you tell me how the UK will keep up with all the violence? Best wishes to all who read any of my posts! I am only trying to make peole awar!! \nBesosek,,,,
Ken RedHawk
The character, Robbie Ross, is a misogynistic pig.
Nilanjana Sumant
Thanks for the uploads.Hope there is more to come.
Rosabelle Lopez
Thanks a lot 😘
Virginia Neil
Another fantastic upload , keep them coming 👍👌 , I am 1 of your subscribers . 😊
This series sadly has made me aware that extreme crime and corruption, violence and murder are at a high level in Scotland. A pity that. I read people are really not very safe in Glasgow. :-(
jiji 2
excellent series… many thanx for uploading…..
myo min
Probably it's because I watch the episodes randomly but the actor who plays the CDI seems to keep changing. It would be nice to watch the episodes in the correct order.
pammens miss
What a joke! 2.22 DCI Burke 'Treat these people with respect' Alex Norton, who is THE worst Sottish actor EVER, has turned Taggarts' personality into an ignorant pig! BUT then The SCOTTISH are the most rudest Nation of People!
Too graphic......