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What’s the intro song?
cuando crezca voy a ser mejor que el
Prime example that height doesn't matter. A good combination of quickness and power does. Dudes that had 4-6 inches on Tyson were getting the lights knocked out of them. Unreal.
Powerless inferior opponents all of them totally fixed fights
Altered Beast
Had Tyson remained hungry & 100% committed to boxing, he would have had an unstoppable career......
Arnaud Amri
5:49 oh mon Dieu !
Bala Murugan
Mike Tyson is Proooo. 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍
Bangsat Keparat
Mike tyson is the best forever\nI love mike
Captain Europe
This makes Mayweather to look like a waitress.
Carmen Moreno
En mi opinión Tyson y Foreman son los 2mejores noqueadores d\nPeso completo del mundo, x otro lado aquí aparece el mejor boxeador del mundo,el gran Cassius Clay. Mohamed Ali
Ceo founder
Tyson! Half man/half amazing! Salute!
Chhan Chhana
After Joe Rogan's podcast??
David Hoch
Mike Tyson Is An Animal
Deadpool Francis
I missed this kind of black colored boxers.. Now all black colored boxers just run run run asf
Dennis M
What's the song in the beginning called?
Derriku Senpai
Who here was just staring at Mike's ear
Dftye Ssserfs
ЛЕГЕНДА что скажешь!!!!\nНе как сейчас одни обнимашки😞😞😞
Diamond Logistics
I always thought Mike was just an animal in the ring but watching this I realize he was a good sportsman and actually showed alot of compassion for his opponents. Makes me like the guy even more.
Ele Zeta
You could tell that Mike was always a humble dude. Obviously the environment (background) and business ruins a person. The champ though.
How did anyone want to fight him
Fishing On World
I likewhen mike embraces
Flavio Tangara
Mike no word for ur game and dignity u showed for ur opponents
Generev Barredo
I wanted another Pacquiao Mayweather fight, to see who's boss
Gülfidan Dağaşan
Haradin Bytyqi Monty
I think I'f Tyson stopped when his time came to stop he was better then M. Ali
Huxley Giffard
Mike tyson is a real boxing legend
Ibrahim Shehzad
Mike Tyson is a great boxer
Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere
Never get tired of watching Mike deliver! Dayum!!!!
Jai Singh
00:21 I RON MIKE
John Connors 111
Mike always seemed the Gentleman. He not only did not gloat. But would help the other fighter to his feet. As well as say some encouragement. I think the lying media screwed Mike. I like Mike .Peace. Jc.
Josue Martinez
He has no comparison. He was the real deal.Straight Ruthless from The Streets of NY
Konstantin Popov
Вот это бокс был!\nЖелезный Майк легенда!
Mike tyson he born in philippines now name:manny pacquiao he legend boxer in the world
LateNight Pastafari
All these matches look like a video game on easy mode 😂💀
Lawrence L.
Mike Tyson at his prime was magic...so was Michael Jordan at his prime. 90's...best decade, ever.
Letta G M•o•B•
Lex Luther
do fresh prince still think he can beat mike tyson? who remember that song of the 80's
Lover dude 朋友Android 安卓 情人
finally i watched this video you tube\nokay
Love the way mike has a kind side 2 him when helps some of his opponents stand up overall the best knockout king pure power always in my books
Magregor Swift
Manjeet Sen
Mike Tyson is my favourite boxer. But surely he isn't the greatest. Mohammed ali,joe Fraser are way better. And also Larry Holmes. Tyson will be unbeatable in a street fight but technically in the ring he can never beat boxers like Mohammed ali Joe Fraser and evanda holly field.. Which is proven
Marco Neves
@Youtube WHAT THE HELL is happening with these 46 seconds ads I'm being FORCED to watch (in their entirety)???????? WTF
Marco Peters
Tyson SUPER!!!!!!!!!
Maria Barragan
If still didn't retired he would have won against mayweather
is that a voice modulator, because it isn't a good one...
Mike Croxson
Tyson is and was the greatest fighter ever
Mike Tyson po polsku
The best boxer in the world 🌍🌎🌏
Mistah Devious
undoubtably the best heavy weight boxer of all time. Just my opinion 🤔
Mike was a real human boxer.\nThe guy shows compassion on the ring.\nThumbs up Mike! 👍👍
Modather Abo.zaid
Did mick tayson receive any defeats during his career as a boxer..?
Muhammad yaqub ali allameen
Mike whatever vs John CENA
I always heard how vicious Mike Tyson was, being in prison and all that Jazz. But I saw only end of his career fights with Lenox Louis, Hollyfield who's ear he bit off. So in my mind I thought this man was vicous animal! After all that is what everybody was saying. I am glad I have seen this compilation. In almost half of the knock outs he goes out of his way to check on his opponents if they are ok to help them up. What horrible rumors people make. Now seeing the true sportsman and gentle human, he just went up in my book to the highest ranks of all time fighers. What a fighter and human being. All the respect for you sir. You are a legend!
Orozbek Mamatillaev
тайсон легенда болгон. эмнеси болсо да исламды кабыл алып ушул жерден утуп кетти. Аллах насип кылды.
Tyson is a very strong boxer, but when he beat someone, he was a good sport
R iL. Fenomeno
Tyson Moeslim 👍💪
Rafa Gaming
Mike tyson good job bro
Randy Tausch
He may have been a good boxer, but as a human being he is a scumbag of the lowest form!!!!!
Rasulov KODIR
1.в мир👍Тайсон
Rocket Gamer
Cant even watch a video all these damn tik tok ads
Ryan Adam
Mike Tyson is like a ghetto chuck Norris. \n\n\n\nDont tell him I said that though
Ryan Semrau
I love Tyson but this was just bad
Sam A
No one born like MIKE TYSON .👍👍👍
Sanjeev Sinha
I hate boxing, but Mike Tyson was spectacular to watch, quick as thunder.
Where’s Butterbeen .
yo he mother fukewr fighter
He was good but Mike fought most of his opponents who were well past their prime....when facing true boxers like Evander and Lennox he came up really short.
The Author Parrish Gore jack
If Mike would have stayed with Kevin Rooney and fought with Rooney's guidance, he would have retired undefeated. When Mike left Rooney he stopped boxing and started fighting, and there is a big difference. I believe Tyson with Rooney training him would have beat the Ali that faced Foreman, but the Ali that faced Liston would have been a tough one. Ali had such excellent reflexes it's uncanny. But when Tyson was with Rooney he was a tactician in the ring, patient but powerful. He didn't waste punches and only threw when he had an opening. With his short stature, powerful hooks and low stance, Tyson reminds me of Marciano. Except Tyson had better training and Marciano could take a punch better. With Rooney in his corner, I believe Mike could have beaten anybody that's ever boxed.
He is probably the best tournament fighter in all human history.
Trevor Mendez
The only person that could defeat Mike Tyson is Mike Tyson
Trill Ville 305
Stopped watching boxing since Tyson retired.....literally.
Tushar Zala
They entered to defeat already
William Grant
I have the cheat code for ear biting
Wyatt Royal
the guy is a terrible human being but damnit was he a good sportsman
Zdzislaw Jablonski
Cywilizujemy się , kiedyś ludzi fascynowały walki gladiatorów na śmierć i życie , ścinanie głów , rozszarpywanie przez zwierzęta , przybijanie do krzyży itp . a teraz musi wystarczyć uszkodzenie mózgu ,i ciała .
bajs korv
Unbileveble they could find so many bums for him,did he ever beat any good boxer? Ah yeah Spinks the old lightheavy...or yes i forgot,Larry holmes 38...or The very great Frank Bruno,what a monster he was!!! Anymoore? Ah yeah sure,Tucker who is mentioned among the greats...or no he isnt? Not him either? Ruddock then? Yes what a great fighter HE was... no? \n\nLololololol look up overated and theres a pic of Mike next to it,Mike \
carolina balance
chrome tube
майк тайсон боксер один из лучших
Halpin had a career record of 10-23; Johnson was 15-18 and knocked out 16 times; Colay was 7-13-1 and knocked out 12 times; Richardson 15-21 and knocked out 11 times; Zouski was 31-18; Boyd was 30-54-1; Holmes was 69-6; Spinks was 31-1; Mathis was 21-2; Botha was 48-11-3. So Tyson knocked these 10 out who had a combined career record of 277-167-5. Holmes and Spinks were well past their prime. Not sure how impressive this was.
godfrey kombe
This is ever watched
Well for me and it's only my opinion Mike was the greatest Heavy weight of all time. I choose Mike simply because of perfection of technique in his style. His style developed to accommodate his size. A very clever style and reminds me of martial arts.In martial arts that's exactly what you do which ever discipline or disciplines you study; you work on technique more than anything to create a strong sound defence and more often than not react to the aggression as Mike does here, so through the fullness of time he places his opponent in the correct position for execution of a knockout blow.
hogsbreath 1992
The Best Tyson Knock Out, Was Watching Buster Douglas Flatten Him !!!
it's true
Does anyone remember that Will Smith song I think I can beat Mike Tyson
Say what ye like about Iron Mike.... but his treatment of respected fighters is evident here. Helping them up and showing his beaten opponents pure respect. Holyfield must have been some cnut.
max max
Mike Tyson the best boxing the world 👍👍
Your voice is so annoying that I didnt want to finish the video...🤢
sküll düggery
i like when mike embraces and comforts the opponent he just nearly made stop breathing.
zuoski 87
I want a body like his
Дмитрий А.
Что бы вы там не говорили,но Майк лучший боксёр всех времён и народов
Евгений Собко
Малодой пацан дерётся против стариков чему тут восхищаться?
Лазарь Годельсон
Молодец, сын бокса!
Магомед Магомедов
Тайсон легенда бокса никто его не заменит
Мукагали Азиев
Тайсынның жөні бөлек қо!!!!
Муха Муха
Майк ТАЙСОН САМЫЙ ВЕЛИКИЙ БОКСЕР НА ВСЕ ВРЕМЕНА, ,,,Жаль таких не было, нет и не будет, ,самый молодой обсолютный чемпион на все времена, ,,Майк всегда останеться, ЖЕЛЕЗНЫМ МАЙКОМ ТАЙСОНОМ, что бы про него не писали как бы его не обсерали, ,Майк Тайсон. Чемпион
Царь Очень приятно
железный майк ЛЕГЕНДА
Шавкатбек Шоматов
Менга ёкди
هلا Al
لا إله إلا الله إن محمد رسول الله