The Legendary Boxer - Roy Jones Jr. | TOP 10 Best Knockouts

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Thank you for watching!Subscribe now! Click here: , comment, share if you like this video.Roy Jones Jr. was one of the best boxers in the 1990-ies. Roy holds the record for the most wins in unified light heavyweight championship fight in boxing history, as well as the longest defense series of his light-heavyweight title. He is the first boxer in the history to become the world champion in middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight...

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No point in showboating when you're getting pummelled. Probably best not to showboat against RJR anyway, lol.
Про таких говорят: рождается раз в сто лет.
Andrzej Piątkowski
Michalczewski mógł mu buty zawiązać
Angelica Capili
He seems good but idk any of his opponents i never heard of any of them lol
Ann Ferguson
In fighter in 10:45 seem too scare to fight. That face said, “WTF did I get myself into”? Too Late!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Antonio Ridah
That left uppercut is something special
This would've been WAY more entertaining without the strange noise you edited in every time the punch lands. What's the purpose? Appeal to children?
Boston Scotty
SO SLICK with his movement,hides everything then hits with huge power, best ever imo
Brian Lowe
Richard Frazier....C'MON...REALLY???
Brianna Wantie
I WILL POLITEly break your spirit 😎😎😎😎😎buster. I REALLY didn't want to, BUT YOU made me make YOU BOW TOO THE less common???????? 😎HUH
Bro K
Danny GArcia!!! REally??? Thats your best??
Chase Stacks
His punching style is very unorthodox those uppercuts you wouldnt even see coming
Cinnabon Box Chevy
Best of all time
Craig Scott
Roy Jones Jr , WOW. Boxing Royalty. In his prime, pound for pound, The Best.
César Navarro
Puros puños de Acero. 👍👍
Roy Jones was the Barry Sanders of boxing...
Daniel jose Velasquez cuadra
El mejor peleador
DayWalker 88
He broke 2 of Virgil Hill’s ribs
People keep talking about this guy, i dont see it.. He is good, but I personally do NOT think he could take Mike in his Prime.. This guys legs are too weak and he would not be able to overcome Mikes intimidation, aggression, strength, etc..
Dirty Dan
The whole time I keep asking, \
DizasteR 17
MBJ is clinically insane to want to challenge Roy Jones Jr. Don't matter how old Roy is he will beat the snot out of mike. I would love to see it though. Please fight.
Ehsan Dowlatshah
Him and Tyson were the only boxers that I couldn’t believe my eyes when they lost for the first time.
Est lhm
Roy was a great boxer to watch you always got beyond your money's worth with his fights. I just wish he would have stopped while he was still at the top. Time and a faster opponent will catch up to anyone sooner or later. Despite talent or how great they are for that time
Faauta Taulapapa
So what 6th is this one 68th anniversary edition 6th birthday cake or something like
Freddy Rodriguez
Tambien por nuestro gallo,títoTrinidad,por desición pero hizo excelente los # , Respeto
Gerard Nielsen
Roy Jones was a Legend. one of the Most skilled fighters of all time
Gilbert Juarez
Amazing talent and champion he was wish boxing was still like more talking bull crap than fighting roy talked the talk and backed it up
Golum Georgette
Tyson and Roy jones the best!
Where's the zombie KO 😲
He Simms
Mayweather was never this entertaining .
Henry Michegan
Best of the best
HighAz Marz
am i the only ony only get lefty head\nphone audio on this
Hugo balls
Am I the only one that thinks my dude looks like method man
Ian Williamson
Great video 😁
The one guy who scared all boxers regardless of weight division, the greatest fighter pound for pound and only second in charisma stakes to Ali.
Joe Turner
Roy was juiced to the max
John Short
I stopped immediately at “one of the best boxers of the 90s”. He’s unanimously considered one of the greatest boxers of all time.
Julian Schwarz
born not free lay couch practice three christian lose portion
Kalil Jamgyrchiev
Kamlesh Mehra
What a champ.
Kelly T
Fight him Connor.
Kevin O
If I could have one fighter get his prime back, it would be Roy
King Savage
Vasyl lomachenko vs Roy jones jr who wins???
LBo Skeezi
The sound effects lol , it did make the highlights better
Roy Jones Jr. has the only, and I mean ONLY, striking style that works better with bobbing and weaving. I don't understand it. I know a boxer has to anticipate his opponents head and foot moment to land, let along land clean. I get that, but a stationary target is ALWAYS better than a moving one. Jones seems to connect more with elusiveness. It's been wrongly said of the T-Rex that it has kinetic vision; that is to say it can only spot you upon escape while dumbfounded against still prey. It's probably the case that he had thermal vision. A number of reptiles can see the heat a body generates. So the more you are active, the better a picture comes back. Snakes register this picture with the flick of their tongue. Jones is human, right? Is it insulting to suggest the mere prospect of a Roy-Rex?
Matt Smith
Where’s the punch where he literally gave a dude a seizure? Lol jones himself said it was the hardest punch he ever landed.
Messiah Black
The sound fx are crazy lol....
Miguel Ángel Loza
Cómo se llama la canción de fondo. que se escucha al inicio?\n Alguien..
Mike B
7:25 dropped dude like a sack of bricks
Montay Jones
Roy representing that Florida swag
NFS 1 Astana
че за у него удары???напряга никакого а спать клал в хлам
michael b jordan will destroy this guy
His center of gravity was insane. Some people are just better at using the ground. His strenght was terrific.
Per Herand
Roy vs Virgil... I call rigged. 5:33 Virgil marks where Roy hits right after Roy hits him on the muscle. Virgil falls down before he gets hit.. and then show everybody where it hurts.. no no don't belive it.
Phillip Adams
3:29 Im no doctor but i dont think these guys have a \
Roy was straight embarrassing his opponents, unreal.
Richard Henry
One of the best boxers I've ever seen.\nDisclosure: I dont speak for, represent nor am I responsible for the black race.
Rick James
Roy Jones Jr is the GOAT
Ricky Stansbury
This man was blessed, with\nsome of the greatest gifts,\nthat a boxer could've been\ngiven, by God. He was at one\npoint, in his career the greatest\nboxer, to ever live. Then came\nage, his skills slowed down,\nand he stayed, too long. \n\nThis \
Ryan Malham
Reminds me oj Eubank Jr but 1.000.000 times better in every way
Samuel Adams
So now not only are there ads embedded at certain intervals in the video; part of the actual video is dedicated to an ad.\nI will never follow a channel that does such a thing, regardless of how interesting the content is.
Serendipitous Bliss
Man his leaping left uppercut was a thing of beauty. Came from such a weird wide angle - people would cover the hook and he would come straight up the middle.
4:15 Tony Danza??
Srijesh Panth
i know jones wasn't in his prime as a heavyweight, but who would between jones and tyson in their primes as heavyweights?
TC mekanik
Losing against Roy ain't a shame, it's an honour. He's he best ever after all.
9:07 “You want me to kill him?”\n\nReferee: “Go ahead!”\n\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
I have watched a lot of fighters over the years and Roy Jones in his prime was the best I have ever seen. His fights were boring because you knew his opponents didn't even have a punchers chance. He was literally on a whole other level than anyone he ever fought. If he would have fought Tarver in his prime, he would have knocked that bum out in 90 seconds.
Three West
I love revisiting Roy every now and a again a breath of fresh air
Tom Smith
I love it when boxers who get their head taken off always ask the ref why he's stopping the fight.
Tony G
Pound for pound he was the best fighter ever!, no one had hand speed like that.
Travis Burnett
My top 5 fav boxer
Winter W
Roy Jones and Tyson are the MOST EXPLOSIVE boxers EVER, PERIOD!
aStone Mirror
I always pick Roy Jones Jr. when I play FightNight: Champion on my Xbox360.
christian primig
the fastest hands boxing sport ever seen\nnumber two: zab judah\nstrongest hands: mike tyson
freddy Maldonado
el podría pelear contra canelo Álvarez
mike white
He would beat Mayweather
rayanhacker Moroccan
Sound of the punch is excellent and funny at the same time))\nThank you for the nice video.
rob lucci
Yo Michael b where u at
shaune Willis
My top 5 is Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Jack Johnson, and Floyd Mayweather
sonic boom
Late 90s early 2000s was the glory days of Boxing jones was the shizznett
RJ Jr. was amazing, lightning speed and Power, nobody since can fight like him
vladimir makarov
u missed the best one tho Roy Jones Jr. vs Roy Jones Jr.
zef sagala
Its amazing how he defeated John Ruiz who was 15 kg heavier than him
Александр Масальский
да спору нет боец опередивший время своим стилем ведения боя!
Алешка Доника
великий рой!!!
ВИКТОР Медведев
Легенда бокса
Евгений Рожков
Супер боец ????
Иван Иванов
Кто эти люди которых он побил?!это не топовые боксёры...видно же как будто разрядники против мастера спорта
Мирлан Аликеев
Молодец рой
Мирослав Христов
Сергей Дмитриев
Гений бокса!
Сергей Сергей
Кажись этот малый мой земляк?)))
борзян борзянович
ывамывм ывмЫвмы
америкосы пидорги)
سنگ صبور
It was a wonderful video.