Everything About Botox® for Masseter Reduction

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Ever wanted a slimmer face without surgery? Ever wondered about the benefits or possible side effects of Botox® for Masseter Reduction, also known as the "V-line" procedure? Renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Donald B. Yoo discusses using Botox® for Masseter Reduction to slim and taper the jawline, and reduce the incidence of bruxism and TMJ associated pain due to teeth grinding and clenching.Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon - Donald B. Yoo, M.D.Board-certified and Fellowship-trained in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive SurgerySpecializing in Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Eyelid Surgery & Asian cosmetic surgery including Asian Rhinoplasty and Asian Blepharoplasty.Learn more at: [email protected] us at:facebook.com/DonaldBYooMDtwitter.com/DrDonYooinstagram.com/DrDonYooinstagram.com/AsianRhinoplasty

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Alexis Gumera
Thank you for this doc!!!! You look like a Kdrama star btw
Asa Olsen
what a beautiful smile doctor
Bubble Bubble
His so sexy
Bugseee Boo
Thankyou Doc, very informative. Will see you soon for the procedure. Do you do a brow lift with fillers?
Candypaint 85
I think my masseter muscle is sprained so bad that my ear is always clogged. Will this Botox injection help unclog my ear by relaxing the masseter muscle. Someone headlocked my face and and messed me up years ago. Haven’t been able to unclog my ear since.
Christina Gurrola
I want to get this done. My teeth are so short now from life long sleep grinding :(
can i lose that muscle just by using only the other one???
Elliot Nicole
How much does one session cost?
Guyenanh Dinh
Super informative! :) I was actually curious about this haha
Ian Lola
How much does it cost?
Jayne Usagi
damn...Dr Yoo still so fine hahaha
Kate Pierce
Is it possible to have paradoxical masseteric bulging couple years after jaw botox? It sounds ridiculous but that's what happened to me and because of that, I got 20 units each on my both jaws a few days ago. If my bulging doesn't disappear is that a sign that dosage wasn't enough?
Can this procedure be medically covered if I have TMJ?
Love life
Soooo charming and good looking..,😘😍😍
Marikoh Honda
Hello Dr. Yoo...what are your schedule here in Las Vegas...? Thanks so much for the info..
Missy V
Omg, 😍 so cute!! \nDo you inject the same amount on both sides,even if one side is bigger and stronger than the other?
And if the problem is with my jaw bone? How i could correct that?
Rina Getueza
U have dimples in both sides those it fade or no?
I really need this for my teeth grinding! Anyone you recommend in the bay area? thx
akira ayumi
can afford it😢😢😢
ayesha fatima
if its temporary then i'm never gonna done this in my entire life ..
chrystal hope
This is the most informed video with the most details I have found. I've had it done 16 days ago and still waiting for results. My left masseter muscle was much larger. Can't wait to see results. Unfortunately it is a slow process.
Do u do the actual v-line bone reduction surgery? Or do we have to go to Korea for that?
Dr donald, does botox can be use to reduce bulbous tip nose? To make it refine? I dont want to go under knife. \nThanks
julie ann Esti & MUA
about how many units do you recommend starting with per side?
nikki townes
can u come to ri for me 😆
shridhar Raj Upadhyay
So what is d permanent procedure to overcome for masseter hepertropyy..
it only lasts 4/6 months ?? so you would have to go back twice a year for life ?
Doc would you recommend this over buccal fat reduction?? Or a combination of both? I heard buccal fat reduction would make you look older in the future