iggy pop- lust for life live

read the title, i can't be bothered repeating myself.

for iggy life live lust pop

Every second of Iggy's life is etched into his face.
Alex Postma
Iggy Pop is a special kind of man. Not really of this world actually... If you've seen him performing live, you know what i am talking about, LOL! everybody went crazy that day...
Anja Gambolputty
Seine Hose passt zu meinem nagellack!
Atomic Gumbo Surprise
Iggy takes the train right off the tracks....!
Azazel Acheron
It's amazing and wonderful Iggy overcame his drug issues.
Black Knight
Great artist!!
Charlie Crash
Like Siouxsie Sioux's cover of Passenger.
Christopher Martin
Really down with this live version. Sounds so different, but that guitarist's tone is ridiculously killer.
Clayton Wilkinson
he couldn't pass an audition for america's got talent. the guitarists' hair...terrible
Clive Foston
Simply the Best!
Clémence Imane Stuart Beare
Déchainé le Mec, complétement allumé, mais Sensationnel, Fantastique de par son énergie phénoménale  et bien sûr  sa Musique du Tonnerre !
Dabilly TweetShow
adrenaline, anyone? Love this video!
David Elinson
reminds me of early Mozart
he's the original punk rocker. and like bowie, a south-paw.
Death Grin
This performance is mind-blowing! Iggy is the best showman left alive!
Do The Senate
one of the most interactive people with his audience
Doriane Weiser
Génial notre Iguane! Bravo à kui: *
He's a strange one. I don't think I've ever seen someone interact with the audience like he does. Not my type of music but I enjoyed the video.
Dragan Radonjic
The greatest live legend and overtones PUNK-ROCK music Iggy . With Stooges he achieved the greatest success at\r\n the beginning of the 70's. Each of his performances is a real spectacle !!!\r\n\r\nLove ❤ Peace ☮ Music ♫ ..... forever ........Music never dies † Long Live Rock`N`Roll ★ ^ Şupeřnovą ^
Eric Kolkey
Ethan Hill
In the realm of rock this holds the position that the Eroica Symphony holds in \
Frankie Machine
The best live version...Rocknrolla
Geo ZeroOne
Iggy at home with the fans. They love him. I'm sure its mutual.
Gosha Goshenyove .
даже напомнило the doors 😀😁😃😆😅☺😊
Grover Asylum
Iggy is too good for this this band. I'm glad i snuck into riot fest with one of my favorite people to see Iggy play with Watt and the remaining Stooges. Unexpected mind blowing. We where broke, don't judge.
Hannible 100
This Guy needs a Burger Man! 
James Cuisinier
Rock and roll at its best
Jason Walker
Seems like he didn't stop battering the shit out of his brains
Jeff Losey
Best ever
John Speer
This song is about Heroooin. Thats like hypnotising chickens. Got a Lust for Life
Jolinha Sapeca
Jonathan Kutzin
Kawase rate
One of the mysteries in rock roll history is that Iggy is still live and kicking.
Kent Davis
were did you get that lotion?
some creepy homo rapists in the front row
Krista A Martin
My ticket says Iggy Pop, State Theater, Oct. 6, '93 7:30PM SHOW, Cool!
Lightnin' Hopkins
That guy needs a bigger kick drum.
Lynne Huff
I think some of these guys with Iggy are his longtime band mates I missed him a few months ago he was in LA I couldn't really drive their alone, but it sure would have been great to see him I have an autographed pic of him This is such a fun show Iggy is friendly and adorable with the fans Thank you skitzo12 for posting !!
Margie Imus
yow !!!
Marisa Dower Morgan
AARP Eat you heart out
Mary Bamer Ramsier
Beautifully Iggy off of herion.
Mauricio Quiroga
would remarry as many times as needed to have the stooges play at my wedding!!
Max Advantage
i dont have any comments, i dont know anything.
jajajaajja ese iggy es único
Michael Holcroft
Michael Lubek
Who needs reasons when you've got heroin? ;)
Michelle Cole-arnold
My Mantra!!!!    Mr. Iggy is now no more beatin his brains with liquor and drugs- did a few Wonderful Commercials about gentle Chinese Workout-still living strong after having such a LUST FOR LIFE!!!
Mike Marsh 66
Ready to ignite with kerosine running through his veins,, Iggy takes the train right off the tracks....!
Mike Penisenormous
who's this old guy?
Puriest Rocka Roller!!!!!!!!!!! IGGY POP
Natasha lvc
O.M.I !!!!!!(=OH MY IGGY!!!!!)
If there's one relic of the 70's who deserves all this adulation ,it's Iggy .I feel for his 90's band, who must've fallen into a drepressing black hole, after Jim decided to give The Stooges his time of day  in the 00's....
Peter Gruhn
I've figured out Iggy Pop's secret weapon...\n\nIggy Pop.
0:44 Doing his best Triple H impression
Richard Baker
pure class
Richard Coats
One of the Greats
Ricky Rhoades
Sounds almost exactly the same live as recorded. I don't know if thats good or bad to be honest. Usually like some difference in live versions. But still enjoy it. Rock on Iggy.
Sam Dogg
123 had it in their ear
Scott Hufford
Guitarist is playing one of Kirk Hammett's signature Gibson's
Shawn Nyhus
so long drum
Siegi Reuner
so geil !!! Iggy is best form !!!!
Sille Bims
omg you makes me crazy
What a Rock and Rolla that's pure energy you can power a city with Iggy POP ... Great Song
Stéphane Marti
La beauté du diable, l'énergie du rock, la fureur de vivre !!! Bravo et merci à l'Iguane fou !!
Tadzio Lazlo
good drumming, very good performance, Iggy, the body
The Delta Bombers
Killer drummer.
Thorsten Schlitt
letzte Woche war er mal wieder in Berlin. Er war spitze. Wie immer ...
Timothy J. Horan
My GOD this SMOKES just about anything out there.
Tittina Galassia
il declino...\ncon il film \
Toten Meer
Что за концерт? Какой год?
Udo Kier
i can't forgive myself for not seeing iggy in croatia live 2013!
oh he's a godfather of punk..too much :..so cool  i love mister pop
hes awesome he got his idea as a young kid to be a great performer because he saw a doors concert and he just loved jim morrisson he thought wow i can do it 2 go igggy u are as awarsome as jim was
chef uldis
GTO's, government loans, liquor and drugs......modern guy had it in his ear ....where did you get that lotion.\nHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAAHA....
fernando silva
iguana louca estive ao teu lado no concerto que deste no porto
read the title, i can't be bothered repeating it.
i love
deze band life gezien
dats bass
janete cunha
Excelente! Incontestável. ..Demais...
Awesome live version of one of the best rock songs, ever.
The Drummer here is killer.
mr niceguy
i'm on a government loan..
Iggy, girls grabbing and clawing at you; I know what it's like. It's tough man.
I'm suddenly really hungry for beef jerky for some reason.
pavel pavel
.......2017 rock is dead....(
Iggy is 69 years old and still a magnificent physical specimen.  I've buried too many friends in their 40's and 50's that \
What a fucking great lyricist. It seems his many other talents eclipse his lyrical prowess , which is slightly unfortunate.
(in a DEEP Yello voice) OH YEAH!!!
the new kindle paperwhite is staining youtube
terri may
I really don't think I would have considered  a Carnival Cruse  without this.
Thank you for sharing.
sounds absolutely horrible compared to the original recording (one of my favorite songs)
Андрей Француз
Вот так бля!!!!! Услышишь - не забудешь